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    Translated by NotBlueYet
    Edited by Kingavent


    Around the middle of “Mother Forgotten Mountain,” there was a villa surrounded by woods.


    The villa was closed and there was no sign of people.


    However, from a large barn off the garden, a lively laughter could be heard.


    “Hahaha! We finally finished the shipment!”


    “Now I can live playing for a while again!


    Let’s have a toast,  guys”


    At the head of the table was a girl with a mafukuro over her head.


    The robe, which had been pure white until yesterday, is now as dirty as snow that has been trampled on.


    “Well, this princess is strange, isn’t she!”


    “Yes, yes! She’s so prestigious, and yet she’s going to a cathedral in a poor neighborhood like that!.”


    “But thanks to that, it made our job a lot easier!”


    “And when I kick the poor saints, he tried covering for you!”


    ‘Thanks to him, yourrobe was the prettiest, but he’s been kicked a lot!’


    “He’s an idiot! He was yelling at the end when she was being shipped out! ”Please ship me instead!””


    “That’s too bad, princess! The people you were trying so hard to protect are no longer here!”


    “They’re probably at the harbor by now, being loaded onto a ship! They’ll be out of this country by midnight today!”


    The girl cries out, her body wriggling like a caterpillar.


    “Ugh! Ugh!”


    “What, take me with you? You’re going to a far, far away country, much farther away than they are!”


    “Yeah, yeah, yeah! They’ll strip you naked and beat you up!”


    “Are you scared? You’re scared, aren’t you?”




    With a sound like an explosion, the double-opening doors of the barn were knocked down.


    Along with the smoke,a strange vehicle rushes into the barn, seemingly running only on the back of a wagon.


    “What, what, what!”


    While the men are panicking, the vehicle swerves around their table and drifts in a circular motion, sending up a cloud of smoke.


    The men were running about in the smoke as if they had been hit by a sudden fire.


    `What, what’s going on!’


    “Oh…!? The saint is gone!”


    “Well… where did she go!”


    When the men looked around, they saw that the vehicle they had broken into was running for the exit.


    In that seat was the holy woman who had been kidnapped…!


    “Well… Chikusho! What the hell was that?”


    “It doesn’t matter, we’ve got to chase it!”


    “Don’t let them leave this mountain! Catch them and kill them!”


    The men chase after the vehicle with bloodshot eyes.


    However, the mysterious vehicle was rowed by two people, and the speed was unbelievably fast.


    “What… what!? I can’t catch up at all!”


    “Hey, hey!? they’ll be able to get away at this rate!”


    “If they get away, we’re done! We’re finished!”


    Men’s faces turn to despair.


    The vehicle was running straight towards the passing light.


    No one can stop it anymore…!




    From outside, a carriage leapt with a bouncing sound and landed just in front of the barn, like a messenger from the heavens.


    It drifts as fast as the mysterious vehicle and blocks the barn’s exit.


    In the coachman’s seat sat a gentleman with a bandage on his face.


    He was wearing a winter cloak, and his appearance was that of a mysterious justice of the peace.


    He stood on the coachman’s seat with his cloak flipped, shouting in an ostentatious manner.


    “you can’t run away from me now! You’re going to get your butt poked and prodded!”


    There were two boys on board, and they braked suddenly just before they collided with the carriage.


    “Why… here!”


    The gentleman says triumphantly to the startled boys.


    “I heard from a girl in the park that you were heading to this mountain! Not only did you prank my carriage, but you also came to play a prank on my family’s vacation home….!”


    The gentleman suddenly noticed the presence of men rushing from the back of the barn.


    “Oh? The villa is off-season and there should be no servants… Why are there people there?”


    ◆  ◇  ◆  ◇  ◆


    Weiss and Leopin arrived at the mountain where they had forgotten their mother, and found themselves at a villa halfway up the mountain.


    They find a barn in the courtyard of the villa, where they find Kanoko being held captive.


    It seems that this barn is the hideout of the “saint-hunting” thieves.


    Weiss and Leopin, who had been peeping through the barn door, took action.


    They took advantage of the chaos and dared to surprise the thieves, snatching the Kanoko in one fell swoop.


    With only one step to go, the rescue would have been a great success.


    The new teacher who came after them cut off the retreat.


    In the end, Weiss and Leopin were also taken prisoner.


    Weiss and Leopin were separated from each other, tied up and rolled to the ground.


    As soon as the thieves saw Leopin’s face, they exclaimed with surprise.


    “Hey… if you look closely,  isn’t this the kid who pretended to be a hero at the cathedral in the favela?”


    “Really!? We fed him mushrooms, but why…?!?”


    “And this was a secret place that even the guards could not find out! Why are these little boys…?!?”


    The bandits were in a deadly mood. However, the man who seemed to be the leader calmed everyone down.


    “Well, don’t be so flustered.The shipment is already finished, so we have plenty of time to find out.Drinking sake while hurting these guys is not a bad idea.”


    The new teacher, who was standing a short distance away, suddenly spoke to the leader.


    “Well… may I ask you a question? Are you a gardener who works in our house?”


    The man, who was looking like a gardener on the outside and the leader of the “Saint Hunting” on the back, bowed politely.


    “I didn’t expect a boy to come to a place like this even though it wasn’t the season to use a villa.Are you all right with the bee sting?”


    “Oh, the swelling has subsided a lot, and the bandage is coming soon… I don’t care about that! Why are you in my cottage?”


    Then the leader looks surprised and says, “What?”


    “Didn’t you hear anything from Mother?”


    “Huh? Mother?”


    The leader pointed to the girl, who was sitting in the corner of the barn, tied to a chair.


    “Your Mother asked me to take her away,”


    “What!? Did my Mother…?!?”


    “Oh, I suppose she seemed to like the brave, and wanted to flatter them.”


    “Well… there’s something wrong with that! My mother is the Vice-principal of an elementary school, and she’s a fine woman! She would protect her children, but she would never kidnap them!”


    “Oh, no, you didn’t know? We kidnapped a prestigious saint this time, but we usually kidnap and sell off saints from the favelas, you know? The person in charge of that is your Mother. That’s why I’m allowed to use the barn of the villa.”


    “Well… well…!”


    Kanoko kidnapping case.


    She was initially mistaken for a slum saint, and was thought to have been involved in the hunt for a saint.


    But unexpectedly…!


    It was a trap from the start, and the mastermind of it… … Vice-principal…!?


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