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    Translated by NotBlueYet
    Edited by KIngavent


    The kitchen where Weiss and Leopin work is located in Weiss’s mansion.


    Moreover, Weiss was given an entire house as a room in order to nurture his independence.


    Therefore, he is free to do whatever he wants in the mansion, and the servants working there treat Weiss as their master.


    Weiss ordered the servants to set up a room in the guest house as “the headquarters for the investigation.


    When making a sign for the front of the room, Weiss asks Leopin.


    Weiss asks Leopin, “By the way, you didn’t tell me the name of the saint who was kidnapped. What’s it called?”


    “Yeah, it’s …….”


    Leopin is at a loss.


    Leopin was reluctant to say the girl’s name because he had consciously avoided saying it in front of Weiss until now.


    Weiss is a good friend with whom he can talk about anything, but he had kept this one secret.


    Because he was afraid that Weiss might take her away from him.


    Weiss, however, is oblivious to Leopin’s feelings.


    “What’s the matter? Don’t tell me you don’t know my name?”


    “I don’t think so. Her name is Kanoko. ……”


    Weiss puts his hand to his chin and makes a gesture as if searching his memory, “Hmm.


    “Are you sure that’s the name you want to use?”


    Leopin is asked something unexpected, and he is taken aback, as if he has seen through his own feelings.


    But he quickly nodded back, “U…… yeah, I’m sure that’s the name.


    But why are you asking me that?”


    “The fact that she is in the saints’ department means that she could very well be from a prominent saintly family.


    All the famous families of saints in this country are in my head here …….


    But not a single saint by the name of Kanoko.”


    Yeah, that can’t be right. ……


    Yes,” he said. “This leaves two possibilities.


    Ms. Kanoko may be a saint from a famous family. ……


    Or she is a saint from a prominent family, but she may be using an alias.”


    Leopin immediately bites back.


    ‘Kanoko is not the kind of girl who would lie ……!


    “I’m sure you’re right. But it is quite common for saints from famous families to use aliases.


    But it is not uncommon for a saint from a prominent family to use a false name, because if her identity is revealed by her name, she may be in danger.”


    A saint who goes to a cathedral in a favela on the sly would not be surprised if she uses a false name.


    “Oh, I see. ……”


    ‘But this time, perhaps that alias put her in danger.’


    If they had known she was a saint from a prominent family, the saint hunters would have stayed away.


    If they knew that the saint of a great family was missing, not only the guards but even the knights might come out.


    ‘Then why don’t er just let the people at the Kanoko house know that she’s been kidnapped?


    They could arrange for the Knights to come ……!”


    “Does Leopin know which house Miss Kanoko is the saint of?”


    “Ugh ……!” Leopin is at a loss for words.


    “How was I supposed to know?” 


    After all, they are not so close to each other that they use false names.


    “If Ms. Kanoko doesn’t come home, I’m sure her family will file a report.


    It may take some time, but at least the guards will be on the move.”


    “So you want me to wait until then?”


    “I didn’t say that. We are going to conduct our own search and locate Ms. Kanoko.”


    “But how do you plan to ……?”


    “Leopin, do you know what the basics of a search are?”


    Leopin shakes his head from side to side.


    Weiss shook his crossed legs, “Follow me.”


    Weiss and Leopin then went to the city and visited the cathedrals.


    They thought they might be able to find some clues if they could find a cathedral that had been damaged by the saint hunters.


    In fact, there were several cathedrals that had been the victims of saints’ hunts.


    It seemed that all of them had begun to defend themselves, but we were unable to obtain any solid information regarding the kidnapped saints.


    There is a saying, “A hundred times on the scene. Let’s check the cathedral where Ms. Kanoko was taken, just to be sure.”


    At Weiss’s suggestion, we headed for the cathedral in the favela, where the elderly Virgin and Kokone, who narrowly escaped harm, were living alone together.


    The other saints had been taken away by saint hunters, just like Kanoko.


    Weiss and Leopin checked the interior of the cathedral, the courtyard, and the surrounding streets.


    They wondered if there was anything that might give them a clue. ……


    “Hmmm, nothing,” he said.


    “I wish I had at least left some wheel tracks. …… I should have done a site save earlier.”


    Weiss regrets.


    Leopin was more depressed than that.


    “Damn ……! If only my memory was clear: ……! Why do I remember almost nothing about that time ……!”


    The saintly apprentice, Kokone, peered anxiously at Leopin as he sat in the courtyard of the cathedral.


    She said, “……Leopin, big guy, are you all right……?”


    Yes, I’m fine, Kokone.”


    Leopin smiles and pats Kokone on the head.


    He then asked, “Did the mushrooms the kidnappers fed you give you a stomach ache……?”


    Weiss was the first to react to these words.


    “What? Kokone, what did you just say?”


    Weiss gave her a sharp glare, and Kokone hid behind Leopin with a snap.


    Weiss said, “Come on, Weiss, don’t look so scary when you’re dealing with a child.”


    “Oh …… no, I didn’t mean …… that.”


    ‘You have to smile more when you talk to kids,’ he said. You have to crouch down and make eye contact.”


    At Leopin’s warning, Weiss crouched down in front of Coronet with a drawn-out smile.


    He said, “You don’t have to be so scared, Coronet. I have no intention of harming you. ……”


    Ugh …… wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!”


    “Hey, Weiss! I told you not to scare me!”


    “I’m not… I’m not… I’m not… I’m not… I’m not ……! I’m sorry. I’m sorry, Kokone! It’s ……3.141592 6……!”


    What are you talking about?


    ‘Oh, that’s funny ……! My brother used to stop crying over this ……!”


    Weiss seemed to have a hard time not only cooking, but also talking to normal…children.


    Some time later, with Leopin as an intermediary, Weiss was finally able to communicate with Coronet.


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