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    Translated by NotBlueYet
    Edited by Ren


    A great disaster, or rather a great man-made disaster, suddenly struck the 

    Royal Pioneer Academy.


    The residential area has turned into a disaster area.


    Even the teachers, who normally don’t care about the situation, were overwhelmed and ran out of the school building at this time.


    A rescue team of staff members was hurriedly formed to rescue the students.


    Fortunately, the protection spell “Divine Protection” had been cast on the living quarters and the rescue team was quick, so all the students were alive.


    However, the infirmary was full, so the school became a field ward.


    Moreover, the commotion was not limited to the school, but spread to the outside.


    The school board and the PTA began to make a fuss and demanded an investigation into the cause.


    Principal Nekodoran and the Yes-man vice principal were put in the middle of it as the ones in charge of the school. ……


    They were clever enough to make a preemptive and outrageous announcement.


    “This whole thing was done at the sole discretion of Weiss of Class 1-20!”


    “Yes, that’s right! I’m sure Weiss was trying to make up for the loss of rank he got from using the infirmary the other day, and was in a hurry to take credit for it!”


    “In a pioneering academy, the wishes of the students must be respected!”


    We, the teachers, left them to their own free will!”


    It is regrettable that the accident could not be prevented, but it is inevitable!”


    “Yes, that’s right! Monaka-san from Class 1-2 and Kotone-san from Class 1-19 were calling for evacuation in anticipation of the wall collapsing.”


    But the rest of the students didn’t respond to the call to evacuate!”


    The principal and vice principal put all the blame on Weiss and turned a blind eye ……!


    Weiss, of course, protested.


    “What? Oh my God, you’re saying that we ordered the base to be built?”


    There is no such evidence!”


    “Yes! Weiss must be in shock from the accident and his memory is confused!”


    “Hmm, this is not good! This is really regrettable!”


    After causing a huge disaster involving many students, he has no remorse, but instead tries to blame others!


    Weiss-kun’s Class 1-20 will be handed down a punishment of two ranks down!”


    Class 1-20 C- ⇒ D


    Incidentally, the other classes were also downgraded by one rank for using the infirmary.


    “Compared to the other classes, how wonderful Monaka and Kotone’s class is!”


    In recognition of your intelligence in not being fooled by Weiss-kun, you’ve been bumped up one rank!”


    Class 1-02 B => B+


    Class 1-19 B- ⇒ B


    The promotion of a class is a great honor, and a normal leader would be overjoyed to receive it.


    However, the girls who were the leaders of both classes protested together.


    “No! We can’t accept this achievement!”


    “Yes! We were only following the instructions of a certain person!”


    We think this achievement should be given to that person!”


    “The name of the boy we admire so much is ……! Leo ……!”




    However, this statement was interrupted by the strange voice of the vice principal and squashed by the principal’s rooting.


    All of the things that are sent out from the Royal Pioneer Academy to the outside world are checked by the principal and vice principal.


    Therefore, in this case, not a single word of Leopin’s name appeared on the outside.


    But doesn’t it make you wonder?


    Isn’t it possible that some of the supporters were watching the whole thing through the magic device?


    Those people are certainly witnessing Leopin’s activities.


    However, everyone was silent about the fact.


    This is because …….


    They, like the principal and vice principal, were born elites who had earned their positions not by their abilities, but by their families.


    So. You can find a lot of people who have no benefit from the spread of the activities of the commoner, Leopin …….


    They were on the side of “Leopin should not be recognized!”


    But with this incident, Leopin’s name was definitely etched in the minds of his supporters.


    The boy with only dexterity does not yet know that a great power is beginning to move in a place he does not know about.


    ◆  ◇  ◆  ◇  ◆


    Weiss walks out of the school building and staggers through the rubble of the living quarters.


    His usual confident and relaxed expression is gone.


    His eyes are glazed over and his mouth is hanging open.


    “This …… me, two ranks down, that’s …….”


    A voice that sounds like it was having a nightmare leaked out, mumbling.


    “It’s impossible for a Sage like me to be downgraded. …… This …… is a nightmare. ……”


    But the whispering of the passing girls reminds him that this is real.


    “Look, it’s Weiss!”


    “We are D-rank students, so you don’t have to use ‘sama’ anymore!”


    “That’s true. If we build the wall like he says, we’ll be downgraded!”


    “That’s disgusting! I’m so disappointed in you for calling bullshit on a Sage!”


    That assessment is unforgivable to Weiss, but he doesn’t have the energy to argue now.


    Because he has an even harsher assessment clutched in his hands.


    On a crumpled piece of parchment that appears to be sticking out, there is a short sentence.


    “You are a disgrace to your family.”


    That sentence has been swirling around in Weiss’s head for some time now, as the voice of a certain person.


    “I’m sorry, but I can’t help it. …… Now, in all the letters you’ve given me, you’ve written many pages about your expectations of me. ……”


    He was very angry about the two rank downgrades. ……!”


    I have to restore my rank by any means necessary: …….”


    If I don’t, I’ll never be able to be an heir ……!”


    Just thinking about it made Weiss’ knees start to buckle.


    As he walks into the shadows of the rubble, he falls to his knees with a crunch.


    Then he presses his head down and shouts.


    “No! ……! I’m not going to let that happen. ……!”


    “I’m a Sage! Unlike Leopin who has no job! I’m a man with a promising future!”


    And yet, and yet, and ……!”


    The elite who have never known failure, or have never been taught failure, have less tolerance for failure.


    And while the last failure was due to Sheaves’ poisonous mushrooms, this time it was clearly his own fault.


    “I’m not a failure! I didn’t fail! I didn’t fail!”




    Weiss can’t accept that, and he slumps on the ground.


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