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    Translated by NotBlueYet
    Edited by Kingavent


    A large number of supporters endorsed the commemoration of Onesco’s achievement. The event was held on a grand scale with a large amount of donations.


    The ceremony will be held in the schoolyard of the Royal Pioneer Academy, which will be gorgeously decorated.


    Although it was limited to within the Leaky Eight Kingdom, many influential people and reporters visited the event.


    The location of the Royal Pioneer Academy is considered a top secret, and its location has not been revealed.


    The magic that allows you to travel long distances in an instant, the “magic circle of transition,” is also usually kept secret so that only those involved with the school can use it.


    However, only for today, it is specially released.


    The principal and vice principal were hosts, rubbing their hands incessantly in front of the gate welcoming the guests.


    “Welcome, welcome, welcome! I am the principal of this school, and I am the one who raised Onesco-kun!”


    “Yes, we had some support from the principal, but I was the one who mainly taught Onesco-san!”


    The principal and the vice principal poke each other with their elbows and while being full of appeal towards others.


    “You could entrust your precious sons and daughters with us!”


    “Then I will make sure they become great students!”


    Suddenly, one of the supporters stops in front of the principal and vice principal.


    In a moment, they were both upright.


    “Hi!?  Oh, thank you so much for coming!”


    “Of course, we’ve shut out that trash! Not even a “re” can get in!”


    Both of them are so fearful that they even forget their usual endings.

    The supporters nodded silently and walked through the welcome gate.


    They were ushered into the entrance marked ‘Royal VIP’ by the staff.


    The bumpy duo puffed out their chests, “Phew” …….


    “Oh …… I don’t feel like living in front of that man …….”


    “Jesus…… the principal was like a bullfrog with a snake staring at him…….”


    Once all the guests were present, a ceremony was held to commemorate the event.


    There is a stage in the hall, and the area around it is filled with reporters.


    There were guest seats a little further where the guests were seated around tables decorated with white cloth.


    A sumptuous meal is being served.


    There were standing food booths on either side of the hall, and all the students were delighted with their first meal in a long time.


    Monaka, Kotone and the other students in the top class were in a special glass-walled room.


    Soon after, the fireworks that signaled the start of the stage event lit up the sky, and the orchestra began its live performance.


    Onesco, the principal, and the vice principal took the stage to loud applause from the entire audience.


    The vice principal will serve as the chairperson.


    While grasping the “magic loudspeaker” with the pinky finger lifted, he coughs.


    “When Onesco-san was given the profession of knight at the entrance ceremony, I knew exactly 


    what to do! This brilliant student is a diamond in the rough, and I’ve given her special guidance!


    Sometimes sternly, sometimes gently, ……. And then we made vows!


    Let’s climb the stairs to Holy Knight together ……!”


    Not only the vice principal, but also the principal used all the time he could to show the guests that this was his credit.

    Onesco looked on at the scene with a scowl.


    “Finally, in honor of Onesco’s achievement, Class 1-2 will move up two ranks!”


    Class 1-2 B+ ⇒ A


    “Now, Onesco-kun, tell everyone how happy you are and how much you respect me!”


    Finally, the loudspeaker was pointed at Onesco.


    Onesco tried to take the loudspeaker, but the vice principal refused, saying, “I’ll take it for you.”


    I had no choice but to go on and say thank you.


    “Ladies and gentlemen, thank you very much for coming to see me today.


    I had always dreamed of becoming a Holy Knight, but I never thought I would be able to take the first step so quickly.


    I owe it all to one person…no, it’s all because of that person.”


    The vice principal turns the loudspeaker he was pointing at himself and interrupts to say, ‘That’s me, isn’t it?


    Onesco said firmly, shaking his face from side to side.


    “No, sir.”


    The principal further interrupts to say, “After all, it’s me!”


    “No, not at all, it was Leo …… who got me through the ordeal.”


    “Kki …… Keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !!!!”


    The familiar strange voices were more destructive than usual because they were coming through the loudspeaker system.


    It will be as if lightning struck the entire venue.


    The glass was cracked and the guest of honor shrank back, holding his ears.


    Normally, the vice principal is usually knocked out here …….


    Today, he was different.


    The vice principal peels his eyes as if he were looking at a traitor, giggling!


    He hid the loudspeaker behind my back so my voice wouldn’t leak out, and spoke over me with it.


    “I knew it. As expected, Onesco-san had a weakness with that garbage…!


    you’re Monaka’s attendant, so I was right to wonder if he was involved. ……!


    If you speak that name, you’ll be in terrible trouble. ……!”




    Onesco guffaws, but quickly retorts.


    “I don’t have any weaknesses! He really helped me! Leopi…!”


    “Kieeeeee!!!! You’re still saying that? ! Then I have an idea!”


    The vice principal jumped back and stuck his hand in the pocket of his tuxedo.


    “I didn’t want to use this one, but I had no choice!”


    …… Shubba! He pulled out his hand with something held between his fingertips …….


    “‘Hey, that’s …… my ticket! And that’s two tickets!”


    “This is what Onesco used to buy!”


    The vice principal smiled and held up the ticket with his fingertips tightly.


    “Slave-ticket in effect, I order you Onesco ……!


    I forbid you for the rest of your life from pronouncing or writing the word ‘Leopin’ or any word that sounds like it!”


    “Ehh-   Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!?!”


    At last, someone other than Leopin drew out this scream.


    The vice principal’s face is contorted like a hannya. 


    –Yeah, I did it. ……!


    At last, at last, ……! We’ve got that garbage contained. ……!


    I’ve won ……! Now I’ve won ……!


    Then, instead of canceling this instruction, I can go to …….


    I’ll have Onesco call my name instead of that garbage. ……!


    That way, we can get that garbage to ……!


    Perfect, perfect, perfect win. ……!


    However, it was only a moment of glory that seemed to be an illusion.


    The ticket at the vice principal’s fingertips, that portrait of Onesco, shook its head from side to side with a shake.


    What, it refused orders. ……!


    After all, it’s still ……!


    “Kki…… keeeeeee!!!!!!!”


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