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    Translated by NotBlueYet
    Edited by Kingavent


    In this era, healing magic was not so advanced, and the only way to heal was with medicinal herbs and potions made by alchemists.


    One of the best of these potions was the Elixir.


    Elixirs were so expensive and precious that they were called “drinking jewels”.


    To give you an idea of how precious it was, even the heroes who traveled the world to defeat the Demon King could only obtain one bottle.


    The potion in the crystal bottle shone in seven different colors, as if it were filled with treasures from all over the world.


    “Wow, that’s amazing ……!” Leopin couldn’t help but gawk at the beauty.


    “So …… it’s from the treasury, too?”


    Weiss says “Oh” to Leopin’s quivering voice.


    “When I brought out the evil cloth, I thought it would be incidental.”


    “You can’t do that! You can’t just take something that is valuable out of the vault!”


    “If my father keeps it, he’ll just keep it on display, and when I become the heir, the entire treasury will be mine.


    I’m just borrowing it.”


    “But, no matter ……!”


    Leopin is completely terrified in front of the legendary potion.


    But Weiss was boringly flicking the bottle with his finger.


    “I understand why soup is worse. It’s because of this guy.”


    Leopin quickly objected, “No, I don’t think so …….


    Weiss pocketed the elixir and took a sip of the soup.


    “Hmm, I wonder if I can add some seasoning to make up for it …….”


    Weiss groaned as he stood up and walked to the kitchen table.


    Then the cooking began.


    “If it’s too salty, I’ll add some sugar.”


    “Now the taste is ready … gut … sweet …!”


    “These green peppers won’t be too hot.”


    “It’s too …… hot.”


    “It was so spicy, I thought I was going to black out. ……! I have to add a lot of honey ……!”




    Weiss was making a fuss by himself every time he tasted it, but at last he struck it and fell down.


    “Well … what is this soup …!? The color and taste are good, isn’t it a pond of blood in hell …!


    This … this is me …! No matter what I do, I’m perfect, and I’m going to make something like this hairy …! “


    Weiss stares at the simmering pot as if he has summoned the wrong demon.


    It should not exist in this world! He was about to throw the whole skillet into the trash when Leopin hastily stopped him.


    “Oh, ……, calm down, Weiss! You really are a terrible cook!”


    “This is a mistake! This is a mistake, and it must be corrected! I’ll start from scratch!”


    “I told you to calm down! You’re wasting all that elixir!”


    “Ugh, ……!”


    Reminded by Leopin, Weiss dropped his shoulders.


    “This … this I, this kind of thing, this kind of thing …!”


    He was supposed to be perfect at everything, but cooking seemed to be his only weakness.

    The shock was so great that he was nodding off like someone who had dropped his wallet.


    Leopin wondered if there was any way to restore Weiss and the soup.


    He looks around the kitchen and sees something.


    “Hey, why don’t you let me handle this?”


    Leopin grabbed some leftover bread from the corner of the kitchen and threw it in a basket.


    Weiss looked at Leopin blankly with a pale face.


    Leopin, that’s black bread that the servants eat. Leopin, that’s black bread that the servants eat, and it’s tickly and dried out, so it’s leftovers that even the servants don’t eat.


    “Yes, but this is better.”


    Leopin went to the kitchen table and used a meat cleaver to cut up the dried out bread.


    He diced the bread and topped it with the bright red soup.


    “It should taste just right now.”


    Weiss was the son of a prominent family of wise men, a son of the upper class, so to speak.


    He was the son of a wise family, an upper class man who would never eat cheap black bread, even if it was freshly baked, as it was considered low class food.


    But this time, he was different.


    “Are you sure?”


    Although he was skeptical, his curiosity was piqued, and he willingly ate the soup with black bread.


    Then, his eyes sparkled through his glasses.


    The bread is soft and tender, the soup is soaked in it, and it’s sweet and sour!


    All at once, the soup from the bloody pond of hell became like wine that angels want a share of!


    “That’s great, Leopin! Is this your idea, too?”


    “In the favelas, they get black bread that no one eats anymore, and soak it in water and eat it.


    Then I thought soup would be even better, so I tried it. …… Yes, it’s delicious!”



    Weiss and Leopin’s Special Soup (Magic Item)

    Qty 2

    Quality Level 125|(Material Level 126 + Material Penalty 3 + Clumsiness Penalty 5 + Occupation Penalty 3 + Cooking Bonus 10)


    Pork, cabbage, carrots, and onions are the ingredients of this soup, seasoned with seasonings.

    The elixir is added to the finest ingredients, and eating it will cure any injury or illness.

    It is topped with old black bread, which is the best mismatch.



    Weiss’s soup, which had been too salty to eat, turned into a great feast thanks to Leopin’s quick thinking.


    The two of them, like children in the prime of eating, repeatedly refill the soup and empty the pot.


    “Phew, that was good ……. I’ve never had soup this good …….”


    Weiss and Leopin sat together on a bench, rubbing their full bellies.


    “If we combine my brain with Leopin’s dexterity, there’s nothing we can’t do.”


    Weiss held out his fist, and Leopin responded with his own.


    “Yeah, we’re an unbeatable duo, ……!”


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