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    Translated by NotBlueYet
    Edited by Kingavent


    The barn was alternately filled with angry voices, dull stomping, and muffled screams.


    “We really hate boys like you!” “Huh!”


    “Argh! You’ve grown up with bad influence, you’re gonna die! Gasp! Gasp!”


    “If I hurt you any more, you’ll spend the rest of your life in the hospital! Is that what you want? Gasp! Ugh!” 




    “Give it up quickly and get away from the kids! Or you’ll die!” boom! Ugh!”


    However, the new teacher never let go of the children no matter how much he was kicked by the thieves.


    He wrapped them in his cloak like a precious treasure, and did not let them get even a speck of dust on them.


    A few days ago, he was stung by a swarm of bees and his face was covered in bandages.


    Just as the wound was finally healing, he was hit by a cab.


    His dream of becoming an elementary school student was postponed, and his carriage was messed up.


    Nevertheless, nevertheless…


    He risked his life to protect the children who caused it.


    from the unreasonable violence of the wicked adults.


    The robbers initially kicked the new teacher with a sense of entertainment.


    they thought after a few kicks he’d give up and hold out the children while crying.


    However, even if they kept kicking until they were sober, the new teacher kept getting hit by the rain of kicks without doing anything.


    Like a father who protects his children at the expense of his own life…!


    At last the robbers were soaked in sweat and began to breathe heavily.




    “Why… why, why, why, why, why, why, why, why, why, why, why, why, why, why, why, why, why, why, why, why, why, why, why, why, why, why, why?


    “I don’t care if they’re your students, you’re going to die if you keep this up!”


    “What… what is this man…?!?”


    The air is filled with roughness and a sense of deepening.


    Suddenly a thief muttered,


    “Holy, hell…”


    “I wish we had a teacher like this when we were kids…”


    “If we had been taught by such a teacher, we might have not gone off the rails…”


    “Well, let’s stop now…”


    But an angry voice broke in, saying, “You idiots!”


    The leader, who was an onlooker, came over with a thud.


    “If the boy doesn’t change his mind, he may report us to the guards! If he doesn’t change his mind, we’ll be beheaded! You don’t want to die for this little shit, do you?”


    The leader pushed his men aside and swung his feet wide behind him, kicking with all his might.


    “If it comes down to it, I’ll kill you…”




    The new teacher was blown off by the leader’s powerful kick.


    He was knocked against the barn wall and foamed at the mouth.


    “Oh, you should have done this in the first place.Now, now, I’m going to take the boys.


    After seeing the new teacher lying down, the leader looks down at his feet.


    But there was something unbelievable there.


    Surprisingly, there was only one boy there…!




    The robbers were startled.


    “Well… the boy who used to be called the sage is gone!”


    “There were two boys!? Where did they go!”


    “No way, he’s gone…!?”


    “That’s not possible…! Oh!?”


    Leopin jumps to his feet when the robbers are surprised.


    As he got up, the rope that had been wrapped around him was untied.


    Leopin runs out of the barn through the robbers.


    “Well… How did you get out of the rope!”


    “Stupid!? You should have tied them up tight!”


    “Buck! I don’t care about that! Catch them!”


    The leader gave them a shout, and all the robbers started running in a frenzy manner.


    As for the speed of his feet, the robbers, the grown-ups, are superior, and the distance from Leopin is greatly reduced.


    and a voice came from behind, as Leopin was nearly caught by the neck.


    “Good work, Leopin!”


    “Well… who is it?”


    The robbers stopped and looked back.


    Then they witnessed another startling scene.


    In the back of the barn was the foot-truck in which the boys had come.


    There is a girl sitting in the seat with a mafukuro over her head.


    And next to her is…




    Weiss, who should have disappeared, came alongside the saint.


    They were leisurely sitting on the pedal cab…!


    “Why… why!? Why! Why? Why?”


    The robbers shouted madly, but only the leader was calm.


    “I’m sure there must be some kind of secret! I’ll catch him and make him spill it out!”


    The robbers who were chasing Leopin turned and turned to Weiss.


    Weiss was quite relaxed, wiping his glasses with a handkerchief which he had taken out of his pocket.


    He spoke to the girl in the passenger seat.


    “Monica, you may be afraid that you can’t see what’s happening, but will you be a little more patient?For a saint with a beautiful heart like you, things that you can’t bear are coming.”


    Then he began pedaling slowly, like a hawk flying high.


    “But when we get out of here, you can go for a drive in the night sky.With the person you love…!”


    Weiss’s pedal wheel accelerates at once.


    Surprised by the force, the robbers jumped out of their way.


    The unobstructed vehicle passed through the barn and joined Leopin, who had been out to the woods outside.


    Leopin jumped into the running vehicle, but Weiss jumped out as if to replace them.


    “Go, Leopin!”


    “Weiss, what are you doing!”


    “Even if you run away here, they will chase you on horseback! So I will stop them here!”


    “You’re such a jerk!”


    “The next time we get caught, it will be impossible to run away! That’s why you’re running away!”


    “How can I leave Weiss behind? Let’s go together…!”


    “And there are the saints in the harbor to-night! Now hurry back to the city, and let the guards know, and they will help!”


    “But Weiss…!”


    “Be calm before you act…! You forgot those words, Leopin! Stay calm and act with maximum effect at all times! It gives us a better chance…!”


    Then Weiss gulped down the words.


    and, looking at the ragged shadow in the back of the barn, he cried at the top of his voice.


    “Me, Leopin, and the teacher…! This is the last chance that the three of us obtained…! Don’t waste it, please!”


    Weiss is so clingy.


    Leopin finally starts running like an anchor who received the last baton in a relay.


    In spite of all this difficulty, Weiss looked as if he had done his best on the back… and saw him off with a gentle smile.


    “Be well, Leopin…!”

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