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    Translated by NotBlueYet
    Edited by Kingavent


    When the principal and vice principal were caught as criminals, my hands were full of flowers.


    I was stroking Monaka and Kotone’s heads as they cried in my chest.


    “It seems that Monaka’s crybaby nature has spread to Kotone.”


    “I’m not a crybaby,” said Monaka.


    Kotone had a look of tears and laughter on her face.


    “I was taught from a very young age to be resolute at all times.


    I used to keep it, but not anymore since I started to serve my master.


    Just thinking about Master made my cheeks loosen and my chest tighten up again.


    But Monaka-sama told me that it was all right.


    After that, I stopped pretending to be something I wasn’t.”


    Then she smiles awkwardly and says, “Ehehe.


    It was as if she was imitating Monaka.


    “Besides, if my master can love you like this,……, tears are not so bad,…….”


    Kotone shyly faced down.


    Monaka looked up this time, as if they were twins who were breathing together.


    I thought she was going to say something, but she mumbled for a while and then


    “Oh, um, Leo, …….


    We obeyed Leo’s orders and stayed quietly in the living quarters.


    So, can I have that …… ‘special treat’?”


    I replied mildly.


    “A special treat? Okay, what do you want?”


    I noticed that Kotone had also looked up.


    “No, Master, we want to give it to you. ……”


    “It’s a reward for you guys, and I get to take it? That’s weird. ……”


    I’m at a loss for words.


    Monaka and Kotone were both staring at me with eyes that were glimmering, and I was staring at them.


    The cronies behind them stare at me with stern eyes.


    It’s kind of like if you say no, you’re a misanthrope.


    “I’m not sure what to make of it, but it’s a good idea.


    If it’s not a slave ticket or something, I’ll take whatever I can get and be given……”


    I’m at a loss for words once again.


    Because I was pinned down by the feeling of fluttering petals falling and sticking to my cheeks.


    ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◆


    Time goes back a bit, to the living quarters stage.


    Weiss was surrounded by loud cheers.


    “I had no idea that Weiss-sama had seen through the evil scheme between the principal and vice principal!”


    “That’s right, because he’s a wise man, a genius beyond our reach!”


    “Thank you, Weiss-san!”


    “I’ll follow you for the rest of my life!”


    By decimating the vicious duo, Weiss had completely become the hero of the entire school.


    ”Class 1-20’s rank is going down, but it must have been true that their classmates were bad!”


    “Of course, the others were pulling Weiss-sama’s leg!”


    The members of the Class 1-20 are looking annoyed and seem uncomfortable.


    Monsoon yelled back, but he was outnumbered and his voice was completely drowned out.


    From his perch on the stage, Weiss looks around at the students below him.


    Not a trace of his former downfall remains in his expression.


    He has a perfect smile on his face, as if he has never experienced a failure or setback.


    –After all, I’m a genius: ……!


    Not only did he get back at the principal and vice principal, but he used them both as stepping stones to regain his former trust. ……!


    This operation could have gone either way, success or failure: ……!


    If the previous headmaster and vice principal could have eliminated Leopin, he would have sold a great debt of gratitude to them both: ……!


    If I can’t eliminate them, I’ll eliminate their predecessors with my own hands. ……


    I’m going to show the new principal what I’m made of: ……!


    I’m sure the new principal will think highly of me once he finds out that I was a key player in this one: ……!


    And with the help of the new principal, I’m, I’m ……!


    I’m sorry, I didn’t catch your name ……!


    I’m too lazy to kill. ……!


    When Weiss realizes that he has a stern face, he quickly glosses over and changes his expression.


    Then, with a swoop, he raised his hand.


    With that, the crowd goes silent like a tame pet.


    “Today is the day that the first evil was crushed, and I have a special treat for you.”


    The crowd cheered, “Oh!


    “It’s your right to kiss my cheek. ……!”


    After that, the reaction was all over the place.


    Some scream “Kyaaa!” and others with disappointment of “What the ……?”


    “I’m going to draw a winner and give you two the right to kiss me, so let’s see if any of you ladies think you’re the one.”


    Then most of the girls in the room raised their hands and said, “Yes!


    Carol folded her arms and snorted, “This is stupid.”


    Weiss looked for one of the two girls first.


    But he can’t find them.


    –those two are especially clean and modest.


    I’m sure she was too embarrassed to be here just imagining her kisses for me.


    Oh, well, they’re my main dish.


    It’s better to save the fun for last.


    Besides, my illustrious history of popularity will continue into the future.


    I think I’m going to have to settle for less than an appetizer here. ……


    Weiss then nominates a female student at random.


    The girls who were chosen were both madly exclaiming, “Kyaa!”


    They walk up to the stage, barely able to stand, as if they had been chosen for the grand prize of an audition.


    Weiss wrapped his hands around their waists and embraced the dreamy girls, receiving …… a kiss of blessing.


    Just before the end, the men began to rustle.


    “Whoa, hey, look at ……, that thing …….”


    “You’re not going to be able to get kissed by both of them, are you ……?”


    “‘Ugh, no way, no way, no way, no way, no way, no way!”


    Weiss inwardly mocked.


    –I don’t know why ther’re surprised now.


    I’m a genius, an athlete, and a handsome guy, and this is me. ……


    I’m a Sage who is not under the feet of unemployed trash, and this who I am …….


    There is nothing unusual about kissing two schoolgirls. ……


    That’s why you folks are ……!


    But just before their lips touched his cheek, Weiss realized.


    That no one was looking at me anymore.


    The audience’s envious gaze is directed over the ……!


    “Get out of the way, you ugly bastards!”


    Weiss shakes off the female students roughly and looks up to the heavens.


    What a great place to be there, ……!


    On the crystal plate, directly in front and in a close-up, is the face of Leopin …….


    And the profile of those beautiful girls who put their lips to his cheeks. ……!


    The wise man was shouting like a fool.


    “‘Ugh …… oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!”

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