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    Translated by NotBlueYet
    Edited by Kingavent


    The alchemist woman is covered with thick foggy smoke and a mysterious veil.


    I don’t know her expression, but she kept a bewitching smile around her mouth.


    Even though she is still young, she shows two bottles of medicine with the tips of her nails like an adult.


    “Hmm. Purple and green portions… I’ll tell you about mushrooms when you finish one of them.It doesn’t matter which one of you drinks… you can drink together.”


    and continued to bite him into it.


    “If you drink the purple portion, you will soon forget about the location of the mushroom.If you drink the green portion, you’ll fall asleep even if you know where the mushrooms are. Mushrooms are almost out of season, so you won’t be able to pick them until next year.”


    Leopin’s impatient voice makes him numb again.


    “Oh…!? Why do you have to do that!? Don’t be mean to me!”


    “Well, this isn’t being mean.I’m trying to figure out if you’re the right man to open my heart, because if it’s true, I’m making it especially quick for you to take your time.”


    “Then I’ll drink!”


    Leopin, who was moving forward, stopped thinking.


    “Wait, Leopin.Don’t panic, think carefully.”


    “we have nothing to think about!? A potion will teach us about mushrooms!”


    “Which one are you going to drink?”


    Leopin might not have thought about it at all, but he hesitated to say, “That’s…”


    “It’s the purple portion! If you tell me where the mushrooms are, I’ll tell Weiss not to forget them!”


    “It’s psychology again. You can’t forget to drink a potion that has a forgetting effect.”


    “That’s not the case! If I remember seriously, I’


    “You were fed mushrooms, and you forgot the most important thing.Don’t you forget that?”




    “You have lost your memory once.Besides, if you drink a concentrated portion of the forgetting effect, you don’t know what will happen.”


    The alchemist, watching the conversation between Weiss and Leopin, laughed in a bell-winding voice.


    “Hmm… a man who is already sophisticated and a man who is still rough-cut… it’s like a diamond and a rough stone bumping into each other…”


    Weiss’s theory was beyond dispute, but Leopin seemed unconvinced.


    “But I have to drink it! Because this is what I started!”


    “Don’t say that.The person Leopin cherishes is important to me, too.”


    Weiss laid his hand on Leopin’s shoulder and said with sincere eyes,


    “That’s why I will drink.If anything should happen to me, you’ll ask for the rest.”


    “Oh, well…?!?”


    Weiss turned to the alchemist and reached for the portion of the work-table.


    “This is my choice…!”


    Oh, my gosh!


    What he grasped was remarkable to everyone.


    Surprisingly, purple and green portions…!


    The woman’s mouth was filled with astonishment.


    “What…?! No way…?!?”


    “Oh… stop it!”


    Before Leopin could stop him, Weiss drank the two parts he had seized at once.


    He drank it all up with the strength to bend his back, and the force to overflow his mouth.






    He knocked a jar of karappo on the work-table.


    Then he said to his trembling lips.


    “…this is my answer…!”


    Weiss lifted her wet lips with a grin.


    “Well… how… how did you know…?”


    “You told me, didn’t you? “Mystery.”I thought there was always a right answer to the mystery.”


    ‘Phew,’ said Weiss, taking a pause, and wiping his mouth with a handkerchief which he had taken out of his pocket.


    “And you said, ‘Why don’t you drink one or the other?’ One, that means both.”


    The woman sighed with ecstasy, “Huh…”


    “Yes, green and purple… both portions negate each other’s effects…So you have not lost your memory, nor have you fallen into a coma.”


    She rested herself on the back of her chair, as if to enjoy the afterglow of the greatest pleasure.


    “Hmm… you’re the first person to solve this mystery…Until now, men never even drank…All right, I’ll tell you everything…


    “No, just tell me where the mushrooms are and where they grow.That’s all I want from you.”


    “Oh, you can’t…Well, the mushroom is called Amnesia. It’s a rare mushroom because the habitat conditions are very limited. It’s just growing around here in the “Mother Forgotten Mountain.”


    “Well, we interrupted you,”


    Weiss quickly turns her back and tries to get out of the tent.


    Leopin, who was stunned, suddenly came to himself and followed him.


    “Wait a minute,” he said to his back.


    “Mr. Diamond… Mr. Haraishi… I feel like I’ll see you guys again somewhere.I think you’ll both be great men by then.enough to give my lips as a present, you know.”


    She throws a kiss as if she were paying in advance.


    “Because… they’re both men I’ve recognized… you know.”


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