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    Translated by NotBlueYet
    Edited by Ren


    I am in the center of a “sweet potato field” that has been completed in just a few seconds.


    With dense foliage growing around my feet as if I am part of the forest.


    “…… I feel like I’ve become a “Druid”.”


    In the meantime, let’s see how the sweet potatoes come out.


    But I wasn’t expecting much.


    Because the seedlings I used as a base were of a very low quality, level -9.


    “I was just going to make a few to try out, but I think I made too many.”


    While feeling a bit sorry for myself, I pull the roots at my feet like a tug of war.


    Then a small but beautiful red color appears from the soft soil.



    Sweet Potato

    Quantity 10

    Quality Level 4 (Material Penalty -9 + Dexterity Bonus 3 + Profession Bonus 10)


    A sweet potato grown in a field.

    Small, but sweet and fertile.



    “Oh! The quality level has improved!”


    Moreover, the original sweet potatoes were as small as little quail eggs, but they have grown to the size of chicken eggs.


    Of course, it’s not as big as the vegetables sold in the stores, but it’s a good first crop.


    “And there are so many of them. ……”


    The sweet potatoes are clustered on a single root like a bunch of grapes.


    “I’m sure this will be enough to keep me fed for a while.”


    …… But what about the important part, the taste?”


    As I am curious, I try them.


    I gather up some dry grass and leaves from around the area and make a pile in front of the gate of my house.


    I put the harvested sweet potatoes inside and lit a fire.


    The fire blazes up with a crackling sound.


    The smoke is thick and fragrant.


    “Somehow, it smells really good. ……”


    I like the smell of bonfires, but I think I like the smell of baking sweet potatoes even more.


    It’s kind of like a sweetness that spreads in your mouth even though you haven’t eaten it. ……


    The next thing I know, I see three figures walking towards me from the living quarters.


    It was the trio of Monaka, Akemi and Kotone.


    The three of them seem to have become friends after the recent catastrophe.


    All three of them had a woozy look on their faces as they dart towards me like fairies seeking nectar.


    Their twitching noses are as cute as the fluttering of tiny wings.


    When I called out to them, “Were you attracted by the smell?” all three of them come to their senses as if waking up from a dream.


    “Oh, Leo-kun!”


    “When did we arrive at Master’s residence ……?”


    “Fuwa? We were going to go to your place, but then we smelled something good from outside the forest, and we found ourselves here ……”


    “Leo-kun. What is this scent?”


    “Yes, it is an irresistible and very seductive scent. ……”


    “You can’t make a scent that attracts you this much even with an alchemical love potion.”


    I have to find out what it is at all costs. ……”


    The girls were staring at the fire, their mouths slurping.


    They seem to be eager to eat.


    “Since you’re here, why don’t you eat?”


    I poke around the campfire with a tree branch and take out a sweet potato.



    Baked Sweet Potato

    Quantity 10

    Quality Level 8 (Material Level 4 + Dexterity Bonus 4)


    Baked sweet potatoes.

    Sweet and filling.



    “Un, I think you can eat this now. Be careful, it’s hot.”


    I hand one to each of them and start bouncing them around in my hands.


    “Leo-kun, are these sweet potatoes by any chance?”


    I’ve never had them baked like this before.”


    “It’s considered impolite to eat them while standing outside, but …….”


    If you are the one inviting me, I can’t help but eat it.”


    “Mmmm, I can’t take it anymore. ……!”


    The three of them simultaneously split the sweet potato in two.


    A golden cross-section appears.


    …… fluffy.


    With a steam that is indescribably sweet.


    The girls forgot their manners and gulped!




    They dig into the hot sweet potato as if they haven’t eaten in days.


    Perhaps it is the heat, but the three of us all say, “Huh! Huff! Huff Huff!” 


    But as soon as they swallowed it, they were like, “””Ooh …… ohiiihiiiii (Delicius)”””


    They are holding their mouths with their hands and shouting in surprise.


    As expected of a group of young ladies, the gesture of surprise is also elegant.


    “I didn’t know baked sweet potatoes could taste so good. ……!”


    “Yes, it’s very sweet”


    “Oh my God, it’s melting my mouth!”


    After that, all three of them gobble up the sweet potatoes like kids on a roll.


    I try one myself and find it to be sweet and crunchy, no wonder the girls are crazy about it.


    “Do you want some more? I’ll cook some more, and eat as much as you like.”


    “Are you sure you want to ……?” Monaka looked at me with a mixture of expectation and reservation.


    “Yeah. I have plenty.”


    I then make about 20 more baked sweet potatoes and we all eat them together.


    By the time we finished, everyone was full, but the women were nodding off.


    “What’s wrong with you? You looked so happy just now.”


    “Actually, …… we came to ask Leo-kun for advice about food.”


    “We’re having a very difficult time clearing the rubble from the living quarters, and we can’t get enough food. ……”


    “We’re having a very difficult time clearing the rubble from the residential areas.”


    “But I can’t believe we’re the only ones eating such delicious food and being so full. I feel so guilty.” 


    “Oh, so that’s what this is all about. Then take some sweet potatoes with you.”


    The three of them looked up, “What?” 


    “But Leo, didn’t we eat all the sweet potatoes earlier?”


    “I told you there are more, see?”


    I point with my thumb to the sweet potato field next to my house.


    The girls are shocked as if they are entangled in the vines that grew so thickly that they could not see the ground.


    “Well, Master. I don’t know much about crops because I’m not familiar with agricultural products.”


    How many sweet potatoes can be grown in this field?”


    “Well, if you dig around a little bit ….”


    I’d say we’ve got about two tons in this field?”


    “Ni …… ni (Tw- tw) ooohhhh!”


    The girls has their hair standing upside down and are screaming in a shrill voice.


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