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    Translated by NotBlueYet
    Edited by Kingavent


    The bandits tied each other up and linked each other.


    Finally, the leader remained, which Weiss decided to tie up.


    “You seem to be very resourceful for a lowly man,” Weiss said. “No wonder you have never been caught. I’ll do something special for you.”


    “Ugh. …… please be gentle with me, wise one. ……”


    The leader was completely docile and held out both hands to Weiss.


    Weiss put the noose on both of his wrists, and the next moment




    Weiss had an iron fist smashed into his cheek.




    That blow with all his might blew Weiss’s body away like leaves from a tree.


    His men were stunned.


    “What did you do to Weiss-sama?”


    “If you do that, you will be extinguished!”


    But the leader had regained his former boldness.


    “The flames you just saw were a bluff! He set us up!”




    The leader said, “Ugh ……!”  and went to Weiss, who was crawling toward him, and leaned on him from above.


    “What are you doing ……? I’m going to burn you to the ground!”


    “You’re a crook! You crook!”


    The leader reached into Weiss’s pocket and pulled out two rocks.


    He then rubbed them together like walnuts in his hands ……


    …… Boom!


    And then a familiar flame erupted.


    “That’s it! This is it!”


    A startled look ran through the crew.


    “How did you know, oh …… head?”


    “When this crook tied up my hands, I looked at his fingertips! Then I saw some kind of powder on the index finger and thumb of his right hand! That’s when it hit me! I thought, Maybe he’s got some kind of gunpowder glue on his fingers!”


    Yes, Weiss was bluffing again.


    this time with the flint that Leopin had lent him when he made soup in the kitchen of the mansion.


    Weiss had forgotten to return it after using it and kept it in his pocket.


    He had used the item to produce an unscented magic trick and had succeeded in using his position as a sage to convince the audience that he was a boy genius in magic. ……


    One more step……!


    Just at the very last moment, the tables were turned. ……


    The men he had tied up are released, and Weiss is once again surrounded.


    The men were now like hungry beasts looking at their prey.


    “Hehe ……! Now that I know you’re a crook, I’m not afraid of you anymore!” 


    “Gasp! Whoo!”


    “Hey, hey, hey, what’s up, wise guy? I thought you were going to extinguish us!” 


    “Thud! Gagh!


    “Damn it! You’re about to see what happens when you screw with us!” 


    “AUGH! Agh!”


    Weiss was kicked and tortured by all the others and shrunk like a turtle.


    The leader, who was watching the situation, stopped his men 


    “If the kids we let go had gone back to the city and reported it, the guards would be here by daybreak! It’s time to get ready to slink off!”


    “What are we going to do about the kid? No way, we’re not just going to leave him like this. ……”


    The leader of the group pushed his men away and crouched down beside Weiss, who was lying on the ground.


    “Ugh ……!”


    “Hehe, you’re turning out to be a nice guy, aren’t you? The first person to ever drive me to this point was you. So I’ll let you choose.”


    “What the ……?”


    “You can die here, or you can come with us. ……, whichever you prefer.”


    “I can’t believe my ears.”


    “You’re going to take that kid with you? He’s not even usable!”


    “Unlike you, he’s several times smarter. And usually, when you cheat someone, you have a guilty feeling somewhere in your heart, and it will show on your face. But this guy is a natural born crook who thinks nothing of cheating people. If you nurture him, he will be the best of the best.”


    “But that’s no way to show him!”


    “Yeah, that’s why he’s not one of us. So, we will keep him not as one of us, but as a slave. We’ll put a collar on him so he can’t escape, and we’ll make him do everything from taking care of himself to doing our dirty work.”


    “That’s great! Isn’t it great that we can make a wise man our slave?”


    “That’s the head! You’re so smart! I’ll follow you for the rest of my life!”


    the corners of his mouth lifted up and asked Weiss again, “Now, Weiss, what do you want to do with the slave?”


    “Now, Weiss, lick my shoes and beg me to make you my slave.”


    A few years later, the boy would have immediately cried out and licked and sucked the sole of his shoe to beg for his life before such an unreasonable act.


    But the boy of today, however, is not that vulnerable.


    “Don’t …… be silly……! I’m a wise …… man ……!”


    “Okay, so …… you’re going to die?”


    The boy is aware of death for the first time when the blade is pressed against his neck.


    The leader, who felt a tremor through the blade, was convinced that he was one step away from falling, and with a hushed voice, he drove him further.


    “Then, first of all, apologize for challenging us. Then swear to us that you will never disobey us again, that you will be a slave to our absolute obedience.”


    The boy’s trembling had become so apparent that even a casual observer could see it.


    Tears of blood welled up from his moist eyes.


    Soon, he was sobbing in agony, as if his intestines were being dragged out of him while he was still alive. ……


    “Ugggghh……! Uggg……! Go……ome……!”


    The leader said, “I did it,” and he couldn’t stop grinning.


    But then, as if to add water, a voice came from out of nowhere.


    “No need to apologize.”


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