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    Translated by NotBlueYet
    Edited by Kingavnet


    Leopin suddenly notices his gaze.


    Weiss was staring at Leopin’s body.


    “What… what?”


    “You seem to be fully recovered now.There’s not a scratch left.


    How about your memory? Did you remember anything?”


    Leopin was so full that he forgot everything he remembered.


    When asked by Weiss, he frowns as if his stomach fluid had risen.


    “Well… that’s right…!-I went to a church in the slum…!


    So she tried to stop being kidnapped by adults…!”


    “That’s why you’ve been beaten so hard,”


    “Oh, what on earth are they…?!?”


    “Hunting the Saints,” replied Weiss, as if he had struck.


    “Hunting the saints?”


    “Yes, it seems that the number of cases in which saints are kidnapped has increased recently.


    There is a group that specializes in kidnapping the saint of the poor.”


    “Why the poor saint…”


    “Even if they are poor, if they become a saint, they will have a reasonable commercial value.


    Even if they find out that they have been kidnapped, the guards will not search Matomo if the victim is poor.


    Of course, rescuing them will be a credit, but it doesn’t pay for the trouble.”


    “Well, then, the kidnapped saint…?!?”


    “They will be sold as a slave to a faraway country, and never come back.”


    Weiss may have known what he was thinking so he put his hand on Leopin’s shoulder.


    Leopin was trying to get up from the bench, but he was grabbed by the shoulder and made to sit down again.


    “What are you going to do!?I have to go and help her…!”


    “Calm down, where are you going to help?”


    Leopin was at a loss for words when asked in a sharp, controlling voice.


    “You were going to jump out without a plan,”


    “But it’s no use staying still, isn’t it?”In the meantime, she might be sold!”


    “Leopin, I understand your feelings for that child .


    But there are things that can’t be done by passion alone.”


    “The reason why Weiss is calm is because he’s never seen her before, right? That’s why you can say it like that!”


    “Oh, I’ve never met her before.But I understand, she hasn’t been sold far yet.”


    “How do you know that!? Even if you try to reassure me by saying nonsense…”


    Leopin was completely emotional with inexhaustible anger and impatience.


    In contrast, Weiss continues to speak quietly but forcefully like a calm sea.


    “When I found Leopin lying on the street, there was a little girl nearby.


    She has been calling Leopin’s name for a long time.


    I think she’s probably a saint because she was wearing a dull robe.”


    “Oh, she’s Kokone!”What’s wrong with Kokone!”


    “Is she Kokone? She ran away when I approached her.


    I thought Leopin might have told her to run away, but is it?”


    “Ugh…”Leopin hardened as if he were hit by the nail on the head.


    “I see.You told Kokone to go back to the cathedral.


    At first I thought Leopin might have been retaliated by the brave’s followers.


    But I thought there might be another partner because there was Kokone by your side.”


    “Another person…?That’s, by any chance…”


    “Oh, it’s ‘Hunting the Saints’.You can think of it as a kind of slave hunt.


    As I said earlier, captivated slaves are sold to distant countries.


    That’s why shipping routes are used instead of land routes such as wagons.


    In order to save transportation costs, they are also shipped when a large number of slaves are gathered.


    Until then, They hide them somewhere.”


    Leopin, who was about to stand up, listened attentively to the flowing explanation of Weiss.


    That’s how convincing it was.


    “That’s why I clapped my hands while you were sleeping just in case.


    I ordered the servant to contact the harbor.


    Be sure to let me know if there is a suspicious ship in the cargo that looks like it’s taking children.”


    Weiss’s glasses shine smartly in the light coming through the window.


    “That contact hasn’t come to me yet…


    That means I must think that she is still confined to this neighborhood.”


    It was a perfect reasoning and command worthy of being called a genius.


    Even Leopin’s impatience was completely calmed down.


    The genius boy looks at the other boy with calm and passionate eyes like the sea red in the setting sun.


    “Look, Leopin.I just made soup with passion.But that’s the way it is.


    The addition of Leopin’s calm judgment made it the best soup.


    Now you understand how important it is to be calm as well as passionate.”


    “Uh… Uh…!”


    “And Leopin is worried about her, but you don’t have to worry about it.


    If they hurt a saint, the value of the product will go down, so they won’t beat her.”


    “But she’s a crybaby, so by now…”


    “I’m fine with her mental health.She knew Leopin was trying to help, didn’t she?


    For her, who is waiting for help, it should be a hope for help.”


    “Oh… really…?She was like this where I was…”


    “Leopin, what do you think of me being by your side?”


    “What? I think you’re very reliable…”


    “Yes, she has a leopin on her.And Leopin has me with you.”


    “You don’t need any more words, do you?” said Weiss, grinning.


    “Well… let’s go and hit those who kidnapped her.”


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