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    I was going to say no, but Kotone’s eyes have already changed to those of a respectful disciple.


    “Master. So, how much do I have to pay for your monthly fee?”


    “You mean the monthly fee for advice?”


    I was about to answer immediately, “I don’t need it,” but then I thought better of it.


    “Then will you befriend Monaka for that fee?”


    Kotone tilted her head in a cute way.


    “Monaka-sama ……? Are you referring to the representative of Class 1-2?”


    “That’s right. She is a saint of a prestigious family, so her classmates are very careful and reserved.”


    If you’re a young lady, you can talk to her without hesitation, so I want you to get along with her.”


    Kotone sighs with deep emotion.


    “The first one to say such a thing to me was Master …….”


    Monaka-sama and I have the relationship of a saint and a miko.”


    All our classmates will do is compare us, as the same family of exorcists, and encourage conflict. ……”


    “I’m not sure what’s going on here, but if you’re from the same family of exorcists, you might as well get along.”


    I’m not going to force you to do anything, of course, but if you feel like it, why don’t you talk to Monaka?”


    ” I understand. As you wish, Master.”


    “No, it’s not an order. ……”


    “Kotone samaaaaaaaaaaa!”


    Suddenly, a yell interruptes me.


    I saw a school-girl rushing towards us through the bushes.


    She looks like a warrior, and she is glaring at me with eyes like a wild boar.


    “You ruffian! What are you doing to make Kotone-sama get down on her knees?”


    Get over here! I’m going to end this right now ……!”


    I’m sure it is Kotone’s attendant.


    I am sure she will not understand me, so I decide to run away.


    “I’m sure you can hunt all the birds you want with your bow and arrow, Kotone.”


    I don’t have any advice for you right now, so I’d better get going.”


    “Yes, Master, please take care.”


    I stroll off into the woods.


    I am going to go back to the house, but on the way I find a zone where a certain plant is growing in clusters.



    Green Onion

    Quantity 1

    Quality Level 2 (Material Level 2)


    Wild Green Onion.

    It has a strong odor and pungent taste and is used for both food and medicinal purposes.



    “Green Onion” is a plant that originated in the East.


    It’s a perfect food to eat after interacting with Kotone, a beautiful girl from the East.


    I immediately pick it up and bring it home.


    In the garden of my house, I start cooking it.


    I cut up the Mean Bird thighs and the Green Onions into bite-sized pieces, and stuck them alternately on the branches of the Hiroeda tree I have picked up.


    After skewering the meat, I lightly sprinkled it with salt that Akemi has given me, and set it on fire in the forest stone kamado.


    As they seared, the oil on the surface made a sizzling sound, and the irresistible aroma spread throughout the area.


    When it was browned, I lifted it out of the Kamado and went to …….


    “It’s done! “Negima” is ready!”



    Mean Bird Negima

    Quantity 8

    Quality Level 10 (Material Level 5 + Dexterity Bonus 3 + Cooking Bonus 2)


    A type of skewer called a “Yakitori” made from Mean Bird thighs and green onions.

    In addition to being edible, it is also good for fighting colds.

    It can be eaten with beer for a synergistic effect.



    I used to help out in a tavern.


    The head chef there was from the East, and he taught me some of the East’s dishes, mostly for drinking, but especially this “Negima”.


    As soon as I bite into the meat, I feel the juices flowing out of the meat after the crunchy texture.


    I follow it up with some green onions.


    The green onions are crunchy and crispy, and their sweetness fill my mouth.


    “U_…… yummmm!”


    The taste makes me fly up to the sky.


    “Green onions are spicy when raw, but they become sweet when grilled.


    I could eat as many of these as I want! I’ll have to thank the chef for teaching me that!”


    Suddenly, the memory of the chef comes back to my mind.


    There was a time when I was in the kitchen and I was about to throw away the roots of the chopped green onions, but he stopped me.


    “Wait a minute, Bouzu. There’s still a use for that root.”


    The chef said and plunged the green onion root into a glass of water.


    “That way, the stems will grow back.”


    I was skeptical at first, but a week later, the green stems were growing back.


    I paused my reminiscing and looked at the green onion root that had fallen in the corner of the kitchen table.


    “Let’s give it a try! Then I can eat all the green onions I want!


    ◆  ◇  ◆  ◇  ◆


    “Kotone-sama, are you alright? The person who did this ……!?”


    “Tomoe, you must calm down. What is the matter with you?”


    “There’s nothing to be done about it! I can’t believe you went into the forest when I wasn’t looking!”


    “I was hunting birds for you who are building a base.


    I only got one bird, but I got a lot of things.”


    “Speaking of which, your expression is radiant. You’ve been so down lately. ……”


    “Tomoe, today for the first time in my life, I have found someone I love.”


    “What? That’s great! I’m sure your father will be very happy to hear that!


    Weiss-sama, who is currently leading the development of the area, is a perfect match for Kotone. ……”


    “No, no, no.”


    What? It’s not Weiss-sama? Then a Hero from Class 1-11? What kind of noble lord is he?”


    “Yes, that’s ……. An unemployed master. ……!”


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