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    Translated by NotBlueYet
    Edited by Ren


    When Weiss is released from the infirmary, he wanders down the hallway of the school building.


    Along the way, there is a bulletin board and a large crowd of students.


    On the bulletin board, a notice for Class 1-20 is immediately posted.


    Year 1, Class 20, D → D-


    Incidentally, if the matter of the Black Panther smuggling had been revealed, it would not have been possible to go down one rank.


    But this matter was kept in the dark.


    Because the school board had made a disciplinary action against Weiss’ father.


    It would have been a huge scandal if it was known that the great sage had provided secret support for his son.


    Weiss tries to walk past the bulletin board without looking at it, but the buzzing is too much for him.


    “Hey, look! Class 1-20, they’re down again!”


    “What, again? What the hell did they do this time?”


    “Apparently Weiss was injured by his own pet in the trainer-tamer class!”


    “Oh, that’s lame! How is it possible for a trainer-tamer to be attacked by his own pet?”


    “It’s not normal, but it’s not surprising for a Sage guy like him.”


    “And rumor has it that he was saved by some unemployed trash! Otherwise he would have been killed!”


    “Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Being saved by unemployed trash is so lame!”


    “Yeah! I’d be too embarrassed to stay in school!”


    “And if you get demoted next time, you’ll be ranked E, the bottom group!”


    “Yeah! I’d die of embarrassment!”


    “Ugh …… ohhhhhhhhh!”


    Weiss runs out of the school without a moment’s hesitation.


    That day, he was seen running around screaming all over the school building and living quarters.


    ◆  ◇  ◆  ◇  ◆


    It was late in the day when Weiss returned to the house of Class 1-20.


    In the cafeteria, his classmates had just finished dinner, and on Weiss’s upper seat was a completely cooled menu.


    Weiss didn’t wipe his dirty face, take off his tattered Sage robe, or even sit down.


    “What is the meaning of this?”


    Monsoon, who is relaxing in a seat next to him, asks back, slumped down.


    “What do you mean with, what do you mean?”


    “It should be a rule that the meal begins with my declaration. Why did you eat without my permission?


    “I don’t know. We were all here except for Weiss.”


    “Don’t mess with me. I’m the leader of this class.”


    “You’re the one who’s messing around. You haven’t done a single thing to be a leader.”


    “I mean, Weiss is the reason why we’re falling behind isn’t it?.”


    Carol, who is sitting across from Monsoon, fiddles with her hair.


    “I was fighting to punish Leopin. He’s even more evil than people think, and he’s trying to wreak havoc on this school. It’s all his fault that our class is so far behind …”


    “That’s enough!” Monsoon stands up with the momentum of overturning the dining table.


    “It’s all because of Weiss that our class is behind in development! You don’t seem to know, so I’ll tell you, how do you think the rubble was removed? Who do you think built this house? Who do you think prepared the food?”


    Monsoon held up the palm of his hand, indicating his classmates sitting at the dining table.


    “It’s all us! We’re the ones who used the slave tickets to buy them! Weiss is the only one who hasn’t produced a single Slave Ticket!”


    Weiss didn’t like being ordered around by others more than anything, so he hadn’t offered a Slave Ticket for any reason.


    Weiss raised an eyebrow and said uncomfortably.


    “I suppose that’s to be expected, I’m a Sage. It’s your job to work up a sweat, …….”


    “Then lead us like a wise man! All Weiss is doing is dragging us down!”


    “It would have been better if Leopin had been here.”


    The classmates agreed with her words one after another.


    “Yeah, maybe he’s right.”


    “Leopin built Monaka and Kotone’s house, it was amazing.”


    “If Leopin had been around, we could be living in a house like that right now. ……”


    “By the way, Leopin has already grown sweet potatoes.”


    “Yeah, I got to try a few, but they were really good!”


    “If only Leopin had been around, we wouldn’t have to worry about food now. ……”


    “Shut up!” Weiss howls and slams the dining table with a slam.


    “Take it back, Carol! You think we would have been better off with Leopin? That’s impossible! You’re out of your mind!”


    Carol stands up.


    “It is Weiss who is out of his mind! That’s enough, I understand it, Leopin is many times better than you!”


    “You think that an unemployed trash is better than a Sage like me? ……!”


    “That’s right! And Leopin cared about us many, many times more than you! He’s not looking down on us, he was working for the class more than anyone else!”


    The classmates were completely overwhelmed by Carol’s rage.


    “What’s the matter with you sister Carol? You’ve never complimented Leopin before!”


    “It’s not that I’m complimenting him.  I’m just saying what people are thinking instead.”


    Weiss keeps his head down and clenches his fists.


    “Take back your word Carol, you’re the second most influential person in the class after me ……!”


    “I told you, I’m not going to listen to you anymore!”


    “Then it’s time to purge…!”


    Weiss bares his bloodshot eyes and tries to hit Carol.


    But the side of his face becomes ugly and cracks with a rocky fist.


    Weiss’s head is blown off with such force that his neck is about to be torn off.


    He hits the kitchen door, but his momentum does not diminish.


    He is thrown out of the door with such force that he smashs into the garbage dumpster outside.


    As Monsoon closes the open door,


    “I told you I don’t tolerate people who hit women, so cool down for the night. I’m as tired of you as you are of Carol.”




    Weiss weeps as he wriggles in the garbage.


    “Gu ….. Gugigigi! Why, why is that…. Why are you taking it away from me. ……! The rank of my class, the house I built, and the feelings of my classmates……! Carol, Monsoon, and even my pets and father, ……!”


    An unprecedented sense of defeat and humiliation crushes him.


    But the fire in his eyes do not extinguished.


    “I’ll never …… forgive you, I’ll never …… forgive you! I’ll never forgive you. ……!”


    In fact, it burns even brighter.


    He howls to the sky as if he is spitting fire.




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