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    Translated by NotBlueYet
    Edited by Kingavent


    The new Principal’s speech on his new position turns into the venue for the ‘Cheers Game’.


    “Well, let the games begin!


    The class that gets called up gets to go up on stage and grabs a glass of juice!


    “The first one is… well, I guess… 7, my lucky number!


    Class 1 – 7, get up on stage!”


    Class 1 – 7 is a class consisting only of senior merchants, and is also known as the “Australian Merchant Union”.


    Among all the students, some of the best-dressed students in the school took the stage.


    They took a glass of blood-red liquid and raised it to the sky without hesitation.


    “We’re going to forget everything that’s happened in the past month, especially all the bad things that trash has done!




    They clinked their glass and downed it all at once as if celebrating the best moment.


    When they finish throttling, their faces are clear as if the possession has been removed.


    “Oh, you’ve won this game! Here’s your prize!”


    Kakeru-kun strikes a deliberate “maaaay” pose, then shoves his hands into the pockets of his golden tuxedo.


    He took his hand out again and opened it like a flower.


    Kakeru-kun 10 billion ⇒ 9.9 billion


    In the next moment, light banknotes flew out from his hands like a blizzard and were sucked into the bodies of the students of Class 1-7.


    The ranking board that was attached to the stage is updated.


    1st place, Class 1- 7, 105,201,900 Yen 


    2nd place, Special Training Class 101,200,000 Yen 


    The updated …… figures were greeted with cheers like the moment a demon was defeated.


    “Whoa, whoa, look at that thing!”


    “Finally, that piece of trash is down for the count!”


    “Suck it, we did it, we did it, we did it!”


    Then, one after another, each class took the stage and gave a toast that was unbearable to hear.


    “Thank you Principal, I’ve been having trouble sleeping thanks to the hallucinations that garbage gives me!


    “This will be a school where the righteous will be rightly appreciated, and the trash will go to the dump!


    “I’m sure our Akemi-sama will come to her senses with this!


    The glass is struck and the asset ranking board is updated.


    Every time the name “Special Training Class” sank in, the boys in the audience turned their heads back and said, inaudibly.


    “That piece of trash has a face like a kesak!


    “Oh, he’s all dented up, that’s good!”


    “I’m not gonna let trash like you take them!


    Leopin was indeed disappointed.


    It wasn’t because my asset ranking was declining.


    –If you’re going to lose your memory of the past month, it’s …….


    Are you saying that the people I’ve fought off so far are coming back to bite me in the ass? ……?


    In addition, my house has only recently been able to be quite due to the spread of traps and weapons,…….


    It means that all of them will be reset at …….


    Ugh, what a pain in the ass!


    And finally, it was the turn of that ●● class.


    “And now, everyone’s favorite class 1- 19, please get up on stage!


    Then the students below the stage naturally give way.


    On the other side of the crowd that looks like a broken sea, there is an army of beautiful girls in kimonos.


    They are so beautiful that you don’t have to be a man to admire them, and the black-haired girl at the head of the group raised her voice.


    “We refuse to make a toast.


    The students who had opened the way were surprised, “What?”


    But Kakeru-kun seemed to have plenty of time to spare.


    “‘Oh, really? Well, then I’ll be damned!


    Is there anyone else in the class who doesn’t want to make a toast?”


    Then, some students raised their hands.


    “All right, then, will that class all get up on stage?


    Don’t worry, I won’t force you to make a toast, because this is a game, right?”


    On the stage were Monaka’s Class 1-2 , Akemi’s Class 1- 6, Kurumi’s Class 1-16, and Kotone’s Class 1-19.


    The majority of the class was made up of female students.


    The girls’ faces and bodies are scrutinized by Kakeru-kun as if he were prizing them.


    “Wow, you guys are so cute, I wonder if I could make you my bride!”


    Kotone, who was facing Kakerukun like a representative of the girls, answered in no time.


    “Please tell us the reason why you brought us to the stage.”


    “‘Of course it’s to be toasted!


    Oh, don’t worry, I know what you’re going to say!”


    Kakeru-kun slumps slightly and smiles a shady smile.


    –You’re gonna get me in trouble!


    You greedy bitch! I know what you’re thinking!


    If you want a toast, you’re gonna have to give me more!


    But you’ve got the wrong guy! I’m a ‘gambler’ ……!


    This kind of greedy bitch is easier than disciplining a puppy: ……!


    I see you, I see you. ……!


    The look of fear on the faces of these greedy women at my words after this: ……!


    Kakeru-kun looks up and sniffs mysteriously.


    “In other words, if you want more money, then I’ll give it to you!”


    With absolute confidence, she pointed her finger at Kotone with a V sign.


    “Boom, 200 million!”


    As Kotone pouted, Kakeru-kun was convinced of victory.


    –Well, you didn’t think I was going to double down on you, did you?


    Ahhhh, the positions were easily reversed!


    Now, let’s see some discipline, gambler style!


    Not only do I want to make her kneel, but I think I’ll make her cry just to make an example out of her!


    I’m gonna make sure these girls can’t resist me again!


    The students below the stage, who have already received 100 million, begin to buzz.


    “What, 200 million?


    “What, you didn’t tell me I could double my money?”


    “Oh, so that’s what this game is about!”


    “Damn it, I’m hit! It’s just like Kotone to notice that!”


    “It’s amazing that you managed to double your money!”


    “But it doesn’t look like it! Look at the faces of Kotone and the others!


    You’re so surprised, you’re scowling!”


    “If someone suddenly said 200 million, everyone would be like that!


    “As expected of a headmaster, he took advantage of your opponent’s request for a raise and counter punched them!”


    “It seems that Kotone has been completely swallowed up by the headmaster!


    Looks like we’ve got the wrong guy!”


    Kakeru-kun, feeling good about his performance, puts the finishing touches on the plan.


    “‘Ahhh, looks like we’re going to have a toast!


    But, unfortunately, you’ve already rejected me!


    If you want to cancel it, you’ll have to ask nicely!


    Get down on your knees and say, ‘Let me make a toast!’ how about it!”


    Then Kotone came back to herself.


    She looked at Kakeru-kun as if he were an alien from another planet.


    “Oh, ……? What are you talking about, Principal?


    We’ve always refused to toast ……?”


    Kotone didn’t seem to understand at all, so Akemi, who was on the same stage, added.


    “‘Ummm, the headmaster thinks we’ll be toast if he hangs up the money.


    On the contrary, you seem to think that I would gladly give up my memory of Leopin.”


    Then the naive duo of Kotone and Monaka chimed in, “What?


    Then she glares at Kakeru-kun with a snap, as if something important has been stained.


    “Principal, no matter how much money you give us, we will never make a toast!


    I’m willing to bite my tongue and take my life if I have to let go of my Master’s great memory!”


    “Yes, absolutely not! I’m finally reunited with Leo!


    The memories I have with Leo are irreplaceable. ……!


    I was much, much happier in the month I spent with Leo-kun than in the years I was without him!”


    And the stage turns into a leopin choir of girls.


    The girls surrounded the principal and began to talk eloquently about how wonderful Leopin was.


    Kakeru-kun is like a toad surrounded by mirrors, and he can’t stop sweating.


    Finally, Akemi blurted out with a thud.


    “Haha, what a sad person that only games and money can keep people together: ……”


    “Ha…… hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!”

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