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    Translated by NotBlueYet
    Edited by Kingavent


    The truth of the Kanoko kidnapping.


    The shocking truth had devastated three people.


    Weiss, Leopin, and the new teacher.


    The new teacher is shocked to learn that his real mother is a criminal.


    He collapsed to his knees and shook his head in disbelief.


    “Well… that can’t be true…! Only mother-sama can’t do such a…!”


    The leader approached the new teacher and put his hand on his shoulder.


    “This is something that everybody in the family knows.I guess only the boy wasn’t informed.


    Judging from the way you were shocked, what Mother said seemed true.”


    The leader smiles sadistically at the new teacher, who looks pale.


    “You seem to be the first dropout since the beginning of the family.You seem to have excellent grades, but Mother said you’re always talking in your sleep.”


    The leader’s polite voice is mixed with rudeness.


    “Of course, you won’t leak everything you’ve seen here, won’t you? You could have been a teacher at a good elementary school under the care of Mother, wouldn’t you? If you’d break this up… you know what happens right?”


    The new teacher trembles.


    He seemed to be at odds between his belief and his future.


    Then, as if the balance had been greatly tilted… as if it had broken his heart at that moment…


    He hung his head and couldn’t move.


    The leader, who took it as an acceptance, tells his men.


    “Well, the boy gave me permission for the feast! Bring me some wine from the house! Everything that looks expensive!”


    “I’m sorry!”


    They had not touched the house of their employer, Mothers, until then.


    But as soon as he knew that he had grasped one of Mothers’ weaknesses, he broke through the windowpanes of the house and entered, searching everything.


    Then expensive works of art and wine were brought out, and the banquets began in the barn.


    Finally, the evil hand reaches out to the boys.


    When the thief, who was fanning the wine, approached them, he stepped on Leopin’s belly with all his might.


    … thump! “Guaaaa!”


    Leopin is in agony as he folds his bound body into a knot.


    “No… don’t do that!” he stopped, but his face was trampled on one after another.


    The new teacher beside him looked like a shell, but looked up as if he had heard a gunshot.


    “Well… what are you going to do!”


    “Why, I’m sure! You’re enjoying the knobs of liquor!”


    As if accompanied by him, the other thieves approached him with a bottle in their hand.


    “And they’ve seen our faces!”


    “Right! We used mushrooms to make him forget everything, and he even found the hideout!”


    “Then we can’t let him live!”


    “That’s why I want you to die happily!”


    “Actually, I’d have more fun with that saint, but she’s the hero’s favorite!”


    The robbers surrounded Leopin and Weiss, who were rolling, and all at once raised their feet.


    Leopin and Weiss cuddled together as if to protect each other.


    “Don’t put your hand on Leopin any longer! I’ll never forgive you! I’ll be your partner!”


    “No… don’t! Weiss is a Sage! If you kill him, you’ll be in trouble! If you do, do me instead!”


    The robbers mock, “Hahaha!”


    “Is this a beautiful friendship?”


    “It’s fun to mess things up!”


    “That’s right! If you mess it up, you’ll sacrifice the other person and try to save yourself!”


    “Besides, there are goblins on this mountain! I can’t stand the slayings of Sowitz and others!”


    “I love it when you throw them into the goblin herd and they beg for their lives! I’m gonna have the best drink of my life tonight!”


    “Hey, boys, they’re kids, so go easier on them than usual.’


    “Hehe, I know! … go!”


    With the command, a blow is thrown down that tramples on innocent feelings.




    The toe of the boot thrusts up the flesh and bones through the garment.


    but the feeling was a little different from what the robbers had imagined.


    At their feet…


    The sight of the new teacher covering Weiss and Leopin…!


    The leader, who was sitting in a chair watching this crazy party, looked at it in a slightly intoxicated mood.


    However, he stood up as if he had just woken up.


    “Boo… boy!? What are you doing!”


    the new teacher cried, hugging Weiss and Leopin.


    “These are the students in my class! I won’t let you hurt them any more!”


    “Do you understand your position, boy? If you protect such a fool, you’ll be more and more abandoned by your Mother.”


    “Well… I don’t care! These children are the treasure of the future! They are much more precious than my future!”


    “I don’t think they’re going to be a treasure.At best, glass beads are a good place.The common man’s kid, Leopin, is nothing but trash, let alone Weiss.”


    “It has nothing to do with family background! Royals and nobles, ordinary people and the poor are the same children! We have the right to be equally educated, healthy, and flutter in a free future! We protect and raise our children equally…! That’s my mission as an educator!”


    The leader looked stunned.


    “Well, it seems to be true that the priest only sleep talks…”


    The men don’t kick any more and look at the leader as if waiting for instructions.


    After the leader rubbed his jaw and looked thoughtful.


    “I’m sure Mother will give up on the boy if I tell her this story.Besides, if you hurt him a little, he’ll make a noise and soon let go of the kid.I’m afraid I’ll do it.”


    Inside the barn, a savage voice echoed, “Huh!”


    and the feast resumed.


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