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    Translated by NotBlueYet
    Edited by Kingavent


    Going back a bit in time.


    Weiss and Leopin, wrapped in the cloak of the new teacher, were in the dark.


    From the outside, the roar of the robbers and the shock caused by kicks never stop.


    They understood painfully that they ought to be directed at them.


    “We didn’t know the teacher’s face or name, and since he was the son of the vice principal, we thought he was a nasty teacher. ……”


    “We misunderstood him! We must save him somehow!”


    Leopin wriggles with all his might, trying to loosen the rope that binds him.


    But with his strength, it is impossible for him to escape from the bondage of the bad guys who are experts at tying people up.


    “Damn… not budging at all…!”


    “Leave it to me,”


    Weiss, who was in front of him, said so, and put his hand around Leopin’s back.




    Leopin almost screamed and his mouth was blocked.


    “Shh, be quiet! If you make a fuss, they’ll notice.”


    Leopin, scolded by Weiss, asked with a hushed voice.


    “Well… how did you get out of the rope? No matter how much I tried, it wouldn’t budge?”


    “I made room in the back of my hand when I was tied up.That way there is a space between my arms, which makes it easier to loosen the ropes.”


    “Well, where did you…?”


    “It was written in a library book.”


    said  Weiss, loosening Leopin’s rope halfway through.


    and took the cloth out of his pocket.


    “Is that… an evil cloth?”


    “Yeah. I used to carry it with me in case of an emergency when we searched for Kanoko.Look, Leopin, I’m going to put it on and disappear.”


    The duo has been working on a variety of tricks up until now.


    Leopin, who had guessed from  Weiss’s tone that it was an explanation of course.


    “When the teacher above disappears, the robbers will make a fuss about his disappearance.I will not have disappeared, but I will still be there. Besides, even if I disappear, my form will remain”


    “If they touch it, they’ll find out.”


    “Yes, and we are surrounded by thieves, so it is difficult to escape without being caught.That’s why Leopin, you become a decoy, Leopin. When the thieves are startled, you will run out of the barn.”


    “Then the robbers will come after me, so  Weiss will be free.”


    “That’s right. I will get up on that skis, save Kanoko while I disappear, and recover the cab.Leopin, by that time, should have managed to get out of the barn.The rest, you will join us by the cab …”


    “We can just run away! But…”


    “What is it?”


    “Wouldn’t that piece of cloth become a mere cloth if it was used once more?”


    “Oh, I suppose so,”


    “Are you okay? You’re going to get in trouble, aren’t you?”


    Leopin’s words made Weiss remember his father’s face.


    His expression clouded for a moment, but he soon regained his usual expression.


    “Don’t make me say it over and over again.If I become heir, this cloth will be mine, too.Besides, my life is in danger this time.My father will forgive me, too.”


    ◆  ◇  ◆  ◇  ◆


    And a few minutes later.


     Weiss frowned, thinking of his father’s face when he knew that the cloth had become mere cloth.


    But that is also immediately interrupted.


    “It seems that Leopin isn’t the only one who pretends to be a hero.I see!”


    The robbers, who had come out of the barn, surrounded  Weiss in the woodland.


    “He’s really weird too! He let a commoner’s kid and a saint get away at his expense!”


    “Normally it’s the other way around! He’s supposed to leave the commoner boy behind and go after the saint!”


    “Well, the results are the same either way! You and the commoner’s boys will both be caught and killed!”


    “Here, get on your horses! Go after them! We should catch up by the time they get to town!”


    One of his men tried to mount his horse, but he was stopped cold-bloodedly.


    “It seems that you’re not afraid of your life.”  


    Weiss shot a fearless upward glance at the thieves.


    The robbers scowled, and then let out the same lowly laugh again..




    “That’s my line! Do you think that’s going to scare us?”


    “It seems to me that his head has gone mad with fear, haha!”


    He looked around at the thieves with a pitying expression on his face, not caring about their taunts.


    “Well, that’s why the lowly ones are so annoying.It’s easy to bury you if I feel like it. Did you forget why the hostages you were supposed to be holding were standing here?”


    His tone was so full of confidence that the robbers’ laughter toned down.


    “Well… well…Well… come to think of it, this guy just disappeared…!”


    “He disappeared and moved in a moment to help the saint…!”


    “That was magic! He said he was a sage!”


    “Oh, I see! That’s why you said you’d stay here alone!”


    “If this kid gets serious, it’s easy to deal with this many people…?!?”


    the frightened bandits backed away.


    Weiss’s expression was cool, but inside he was thinking hard.


    –all right…! Just one more push…!


    One more push and they’ll run away, thinking I can use magic…!


    But, as if to ridicule his thoughts, there was a shower of ridicule.




    The men turned to the leader who had just come out of the barn.


    “Think about it! It may be true that he disappeared, but why did you have to go through all that trouble? If it was so easy to bury us, it would have been quicker to kill us!”


    –I got caught…!


    Weiss bites his teeth in secret.


    But he continued to speak without showing it.


    “Then I’ll start with you,”


    “Oh, really? I’ve seen a lot of visitors in my house when I was a gardener! Some of them were magicians, and they used to perform magic in the garden! The more powerful the magic, the longer the chanting! Even if you could use magic, all we have to do is seize them before they can finish chanting!”


    The leader raised his thumb provocatively and dropped it down, “That’s it, you’re done!”


    He interrupted  Weiss, who was about to say back, and spoke one-sidedly.


    “Or do you think you can chant at high speed? You can use a skill that only a handful of high-ranked magicians have? Then let’s see it!”


    The leader thumped his chest with his thumb.


    “Now, give it a try then! The magic of turning me into charcoal! I don’t think you can do it anyway! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!”

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