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    Translated by NotBlueYet
    Edited by Ren


    I shout at the newly added occupation; I was waiting for it to come but I didn’t expect it to actually happen.


    “All right, Woodcrafter!”


    I already have two professions that deal with wood: Lumberjack and Carpenter.


    However, these two jobs are not suitable for making wooden accessories.


    I can make them, but they are not as good as the real thing.


    “Now I can make furniture! Farewell to my empty house!”


    I immediately change jobs.




    Occupation Trapper ⇒ Woodcrafter

    Occupation Skill

    Woodworking: Work on wood

    Woodcraft: Create tools out of wood

    Wood Equipment: Create wooden equipment.



    Using the ” Gisu wood” that is piled up in the garden, I immediately start crafting.


    Using a stone knife, I make a piece of wood and then use a mallet to put it together.


    The speed of work is different when you have professional skills.


    And the finished product is also much different.



    Gisu Table

    Quantity 1

    Quality Level 25 (Material Level 12 + Dexterity Bonus 3 + Profession Bonus 10)

    A large dining table made of high quality Gisu wood.

    The table is durable and can be cleaned with a simple wipe.



    Gisu Chair

    Quantity 10

    Quality Level 25 (Material Level 12 + Dexterity Bonus 3 + Profession Bonus 10)

    Chair made from high quality Gisu wood.

    With various bonuses, it is durable and has a calming effect on those who sit in it.



    The table and chairs are made in no time as well. Woodworking is fun.


    Building a house is fun, but there is something different about the detailed work of woodworking.


    I love the smell of the wood as it is being carved, it makes me feel relaxed.


    “Okay, I’m going to make more things this way!”


    I go on to make two more pieces of furniture.



    Gisu Shelf

    Quantity 1

    Quality Level 25 (Material Level 12 + Dexterity Bonus 3 + Profession Bonus 10)

    Shelf made of high quality Gisu wood.

    These shelves are made of high quality Gisu wood, and have various bonuses to make them more durable and make the items inside last longer.



    Gisu Bed

    Quantity 4

    Quality Level 25 (Material Level 12 + Dexterity Bonus 3 + Profession Bonus 10)

    Bed made of high quality Gisu wood.

    With various bonuses, it is durable and provides a good night’s sleep.



    Now the house is quite vibrant.


    And the house starts to shine like it is happy.




    LV 2

    Size: Rustic house  ⇒ Normal house

    Population 1

    Base Skills: Activity Support.

    Gain a status bonus for all activities in the base.

    NEW! Base Expansion.

    If an area adjacent to the base is cultivated or conquered, it can be made into a base


    “All right, the base is leveling up!”


    To tell the truth, I am curious about it.


    I am actually curious about the “rustic house” in the size section.


    And with the new base skill, I can now expand your base.


    I am getting more and more motivated, but then my stomach growls.


    “It’s almost noon, isn’t it? I think I’ll take a break and go find some food.”


    As I leave the gate of the house, I can see the castle and the residential area of the school building through the tunnel of trees.


    In the residential area, there are many students gathered.


    I am a little curious about what they are doing, so I approach them …….


    Weiss is up on a platform addressing the crowd.


    “From now on, everyone will be building a base under the guidance of me, the base chairman.”


    If this is promoted to a base, there will be nothing to fear, even if the effects of the magic “Avoidance” fade.” 


    Everyone! Do as I, the Sage, tell you!”


    If you do, this settlement will be a stronghold by nightfall!”


    The students replied, “Ooh!” I can not tell if they were motivated or not.


    Well, as Weiss said, if the residential area becomes a base, the chance of being attacked by monsters will decrease.


    I just mumble, “Good luck,” and return to the forest.


    ◆  ◇  ◆  ◇  ◆


    As usual, while I was gathering nuts and mushrooms in the forest, I met a girl who appears illuminated by the sunlight through the trees.


    She is aiming at a bird perched on a branch of a tree, and drawing her bow.


    Her stance is as beautiful as a painting.


    Her glossy black hair is tied up in a bun, her dark eyes create a contrast against her white skin, her nose is modest but clear, and her lips are cherry red.


    Her attire is particularly eccentric.


    Her jacket is as white as a saint’s robe, but her skirt is bright red.


    “Could that be the hakama ……, the national clothing of the eastern countries?”


    The girl may have been distracted by my voice, and the arrow deflected far from its target.


    The target bird has left the branch and is circling above the girl’s head teasingly.


    “I’ve shot all my arrows ……. I can’t face everyone with this …….”


    I call out to the girl who is slumping her shoulders.


    “I’m sorry to have disturbed you.”


    The girl looks up and shakes her head from side to side.


    ” No, it wasn’t your fault, I am just inexperienced.”


    “You were hunting?”


    “Yes, I was trying to give the people who are cultivating the land a little more energy.


    But I’ve only ever shot at immobile targets, so it was impossible for me.”


    “It won’t be too much of an apology, but let me help you.”


    “Thank you. But, I don’t have any more arrows left. ……”


    As she bowes politely, I begin to cut the branch.


    “You’re a woodworker, aren’t you?”


    “No, I’m unemployed.”


    “Really? Then it’s no wonder you don’t know anything about it.”


    Arrows are not made of wood alone. You need something to make the arrow head ……”


    After shaping about ten tree branches, I released the “Gisu-no-Shuriken” into the sky.


    I think I hear a scream above my “Pigya” head, and then items start to fall.



    Mean Bird Thighs

    Quantity 1

    Quality Level 3 (Material Level 3)

    Meat of a bird with a rich and juicy flavor.

    Grilled or fried, it provides a cooking bonus.



    Mean Bird Feather

    Quantity 10

    Quality Level 3 (Material Level 3)

    Brightly colored feathers.

    Can be made into arrow feathers and quills.


    “Hmm? Did you say something?”


    The girl’s dark eyes widen as she watches me catch the items.


    “The bird that I couldn’t hit no matter how hard I tried, you managed to hit …… in one shot! And, you can even hit it with a hand thrown weapon. ……!”


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