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    Translated by NotBlueYet
    Edited by Kingavent


    ……  my body was burning hot and suffocating.


    It was as if I had been submerged up to my head in a swamp of magma and was being stomped on from above.


    …… Gihahahahahahahahahahaha ……!


    The noisy laughter was echoing in my head, and it would not stop for any length of time.


    It was as painful as the torment of hell.


    “Ugh. ……! Ugh ……! Ughhhh ……!”


    A groan escaped naturally, and my body twisted by itself.


    When I turned over, my head hit a hard object.


    I bumped into something hard, and my consciousness that was becoming cloudy became clear.


    “U … Ugaa !?”


    Leopin jumped up with an animalistic cry.


    The next moment, however, he shrank back from the pain that assaulted his entire body.


    Still, he managed to sit up and look around.


    It was a familiar kitchen.


    Leopin was lying on a wooden bench in the corner of the kitchen.


    A bandage was wrapped around his body, as if the maids of the house had treated him.


    Suddenly, a soothing voice reached his ears.


    “It was pretty much done”


    It was chillingly comforting to Leopin’s burning body.


    “Oooh, Weiss, ……?


    Weiss turned his back on Leopin and went to the kitchen table.


    Where he seemed to be chopping vegetables with unaccustomed hands.


    “I brought you home from the main street, where you had been thrown out in a heap. You look like you’ve been beaten to a pulp.”


    But Leopin didn’t answer. He was silent, burying his face in his propped up knee.


    It was a regular occurrence, so Weiss didn’t seem to mind.


    “All right, I’ve prepared the food. All that’s left is to boil it in the kamado. …… and we’re out of matches.”


    “Hey Leopin, have you got any matches?”


    Leopin, with his face buried in his knees, reached into his pocket and held out two rocks.


    They were red and yellow ores.


    “What is this? Is it flint? They’re colorful for flint. And it’s light and soft like pumice. ……”


    Weiss took the stone, crouched down in front of the Kamado and tried to strike it.


    If it was a normal flint, it would just spark, but this stone was different.


    The stones scraped each other, and as soon as the powder flew around, the


    …… Boom! 


    Like the breath of a baby dragon, a small flame burst out, burning up the firewood in no time.


    “I didn’t know such a stone existed.


    “If I don’t know about it, then it must be a special combination of stones that is not known to the world.


    Did Leopin find it?”


    Leopin kept his face down and nodded his head.


    “Yes, you did. Okay, hang on, it’s almost ready.”


    The two of them didn’t speak to each other for the rest of the day, just listened to the sound of the soup pot whistling.


    After a while, Weiss opened the lid of the pot and poured two servings of soup into a wooden bowl.


    “All right, it’s ready.”


    Leopin was already looking up, his swollen eyes staring into the void.


    Weiss held out a bowl of soup to his nose.


    “It smells good, doesn’t it? One sip of this special soup and you’ll be 10,000 times more energetic.”


    “Thank you ……. …….”


    Leopin finally opened his mouth, and Weiss smiled secretly.


    “It seems that you’ve been beaten more than usual. Was it the hero’s entourage?”


    “I don’t remember …….”




    “I couldn’t …… remember where I’d been all morning or what I’d been doing, and then I found myself …… here.”


    Leopin held the bowl of soup in his hand and held his head.


    “But the only thing that remained was the feeling that something …… important had been taken from me. ……!


    If I don’t remember, I feel like I’m in trouble. ……! I want to remember, but I can’t. ……!”


    Leopin was just awake, but he was angry.


    “It’s okay, Leopin. First, drink the soup and calm down. Then you’ll be well and remember.”


    “Oh … Is there such a thing! It’s a strange feeling like never before!


    It’s as if the inside of my head is foggy, and it’s as heavy as if it’s packed with weights …!


    Just drinking soup doesn’t help this feeling!

    Weiss doesn’t understand my feelings, so I can say that …! “


    Leopin was completely distraught.


    No wonder. After suffering like hell, his body was in extreme pain, and he couldn’t remember a thing.


    Weiss sat down next to him on the bench and hugged Leopin’s shoulders as he sat on his knees.


    “I can’t possibly know how Leopin feels. But when have I ever lied to you?”


    His eyes and sincere words grabbed Leopin’s heart firmly.


    The anger in Leopin’s heart calmed down as Weiss calmed him down.


    “The soup I’ve made so far has been full of energy. But today’s soup is a hundred times more effective.


    Please believe in me and try just one sip.”


    When Leopin was told that much, he fell silent.


    He nodded his head like a young child, took the bowl of soup back in his hands, and slurped it down.


    Seeing this, Weiss also took a sip of the soup with him.


    At the same time, he said, “It’s spicy.”


    “Oh ……, Weiss’ soup is still too salty …….”


    “Oh ……, that’s funny? According to my calculations, this amount of seasoning should have been perfect. ……”


    They both looked at each other at the same time and shook their shoulders.


    The sneer quickly turned into a laugh so loud it shook the kitchen.


    It was a usual scene between the two boys.


    Whenever Leopin gets upset because he is being bullied, Weiss clears the kitchen from the cooks  and makes soup for him.


    The meat in the soup was undercooked, and the vegetables were skinny and bland.


    It wasn’t praised for its seasoning or compliment, but …


    One thing was for sure.


    Leopin would always smile again.


    But that wasn’t the only thing that happened today.


    Leopin’s body began to glow with rainbow colors as he gulped down his soup.




    Leopin rolls his eyes and looks at the bandaged body.


    The bruises and fresh wounds that peeked through the bandages quickly disappeared and the skin regained its healthy appearance.


    “What …… eh?


    Leopin raises his face with astonishment, and there is Weiss who growls “Fumu” with a small bottle that shines like a prism in one hand.


    “It’s an elixir, which is said to be a legendary elixir. I put about one-third in a pot, but it’s so effective.”


    “What the …… hell?



    Weiss’ Special Soup (Magic Item)

    Qty 2

    Quality Level 118| (Material Level 126 + Clumsiness Penalty 5 + Occupation Penalty 3)


    A soup made with pork, cabbage, carrots, and onions as ingredients, seasoned with seasonings.

    The elixir is added to the highest quality ingredients, and when eaten, it can cure any injury or illness.

    However, the taste is horrible because of poor cooking skills that kill the goodness of the ingredients.



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