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    Translated by NotBlueYet
    Edited by Ren


    “I can’t believe I made this ……!”


    Monaka’s eyes flutter in disbelief that she has made it.


    “That’s amazing, Monaka! You’re one of the geniuses of the decade!”


    “No, this is definitely thanks to you, Leo-kun!”


    I enjoy sewing, but I’ve never done it this well before!”


    I’ve never been this good at sewing before!”


    Monaka fidgets with her patches and holds them out to me.


    “So, will you have this?”


    “Oh, you don’t mind?


    “Ye- …… Yes! Originally, I made it with the intention of giving it to Leo-kun sensei ……. No, I’ll give it to Leo-kun!”


    “I’ll take it if that’s the case.”


    This badge was designed by …… Monaka’s clan, I think.”


    “Yes, it is a patch that resembles the emblem of my clan.”


    The heart symbol means the heart, and offering it means offering your heart to the person you are offering it to as well. ……”


    Monaka quickly covers her face with both hands.


    I’m not sure if you can see the facial expression, but the ears peeking out of the long hair are bright red.


    I don’t know why all the girls who talk to me end up turning red …….


    I think to myself, “Well, that’s okay,” and quickly sew the patch onto my “flying dragon coat.


    Then something even more ridiculous happens.


    Coat of the Dragon and the Saint (High Quality Magic Item)
    Quantity 1
    Quality Level 109 (Material Level 80 + Dexterity Bonus 12 + Occupation Bonus 7 + Quality Bonus 10)
    This coat is made from the skin of a flying dragon and the threads of a daijazuru.

    It has higher protection than a normal coat, and is heat and cold resistant.

    It contains the blessings of a saint’s pure love.

    Special Effects: Capacity Expansion

    The contents of your pockets are expanded tenfold by the magic of the flying dragon.

    Special Effects: Capacity Expansion

    The contents of your pockets are expanded tenfold by the magic of the flying dragon.

    Special Effects: Ignore Weight

    The contents of the pocket become weightless due to the magic of the flying dragon.

    Special Effects: Self-Repair

    Damaged items will be repaired over time.

    Special Effects: Auto Healing

    Slowly heals the wearer’s HP.


    As I ‘appraise’ the coat with the Monaka patch on it, I forget to blink.


    Most of the time, when crafted items are combined, the quality level is either maintained or lowered.


    At first, I also expected the level of the coat to be lowered if I add a patch.


    I thought it would be okay because Monaka put his heart and soul into making it.


    “No way, it’s over level 100. ……!?”


    I couldn’t help but exclaim.


    The higher the level of the equipment or item, the higher the quality.


    A level 100 item is no longer just a high school student, it’s a professional, it’s a master artisan.


    That’s how big a barrier it is to get past level 100, and the craftsmen work bloody hard to get past it.


    “But I crossed it with ease. ……!”


    I stand in my spot.


    I am standing there, and Monaka is hurrying back and forth around me like a new wife, putting a coat on me.


    “Wow, Leo, that looks great on you! It’s very cool!”


    “Oh ……, thank you. Thanks to Monaka for this.”


    “Fufufu, I’m the one who should be thanking you! Please continue to teach me things, Leo-kun-sensei!”


    Monaka smiles innocently back at me.


    Next to me, Philafy-sensei is standing there with eyes that seem to be begging for help.


    “Ex- excuse me, Leopin-kun, …….”


    I think there is nothing that I can teach Leopin-kun. ……”


    But can you please choose my class again ……?”


    ◆  ◇  ◆  ◇  ◆


    The next class was “Physical Education”, a “general subject”.


    Everyone has changed into the gym clothes that have been handed out at the end of the entrance ceremony, but I don’t have any, so I attend the class in my coat.


    All the female students are wearing bloomers.


    Monaka and the other saints, who usually wear robes, are unusually lightly dressed.


    As I look at Monaka in her ponytail and bloomers, she notices me and waves back with a shy smile.


    At that moment, my body begins to glow.


    “To let me level up with your eyes, you are indeed the great saint of the future.”


    Name Leopin
    Occupation Leather Craftsman
    Lv  7 ⇒ 8
    HP 2010
    MP 2010
    Life 201
    Endurance 201
    Toughness 1
    Spirit  1
    Resistance 1
    Agility 201
    Concentration 201
    Strength 201
    Magic 1
    Dharma 1
    Intelligence 1
    Liberal Arts 201
    Five Senses 201
    Sixth Sense 1
    Charm 1
    Luck 2
    Dexterity 1200 ⇒ 1300


    Changeable occupations
    Production System
    • Lumberjack
    • Appraiser
    • Carpenter
    • Masonry
    • Leather Craftsman
    • NEW! ?????????
    Exploration System
    • Ranger
    • Treasure Hunter
    Combat System
    • Battle Axe User
    • Ninja
    • NEW! Martial Artist


    As soon as I look at the status window, I notice something.


    “There is an increase in the number of dexterity skills ……, and there is a skill whose name I don’t know …….”


    I thought I’d see what the skill is if I look at the details of the skill, so I touch a series of symbols.


    This is one of the hidden abilities of “Poor Dexterity.”

    By activating the skill multiple times, the whole effect will be revealed.


    “Could this be a ‘hidden skill’ ……?


    I’ve heard of it.


    I’ve heard that the skills of each profession are basically the same, but on rare occasions when you level up, you can gain skills with unknown effects.


    They are all powerful, and when you learn to control them, they can be a reliable weapon.


    I thought I’d never have to deal with them as an unemployed person. ……


    I wonder how I can activate the effect, but I can’t figure it out by thinking about it.


    I figure I’d get some hints as I go along, so I shift my attention to the new professions that have been added.


    The new occupation is combat-related.


    I’m going to be working out in gym class, so it’s perfect.


    Occupation Leather Craftsman ⇒ Martial Artist
    Occupation Skill

    • Karate Arts

                Able to use karate techniques

    • Boxing Arts

       Can use boxing techniques.

    • One Inch Bomb

        Unleashes a destructive punch at a distance of about three centimeters.


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