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    Translated by NotBlueYet
    Edited by Ren


    It was a little back in time, last night.


    Inside the principal’s office late at night, the evil duo was snarling like an out-of-control dog.


    “Grrrrr. That trash base is now at level 2. ……!”


    “Gurururururu ……! The residential area over here hasn’t even finished clearing the rubble yet. ……!”


    “And we haven’t even given out the awards yet! Our supporters are running out of patience!”


    “We’ve got to do something! We’ve got to get rid of that garbage base, restore the living quarters, and award the prize!”


    If we don’t do something about any of them, we’re going down in rank again!”


    The two of them growled like dogs trapped in a cage.


    After a while, the principal clapped his hands.


    “That’s right! All you have to do is set fire to that garbage base! That’s one problem solved!”


    The bald man who naturally recommended arson to his subordinates was a fearsome old man.


    “That’s what I was going to do! But there were traps around the house, and I got into a lot of trouble!”


    The vice-principal said with anger at the thought of having his favorite tuxedo ruined came back to him, and he bit down on his handkerchief.


    The devil whispered in his head.


    “What? That’s right! Headmaster, I’m releasing the ‘Slave Ticket’! If you do, the problem will be solved at once!”


    “What? Is that true?”


    “Principal, excuse me for a moment! kosho kosho ……” (I’m guessing wispers)”


    “Oh, that’s a good idea!”


    “If we use the Slave Ticket, we can control the students at will! We’ll set up a ‘Purchasing Department’ and collect tickets from the students!”


    “The tickets are supposed to be exchanged between students.”


    You mean we’re going to get them?”


    “Yes! With a ticket, the student is as good as a slave to us!”


    We will be able to give them orders that we couldn’t give before because of public opinion!”


    Up until now, the principal and vice principal had wielded their power over the students as they wished.


    However, there was a limit to their power.


    Because they were educators, and they needed to do so in the name of “educational guidance”.


    However, with the Slave Ticket, they will be able to give orders that transcend the relationship between educator and student.


    For example, “In order to teach my students the importance of promises, I’m going to give them an order with all my heart! I’m going to teach my students the value of commitment.”


    “I see. I know what you’re after! It’s not the small students you’re after, but the big ones, isn’t it?”


    “Yes, that’s right! If only we could get our hands on Monaka and Kotone’s tickets, ……! We can order them to stay away from that garbage! The value of the Slave Ticket will be a measure of your social credibility after graduation! That way, there is no way they can refuse!”


    “Whoa! If you take away Monaka and Kotone from that trash, the trash will be truly alone and …… the base will be in ruins.”


    “Yes! And that’s not all! If we reduce the value of that trash’s ticket to zero, we can completely shut him out of the ticket circulation loop!”


    “Yes, you’re right!


    And if we have a prize associated with the ticket, that trash will be helpless!”


    “Yes! Yes! It’s a plan that kills two birds with one stone!”


    The principal and vice principal looked at each other and smiled.


    “”This time, this time ……! That garbage is finished. ……! Yee hee hee ……!”


    However, this evil scheme ended in a huge failure, which is now a common pattern.


    After the morning assembly, in which only Leopin got rich, the vice principal returned to the principal’s office with his shoulders slumped.


    What awaited him there was a follow-up notice.


    “…… Yes-man vice principal, I just received a notice from the board of education. You have been downgraded two ranks.”


    The vice principal becomes so astonished that his heart nearly leaps out of his mouth.


    “And two ranks? What? Why?”


    “The king happened to be watching the broadcast of the morning assembly.


    Not only were you disgracefully distraught in front of the king, but you probably didn’t hand over the award you declared in front of the students.”


    “Th- That! I couldn’t give the award to that trash! That’s why I tried so hard to cover it up!”


    Leopin was supposed to be the double winner of the “First Ticket Award” and “First Gold Ticket Award”.


    When Monaka and Kotone pointed this out, the yes man ate the certificate with a strange voice.


    This made the students feel completely uncomfortable.


    Even though he had gone to such lengths to keep his prize, the king had seen him. ……


    “In addition, you tried to destroy the magic board borrowed from the court.


    It’s a miracle that you only lost two ranks.”


    Yes-man head teacher A ⇒ B+.


    “Kikki …… keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!


    “It’s too noisy. Acting yes-man vice principal.


    “Whoa, acting vice principal, ……?”


    “It can’t be helped. Only A-ranked teachers are allowed to become vice principals. You’re a B-ranked teacher, so you’re the acting vice principal.”


    “That’s right! If you become an acting vice principal, your salary will be even lower!”


    My family has always been in the position of vice principal! I can’t face my family! Please do something about it……!”


    “Shut up! If I don’t get rid of you, I’ll be ……”


    Oh, no, it’s nothing! It’s already been decided!”


    “Aaah! Principal! Principal! Please, please, please!


    Please forgive me! Please forgive me! ~~~~~!


    ◆  ◇  ◆  ◇  ◆


    When the vice principal is down two ranks and crying and screaming …….


    I am back at the forest house, and I have moved up one rank.


    Ah, that’s wrong, it is a level up!



    Name Leopin

    Occupation Trapper

    Lv 11 ⇒ 12

    HP 1810

    MP 1810



    Life 181

    Endurance 181

    Toughness 181

    Spirit 181

    Resistance 181

    Agility 181

    Concentration 181

    Strength 181

    Magic 181

    Dharma 181

    Intelligence 181

    Liberal Arts 181

    Five Senses 181

    Sixth Sense 181

    Charm 1

    Luck 2

    Dexterity 480 ⇒ 580



    Changeable occupations


    Production System



    NEW! Carpenter ⇒ Shin-Ra Carpenter


    Leather Craftsman



    Exploration System


    Treasure Hunter


    Combat System

    Battle Axe User


    Martial Artist




    “…’Shinra(Ceres) Carpenter’ ?


    That’s a top-tier production job!”


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