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    Translated by NotBlueYet
    Edited by Kingavent


    As soon as he left the alchemist’s tent, Leopin was on Weiss.


    “Why did you do that!? You don’t know what’s going to happen if you drink two portions all at once!”


    “Why, were you worried about that?”


    “You mean…?! If you hadn’t done it well, you might have died!”


    “It’s an alchemist’s tent, and the alchemist’s recommendation.If I drink to death, she’ll be in big trouble.If you think about it that way, you will know that it will not be the worst.”


    Continued Weiss, glancing at what was out of his pocket.


    “And I was thinking about the worst.”


    It was a half-drunk Elixir.


    Leopin suddenly loses strength.


    “What… if you have an Elixir, tell me quickly…”


    “I thought she wouldn’t tell me when she said that and I drank up the portion.”


    “That may be the case, but…”


    “I’m sorry to have troubled you.Anyway, it’s a step forward.”


    “Now that you mention it, what are you going to do about finding out where the mushrooms live?”


    “I knew a mushroom that I didn’t even know of, but it was like a human being.I thought he had lived there for a long time.”


    “Oh, that’s what I mean! Then, in “Mother’s Forgotten Mountain,” Kanoko…?!?”


    “That’s a good chance,”


    Weiss grabs Leopin by the shoulder, perhaps expecting him to pop out like a spinal reflex.


    “Mother Forgotten Mountain is too far to walk.And evening is just around the corner.If you start now, you’ll only get lost at night.”




    “Let’s go home for today.And by tomorrow morning, we’ll figure out the means of transportation.If you get impatient, you fail to do things… calm down before you follow your passion.”


    “Well… I see…”


    Leopin reluctantly agrees.


    They rode back into the familiar city.


    ◆  ◇  ◆  ◇  ◆


    the next morning.


    Weiss stood in his study,


    The only light in the room was the light coming in through the window.


    On the study desk by the window sat a silhouette of backlight.


    “Why, Weiss, did you try to take out the carriage by yourself, without a coachman?”


    “It is an appointment to go out with the brave.”


    “Well, it’s not bad,” said the shadow to judge.


    “The eyes, tone, gaze, attitude, eyebrows and lips, the movement of hands and feet…There is nothing suspicious about any of them.”


    “But,” continued the heavy words.


    “Did you think such a transparent lie would make sense to this head?”


    “No, Father! I Never lie…!”


    “Again, you poor boy?”


    The eyes in the darkness glistened dimly as if to see through everything.


    The mere stare of his gaze gave Weiss a shudder.


    “Ki… Listen, Father! Leopin is not just a poor man! He is surprisingly dexterous with his hands, and in no time…!”


    “…then obey!”


    There was a thunderous roar, and Weiss was as motionless as a thunderbolt.


    “The wise man rules everything! To the wise man, the poor are like livestock! The happiest thing is to be subordinate to us, to give their flesh to us, and to die!”


    Weiss was soaked in sweat as if he had been struck by the rain.


    But still, he managed to squeeze out his voice.


    “Wow… I know…! You know… I can definitely follow Leopin…! No, he’s done without me…!”


    ◆  ◇  ◆  ◇  ◆


    At that time Leopin was in the park where he was meeting.


    They are taking up positions in one corner of the square and fighting against the waste materials they have collected.


    “If you combine this with this, it becomes a seat… thinking about running on a mountain road, and putting in cushioning materials…”


    Leopin neither wipes his sweat nor wipes his dusty face.


    When he was crafting, he concentrated so much that he couldn’t see what was going on around me, but he didn’t notice any signs of peeping in.


    “What are you making?”


    After being approached, he finally realized that there was someone close by.


    “Weiss, good morning.This is a “foot-tower.”


    “A treadmill?”


    “Yes, get on and row with your feet.It’s not as fast as a horse as I expected, but it should be faster than running, and it should be able to go a long way.”


    “Did you make such a wonderful thing in the morning? Leopin is amazing…”


    “No, I’ve been making it since last night.”


    “What? Didn’t you go home?”


    “Yes. Weiss has come all the way to find me where I am.When we get this far, we want to help the Kanoko with our own hands…I’ve been working on it all night, but there’s something I can’t do well at all.”


    “Where is it?”


    “I’ve got to make two big wheels, but I can’t do well with just waste materials…”


    “All right, I’ll go and get it. I was really going to bring a carriage from the house, but now that I can’t do it, I’ll replace it.”


    As soon as Weiss said so, he went away unsteadily.


    After a while, he returns with his ideal wheel in his arms.


    “Wow! That’s a nice wheel! Where did you get it?”


    “That’s it,” said Weiss, putting down the wheel, pointing his thumb at the back.


    I followed my fingertips with my eyes, and saw a fine carriage parked on the road along the park.


    The carriage was originally four wheels, but two of them were pulled out.


    There was a coachman, but he fell asleep without knowing that the wheels had been stolen.


    and the coachman and the coachman were familiar to me somewhere.


    “Is that by any chance the new teacher’s…?”


    “Oh, apparently his injury has healed and he’s going to work from today. He is our teacher, and he will forgive us this much.”


    “Well, if it’s the teacher’s, it’ll be alright!”


    Leopin was happy to incorporate the wheels, as his teacher was mine.




    Qty 1

    Quality Level 8 | (Material Level 6 + Bonus for Dexterity 2)


    A body made of waste wood and a tick wheel for a luxury carriage.

    By riding and rowing with your feet, you can proceed at high speed.



    “Oh, it’s done! Now we can go all the way to “Mother’s Forgotten Mountain” thanks to Weiss!”


    “Ah… oh, yes,”


    “What’s the matter with you, Weiss? You don’t look very happy, but… what happened?”


    “No, nothing.Rather than that, let’s start.”


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