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    Translated by NotBlueYet
    Edited by Kingavent


    Weiss and Leopin listen to the Kokone.


    She said Leopin had been forced to eat purple mushrooms after being hurt by a crowd in the cathedral courtyard.


    Kokone watched it from the bushes of the cathedral.


    Afterwards Leopin, unconscious, was reportedly carried in a cart of people and thrown away on the main street.


    After listening to the story, Weiss poses as usual, “Hmm.”


    “It seems that the purple mushroom is the cause of Leopin’s loss of memory,”


    “But if so, why did they go out of their way to carry me to the main street?


    If I have lost my memory, they can just leave it in the courtyard…”


    “There are two possibilities.


    The effect of amnesia may have been enhanced by separating Leopin from the cathedral, where the crime was committed.


    If Leopin found out at the crime scene, he would have thought that it would be a kick and that his memory would be more likely to return.


    and the other, when I found Leopin, was half dead.


    They may have thought Leopin would die if left unattended in an unpopular cathedral.


    No matter how poor the city may be, the guards will have to move in case of murder.”


    “I see…!”


    Leopin is impressed by his good reasoning.


    But his expression soon clouded over.


    “But that won’t give us any clue…”


    When Leopin is depressed, Kokone looks sad, too.


    “I’m sorry, brother Leopin…”


    “No need to apologize, Kokone,”


    Leopin and Kokone look up and say, “What?”


    There stood Weiss, with his arms outstretched, as if all the mystery had been solved.


    “Thank you…! You gave me the best clue…!”


    ◆  ◇  ◆  ◇  ◆


    Then Weiss and Leopin parted from Kokone, and rode in a carriage from the main gate of the city, and headed for the neighboring town.


    Leopin asks, shaking in a carriage along the road.


    “Hey, Weiss, what are you going to do in the next town?”


    “Our greatest clue now is the purple mushroom.What comes to mind of mushrooms?”


    “Mushroom…? Well, the taste of autumn, the poison…?”


    “What, then, is poison?”


    “Well, portion… oh, by any chance, alchemy…?!?”


    “Yes, there is a famous alchemist in the neighboring town.They may know something about the purple mushrooms.”


    “Alchemists seem to use mushrooms a lot, so they may know a lot about them, but…


    Wouldn’t it be a clue to the search for the kidnapped Kanoko?”


    “Well, leave it to me,”


    The location of the desired alchemist was soon found.


    Everyone in the city knows that they are doing business in a large tent in the central square.


    When we went there, we found that the day was closed for a regular holiday.


    I tried calling from outside, but there was no answer.


    If I were a normal person, I would give up today and visit again at a later time.


    Leopin and Weiss had screwed themselves through a gap in the tent and crept in.


    It looks like a workshop, and there is suspicious smoke inside.


    A woman’s voice came from behind the smoke.


    “Well, it’s been a long time since a prankster came in.”


    I looked hard and saw a little figure sitting on the work-table beyond the smoke.


    “I thought they had punished me, but I can’t believe they’re still here… Hmm, come here.”


    The figure beckons with a suspicious hand like a fox.


    Weiss and Leopin, wary and obedient, approach the work-table.


    There was a small figure in a foreign costume.


    She looks like an elementary school student from her height, but we can’t see her face because of her deep veil.


    Her burning rouge lips are so charming that you can’t believe she’s about the same age.


    Combined with the calm atmosphere, she was already more of a woman than a girl.


    The woman turned to Weiss and exclaimed, “Ah-han…”


    “It’s common for a priest to visit here, but it’s the first time he’s sneaked in.”


    “I’m afraid I’m not here to whisper my love.I have something to ask you.”


    The woman turns her head slightly in silence.


    “Do you know a mushroom that creates memory loss when it is eaten? It’s purple.”


    “Of course I know.I know a lot about mushrooms and grown-ups.”


    “Please tell me what kind of mushroom it is”.


    “Well, then, I’ll tell you everything except for the man and the Onna.It’s called a library.”


    “Well, when I looked it up in the library, all I could tell was the name and nature.I want to know where it grows.”


    “Oh, really? Then…”


    Leopin watched him silently behind Weiss, but at last interrupted him impatiently.


    “Please, don’t put on airs and tell me! I’m in a hurry! This girl…!”


    Weiss turns around and says, “Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


    “Don’t talk about my intentions, you’ll be taken advantage of.Don’t be impatient…


    “Hmmm,” a sweet breath floated from behind them.


    “Well, it’s not very well-heard…But you can’t be impatient, you know…


    You have to enjoy this kind of bargaining… you know.”


    “Leopin, leave this to me”.


    said Weiss, and confronted her again.


    “We’re looking into the mushroom.Let me thank you, and how much do you want?”


    Then she let out a languid sigh.


    as if he had missed his aim.


    “Ah… for an alchemist, the information of the habitat of the material is the same as the position of the mole on the body.


    Only a man who has moved the heart knows where it is…”


    I can’t believe it’s money…


    “What should I do? How can you open your heart to me?”


    “Ah, well…”


    She puts her nail tips on her lips and makes a thoughtful gesture.


    Then she took two bottles from the shelf behind her.


    “Hmmm, it’s a mystery,” she said with a smile, and put it down on her desk.


    One contains purple liquid and the other contains green liquid.


    “The purple potion is made from the mushroom you asked for.


    It’s used for psychiatric treatment, and if you take it, you lose your memory.”


    “…what is the green portion?”


    In response to Weiss’s question, she took out something like a nut.


    It is about the size of a grape and is green.


    “It’s a portion made from this ‘confruit’.Confruit has a strong scent and is often used in perfume.


    What’s on the desk now is concentrated.If you drink it by mistake, you’ll fall asleep for about half a year.”


    She smirked.


    “Huh. I’ll tell you about mushrooms when you finish one of them.


    Of course, only to the man who drank it.”


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