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    Translated by NotBlueYet
    Edited by Schwarzel


    Leopin came out of the “Special Training School’s dedicated rest area” looking refreshed.


    The vice-principal glared at him, clenching his teeth as he saw that even his skin had improved.


    –Gugigi! I was going to show that trash what “Hell’s First Street” is all about. ……!


    I didn’t expect them to rush to help him. ……!


    But the better you do here, the harder the hell is going to be. ……!


    The vice-principal looked at the boys, who were stretching carefully, burning with obsession.


    –This is a battle that we cannot afford to lose, so we have used a lot of the school’s operating funds to prepare for it. ……!


    First of all, the water in the supply station over here is mixed with a potion of “10 times endurance”. ……!


    The average endurance of the students is more than 50 points, and they are all elite. 


    Some of the best students have super high school level parameters: ……!


    And now, with the help of potions, they have 500 points ……!


    It’s like they never get tired anymore. ……!


    The side effects can be quite severe, but I don’t care. 


    The vice-principal continued to stare at their feet.


    –And that’s not all!


    He had them change into special running shoes: ……!


    What a magic item for 10 times the agility: ……!


    Finally, even the parameter of “Agility” has been increased to 500 points: ……!


    This is exactly what the running ghosts are: ……!


    If you’re not careful, you’ll lose your legs and become a real ghost, but I don’t care. ……!


    The headteacher looked at Leopin again and smirked.


    –These running ghosts will lead you to the real hell. ……! Muhohohohoho. ……!


    He doesn’t know.


    Maybe he’ll never know.


    The boy with the new rope tied around his waist has no idea how much status he has.


    ◆  ◇  ◆  ◇  ◆


    The students were once again bound together by ropes.


    Nick Bakker, the center of the group, shouted.


    “MEAT! Let’s continue with the “Hell Hell Marathon”!


    “But first, we’re going to change a few rules! All rest stops will be disabled, and the marathon will continue until everyone collapses! Also, no cheering is allowed!”


    The vice-principal quickly chimed in.


    “Yes! That’s why I’m leaving you here, Domanna-sensei!”


    Monaka and Kotone, who had been peeking out of the window, looked blatantly disapproving.


    “Oh no, vice-principal! We were going to follow Leo while supporting him!”


    “That’s right, sir! This is why I dressed up as this chiyagaru(Cheer Girl)!


    “No! If you guys were here, it would be the Heavenly Marathon!


    “That’s against the purpose of this marathon! Please go home quietly!”


    However, the two girls still persisted, “Ehh~?”


    “Monaka, Kotone, you don’t have to worry about me, just go back first.”


    “I fully appreciate your feelings, so I don’t need to rest until I reach my goal. Thank you.”


    Leopin soothed, and the girls were finally convinced.


    “Then, let’s go home! Leopin, do your best! Hiyaa!”


    The carriage driven by Domanna was leaving like the wind.


    The vice-principal shouted after all this time, “Gah!”


    “Now that the rest stop has been discontinued, there’s nothing for me to do!”


    Domanna-sensei! I need a ride too!”


    The vice-principal desperately chased after the shrinking carriage.


    By that time, Nick Bakker had already made his start.


    And the “Hell Marathon” resumes.


    All the participants except Leopin had been doped up, so they were running as fast as Domanna’s carriage, just with a lighter heart.


    Leopin followed nonchalantly, saying, “Oh, they’re really into it.”


    The students laughed at each other as Leopin wore real earplugs and could not hear anything.


    “Heck, you can only be like that for so long!”


    “Now he’s running slow with a stupid look on his face, not knowing that I’m taking it easy on him!”


    “Now we’re running like a gale!”


    “Can you keep up with all the power we’re about to unleash? No, I don’t think so! With 500 Agility!”


    “I’m going to drag you away!”


    …… Zaa……!


    The leading group synchronized and kicked the ground at the same time like a racehorse, and started running without a second glance.


    “Huh, that’s a lot of speed! I’ve never seen anything like it!”


    “That’s right! I’m wearing shoes that are not allowed in track and field!”


    “And I’m not even out of breath running this fast!”


    “That’s right! I’m drinking a potion that’s banned in all sports!”


    “MEAT! Gentlemen! He’s probably being dragged around like a ragdoll by now!”


    Let’s enjoy it while we go for our winning run!


    “Let’s all look back at the same time! One-Two!”


    It goes without saying what the reaction would be after that.


    “Eh, eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~”


    The guys in the lead group were so stunned that their eyeballs and tongues almost flew off elsewhere.


    The distance between them and the following Leopin hadn’t changed at all since the restart.


    In fact, even their expressions were the same, as if they were looking for a mistake.


    A warm-up, a light marathon …….


    No, he was still as fresh-faced as if he were enjoying a holiday walk ……!


    “Ugh ……? No way! How can you keep up with me?”


    “We’re faster than a professional track and field athlete.”


    “What the hell? What the hell is that?”


    “Me- MEAT! No, he’s just trying to be slimy!”


    If it’s endurance ours is overwhelmingly superior! If we take it to an endurance battle, he’s going to be exhausted!


    “Run! Keep running!”


    Their composure disappears at once.


    They stopped even looking back and ran briskly forward.


    But it was futile, no matter how much they tried.


    At any rate, there was double the difference between Leopin’s and their “agility” and “endurance”.


    Leopin is running at his own pace because he doesn’t feel like he’s competing.


    Whenever he feels like it, he can snap past them and knock them to the bottom. ……!


    And finally, the moment arrives.


    “Ha, ha, ha, ha! I can’t, I can’t, I can’t ……! I can’t run! I can’t run any further. ……!


    “Oh, shit! That piece of trash is still following me!”


    “He’s got 500 endurance, and he’s following us.”


    “No, it’s the devil! It’s the devil!”


    …zudoo, shaaaaaa!!


    The lead group tangled their legs and crashed in a big way.


    Leopin, coming up from behind, said.


    “Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, don’t push yourself too hard.”


    He jumped over the fallen boys with a light step.


    Then he ran off.


    The boys were gasping for air, but with the last bit of strength they could muster, they shouted.


    “Wait, wait! Leopin! Wait!”


    But he was wearing real earplugs, so their voices didn’t reach him.


    And so the hell begins. ……!




    “Fuu, …… Fugyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!”


    Not only did the lead group quickly become the bottom group, they began to be dragged along as if they were in a public execution.


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