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    Translated by NotBlueYet
    Edited by Kingavent


    I used my ranger survival knowledge to build a filtration device.


    Normally this kind of device takes a tremendous amount of time to get water.


    However, the filtration system, with a quality level of over 30, purified the water as fast as spring water.


    The young animals are given a cup full of water to drink.


    He tried to put his face into the cup, but I restrained him with words and my hand.


    “‘Wait, wait, little ones first, there’s plenty of mud here, we’ll make as much water as we can, don’t panic.”


    Then the animals began to drink the water in turn.


    I pat him on the head and say, “All right, all right, you’re doing great.”


    When I can get water like I always have, I’ll hunt and eat these animals and use them as tools for pioneering.


    It seems kind of weird to give them water and keep them alive when you might eventually kill them. ……


    But that’s okay.


    I don’t want to see animals dying because the principal or vice principal got involved in a playful way to make me suffer.


    If you’re going to die the same way, you’d rather be hunted down and die as someone’s flesh and blood than die in a heap without being of any use to anyone.


    It’s still the same act of killing, and it may be hypocritical, but that’s how I see it.


    I noticed that the animals were lined up waiting for their turn to drink water.


    I didn’t train-tame them, and I have a ‘charm’ parameter of 1. ……


    “Well, it looks like they’ve grown quite attached to me during our journey to find a watering hole.”


    ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◆


    Leopin’s work of giving water to animals was a target of ridicule.


    “Muhohohoho, I’m so thirsty that I’m giving precious water to useless animals ……!”


    “If I were smart, I’d keep the water to myself!


    I’m sure watching the animals drink water while the river dries up and looking so miserable is exceptional!”


    “Ahhh, I knew that piece of trash was just a dropout to be put in a ‘special training class’!”


    “Water is a precious commodity in the frontier, but you can’t give it to animals!”


    Most of those present were cynical.


    Some of the ladies, however, were crying.


    “Ugh …… leo kun …… how kind …… you are!”


    “I can’t believe you care more about the animals in the forest than you do about yourself. ……!”


    Up until now, there were only a few people who recognized Leopin, who could be counted on the fingers of both hands.


    But here comes a change.


    “Look ……, Leopin is giving water to the animals ……!”


    “You’re supposed to be thirsty yourself, but you’re putting animals first. ……!”


    “Now I think I know why Leopin-kun tamed our animals and Weiss’ Black Panther: ……!”


    Leopin’s actions had deeply impressed …….


    Yes, they were trainer’s.


    They praise him with every word.


    “Leopin, you’re the epitome of a Tamer ……!”


    “I was wrong about …… Leopin. ……!”


    “I said some awful things to Leopin-san in class …….”


    “Next time I see you, I’ll have to apologize. ……!”


    “Leopin-san, will you forgive me ……?”


    It’s a tiny little hope in their hearts.


    It’s only the size of a needle hole now, but once it’s open, it’s never going to close again.


    Yeah ……!


    This was the moment when Leopin’s actions clearly took root in the hearts of his classmates. ……!


    ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◆


    After I finished rationing water to the animals, my clothes were completely covered in mud.


    Brushing off the mud with my hands, we made our way along the dried-up river.


    After a while, a large valley lay ahead.


    The soil of the cliffs was damp and the wind blowing up from the bottom was cool and chilly.


    I have a hunch.


    “Here …… is the main stream, and I’m sure there’s a place up ahead that’s impounded!


    Everybody, let’s get down there and move on!”


    I slide down the steep cliff with the animals.


    As usual, the bottom was muddy, and I rolled around in a heap.


    Me and the animals are finally covered in mud all over.


    However, it was even harder from here.


    With mud dripping from every part of my body, I set off upstream …….


    The bottom of the valley we were in led to the top of a mountain in the distance, with a steep slope.


    In addition, I can’t go as far as I want because my feet get caught in the muddy ground.


    Aside from me, the animals seemed to have reached their limit.


    But the light in the eyes has not been lost on anyone.


    Everyone mustered up their last bit of energy and trudged through the muddy pile, believing that there was a water source ahead.


    A small animal rides on the back of a large animal, and when the large animal’s foot gets stuck in the muck, the small animal gets off and digs it up.


    It no longer transcends the boundaries of species, and both carnivores and herbivores help each other to keep going.


    A voice that seemed to mock us deafened us.


    They don’t even know they’re trapped and they’re carrying on!


    This was our real aim!


    “At last, at last, the final moment has arrived!


    The trapperr professionals are waiting for you, and they will launch the biggest and strongest trap!”


    …… gogo gogo gogo ……!


    The earth shakes as if to drown out the empty ear.


    It gets bigger and bigger, and the shaking becomes so strong that I can’t stand up.


    “Oh, ……, what is that?”


    When I found out what the vibration was, I let out a snort.


    He turns around and shouts with his parched throat.


    “There’s a big rock coming down, everyone run, run, run, run!”


    What a huge rock that filled the bottom of the valley was rolling down from the top of the mountain.


    Moreover, the river must have been blocked by that rock, because there was a lot of water rushing from the other side of the rock.


    And perhaps, but the rock was ejected by some mechanism.


    It is coming at us at such a furious speed that even the floods are being left behind.


    “Bahahahaha! When you reached that main stream, I made you remove the stopper that was holding the rock!


    It is calculated that it is impossible to escape from a rock that rolls with such force at the bottom of that deep valley!”


    “M-ho-ho-ho! I’ll give him water after he’s been turned into a rock and flattened!


    I never thought he’d want water so badly that he’d get so much of it after he died. ……!


    What an ironic, pathetic end for a piece of trash!”


    The deafening ringing in my ears further accelerates my impatience.


    If I change my job to Ninja now and swing my agility to the max, I’ll be able to escape from that rock.


    But all the animals that followed me would be wiped out.


    “What do I have to do to save both mine and the animals’ lives?”


    I’m going to change my job to a combat job, put my muscle strength to the max, and smash that rock. ……!


    But there’s no guarantee that it will work, and if the timing is off, you’re wiped out.


    There’s only two things I can do.


    A sure escape or an uncertain attack: ……!


    “Ni…… run away, please run away, Leo-kun!


    You’re not going to stand up to that rock? That would be suicide!”


    Mixed in with the plaintive screams, I heard a noisy yapping.


    He’s going to die in the mud!


    “Whoever dragged us through the mud deserves what’s coming to them!

    You’ll be wailing and screaming like Nick Bakker!”


    I’m in for a big game of one or two.


    The choice was neither a sure escape nor an uncertain attack.


    I was betting my life on a big, stupid hole.


    I was finally run over …… like an alinco by a rock that was right in front of me.


    …… doh ……!!!


    I never had to.




    With the sound of an explosion, a large rock shattered into pieces.


    With that shockwave, the mud that had been clinging to my body popped and peeled off.


    Dust passing over me like a blizzard.


    The shattered pieces hit my body in pieces like hailstones.


    It looked like a typhoon had passed.


    But I was still standing there.


    Didn’t move a muscle. ……!


    “Eh Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh!?!?”


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