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    Translated by NotBlueYet
    Edited by Kingavent


    The two of them straddled the freshly made “foot-towel.”


    “All right, then, let’s go and save Kanoko! Shuppa!”


    I tried to row quickly, but a little figure sprang out of the bushes beside me.


    `Wait a minute,’Whoooooooooooo


    It was the apprentice of a young saint who stood in front of the rowing car.


    Leopin hastily pulls the lever and brakes.


    “Kokone!? It’s dangerous to jump out of the blue!”


    When Kokone came running, she flew like a kitten and rode on Leopin’s lap.


    ‘Kokone is coming!’


    “Oh, no! We’re going to a dangerous place now…!”


    “Kokone is going too! I’m going! I’m going! I don’t want to leave you alone anymore! I don’t want to leave you alone!”


    She clung tightly to Leopin, buried her face in Leopin’s chest as if she hated letting go.


    “Oh, my God…”


    Leopin scratched his head in confusion.


    Weiss placed his hand gently on Kokone’s head.


    “Kokone, we’re going to a place called ‘Mother Forgetting Mountain’.”


    Looking up, Kokone looks at Weiss and withdraws, “Hig!”


    “Here, Weiss, frighten her again…”


    and, unconcerned by Leopin’s warning, Weiss still spoke to Kokone,


    “I may take Kokone-san with me, but I don’t know if I’ll be back by the end of the day because it’s too far to “Mother Forgetting Mountain.”Wouldn’t the Virgin scold you if you came home late at night?”


    Kokone nodded back.


    “I’m going to get scolded…! But Kokone wants to help her too…!”


    “Yes, so I want Kokone-san to help me, too.I want you to look after us in the cathedral, and if we don’t get back by tomorrow morning, let the guards know.”


    “To the guard…?”


    “Yes, if you say that Weiss, the wise man, has been taken away, you will soon find out.And this is a very important role, and only Kokone-san can do it.–will you please do it for me?”


    Until then, Kokone was afraid of Weiss’s eyes.


    However, her face brightened, perhaps because she was happy to be treated like the same age instead of being treated like a child.


    “Uh… yes! I’ll do it!”


    Kokone jumped out of the wheel with a snuff, and waved her hands at them.


    “Kokone, you’re doing well! I’ll let the guards know if anything happens! So, definitely help your brother! You’re in a hurry!”


    Leopin and Weiss raised their thumbs together.


    “Yes, it’s a promise.”Oh, of course.”


    `Then… I’ll be back!’


    There is no longer any hesitation in the foot-tower that starts to move again.


    From the park to the “Mother Forgotten Mountain,” a straight line…!


    It was supposed to be that


    “Oh, I’m late,”Whooooooooooooooooo!”


    I saw a gentleman running out of the toilet in the park.


    … whoop, whoop, whoop, whoop, whoop, whoop, whoop, whoop, whoop, whoop, whoop, whoop, whoop, whoop!


    I stopped it with all my might.




    The gentleman blew away, and rolled like an empty can against the ground.


    Both the expensive tuxedo and the bandage wrapped around the face become dusty.


    “What… what are you going to do!?” “What are you going to do, Weiss and Leopin!”


    At the strange end of the sentence the two boys looked at each other’s words.


    “Well, what shall I do…This is him… “


    “Leave this to me,”


    asked Weiss searchingly.


    “Well, we don’t know you… why do you know our names?”


    “You know everything! You’re the students I’m in charge of! Mother says they’re both really bad students!”


    The new teacher trembled as if he had a hunch of School Wars.


    “I can’t believe you’ve been running wild in a strange vehicle since this morning and running over a teacher…! It’s a very bad combination more than a rumor…!”


    Suddenly there is a loud bang.


    I looked to find a carriage lying on its side with its wheels off.


    The decoration of the carriage was shattered, and the dozing coachman sprang to his feet.


    The new teacher, with his hands on his cheeks, was screaming with a squashed face.


    “What!? My carriage is lying down! Why are there only two wheels?”


    The new teacher turned around and asked, “Huh!”


    As soon as he saw the wheels of the foot oars, he shook as if he had seen an outrage.


    “Well, I don’t think you’re going to see the wheels of my carriage…!? No…I can’t believe you’re starting to run on a stolen wheel…!”


    Weiss and Leopin tell each other one after another in a harmonious combination.


    “We didn’t steal it!”


    ‘I owe you a little!’


    “I’ll pay you back when I get home!”


    “Excuse us, we are in a hurry!”


    “Oh, no! Wait a minute! Today is my first class! 

    So I’m going to give you all a big ……! 



    “Good luck, Leopin Onii-chan! Weiss Onii-chan!”


    Shaking off the clinging screams and turning around to cheer … The two boys quickly jumped out of the city.


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