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    Translated by NotBlueYet
    Edited by Schwarzel


    The next day, a day after the Leek Eight Kingdom Royal Pioneer Academy’s presentation of educational results.


    When the headmaster returned to the school from the royal castle by the magic circle of transfer, he was exhausted and gaunt.


    “The presentation was a complete disaster.”


    When I returned to the principal’s office in a daze, I found someone sitting in the principal’s chair.


    The figure turned away and looked toward the window.


    “Wh-… who is it?”


    The headmaster let out an “ah” as the figure turned around without making a sound.


    “What are you doing in that place? That is where I, the principal, sit!”


    In front of the headmaster, the yes-man is always flattered like a grasshopper, but today he was different.


    He slumped down in his leather chair as if he were the superior being.


    “No, this is no place for you to sit, Acting Headmaster Nekodran.”


    “What, you don’t mean …?”


    “The school board has informed me that you are two ranks down.”


    “Ni… niigiiiii!?”


    There are so many things that come to mind that the principal can only scream now.


    After a few moments of agony, as if he was going to be buried alive, he reopened as if he were crawling out of a grave.


    “But I am the headmaster until a new headmaster arrives, so that seat is mine!”


    “Can you say such a thing to me now? I have received another concession proposal from the school board. We’re trying to stop the two-rank downs, you know …!”


    Nekodran throws away his pride in an instant.


    “I want you to say those things quickly! Soooo, you can sit in that chair for a bit! After all, you are the future headmaster!”


    Nekodran rubs his hands together, and the yes-man takes another no for an answer.


    “No! The reason why you made such a mistake this time is because you didn’t bring me to the presentation! I want you to promise me something! From now on, I’ll be sure to accompany you to any public event that might lead to a higher rank!”


    “I- I got it! I got it! I’ll take you with me next time!”


    “Then you’ll sign this contract.”


    The yes-man thumps a piece of parchment on the desk, which is covered in writing.


    “What do you mean, a contract? A contract for such a promise is an exaggeration! It’s between you and me!”


    “No! In my house, there is a commandment. ‘Bald, fat, and nose-haired…never trust a man with all three.’! Come on, come on, sign this!”


    Nekodran feels grandly disrespected, but reluctantly signs the contract.


    And the yes man told him that the concession plan is …


    “I’ll pay for the repair of the magic board I broke during the presentation! Then the school board says it will only be one rank down!”


    “Oh! Can money be the answer? Then it’s much better than two ranks down! After all, if you become an acting principal, your salary will be much lower! So, how much do I have to pay you? Is it ten million yen?”


    “No! 1 billion yen!”


    “What …1 billion? It’s too expensive!”


    “There are only a few of those magic boards in this country, and they’re very valuable! That’s how long it’ll take to fix!”


    “There’s no way I can afford 1 billion! Even if I spent all my money, 50 million would be my limit!”


    “Well, then I guess it’s two ranks down.”


    “Damn … that’s not right!!”


    Nekodran found out why the yes-man was being so bossy today.


    He knew that I couldn’t pay 1 billion yen for what I did.


    When it comes to two ranks down, Nekodran drops from ‘S’ to ‘A+’ rank.


    From the “the most top group” to the same “top group” as the yes-men.


    That means I no longer have a choice.


    If I became the acting principal, I would not be able to face my family.


    And the headmaster has just built a new mansion.


    Even if you stand on your head, you can’t get 1 billion or any other kind of money from…!


    —Yes … No, there is! The best part, the reserves are at …!


    Then Nekodran ran out of the headmaster’s office as if he heard the evil god’s call.


    He left the school building and tumbled into an unpopulated warehouse on the edge of the courtyard.


    There’s that ●● money box there …!


    Nekodran couldn’t resist and dived into it.


    He drowns in a sea of bills called Slave Tickets, as if he had gotten rich with a lucky pendant.


    “Bahahahaha, we can cash this in on the black market route! It is illegal to leak a student’s slave ticket to outside parties, but we can’t say that anymore! I don’t care what kind of orders the paid students are given by outsiders! Since it is the greatest loss to this school that I am no longer the headmaster, bah-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!”


    He doesn’t know.


    Thin hair and a thin roof over his head.


    That a thunderbolt like a heavenly net is spreading in the blue sky beyond the separation of two thinnesses. (The thin hair and the thin roof.)




    The thunder of judgment is back …!


    No wonder.


    It was too vicious to be called a money-dropper.


    The 46,315,300 Yen slave-tickets that were in the money box were burnt to ashes.


    The charred principal was taken to the infirmary and survived.


    In a pioneering school, it is very unusual for the principal, who does not usually teach, to be sent to the infirmary.


    Moreover, it is unprecedented that even the principal, who has no more opportunity to do so than the vice principal, is sent to the infirmary.


    Nekodran was also deprived of a choice and went down two ranks.


    Principal Nekodran: Rank S ⇒ A+


    It was an unlikely situation that both of the upper management of the school would act as substitutes!


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