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    Translated by NotBlueYet
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    I’m now level 6 and have more jobs available.


    Treasure hunter, that’s going to be useful for future exploration.


    Occupation Appraiser ⇒ Treasure Hunter
    Occupational Skills
    Treasure finding technique
    • Find hidden treasures


    I change jobs just for the sake of it, and then a big sneeze comes out.


    I don’t know what time it is, but I should probably go to bed. I have to get up early tomorrow.


    I lay down on the cedar wood floor.


    In the morning, the morning sun will shine in through the window, and it will serve as an alarm.


    So much has happened today. Tomorrow is the first day of work, so I’m sure there will be more to do.


    As long as I have my ‘poor dexterity’ skills, I can handle it. ……


    I mumble to myself and close my eyes, falling asleep in no time at all.


    ◆  ◇  ◆  ◇  ◆


    I wake up suddenly.


    I don’t know how long I have slept, but it must have been a deep sleep.


    It is still dark outside my window.


    In fact, it is almost pitch black, with not even the moonlight shining.


    What the hell, it’s still night. I guess I’ll go back to sleep.


    I think, and close my eyelids again.


    After a while, I wake up again, but it is still night.


    My head feels fuzzy, as if I have slept too long.


    I think it is strange, no matter how much I slept.


    It’s funny, it should have been morning by now, right?


    My eyes are used to the darkness by now, so I crawl up and head for the window.


    On the other side of the window, I could not see the stars, not even the scenery was dark.


    “What’s going on here, ……?”


    I reach out my hand to the outside and feel my palm hit something rough.


    I push with all my might, and my hand cracks! and a bright light shines through it.


    I am stunned by the piece of paper left in my hand.


    “What the hell is this? There’s a piece of blackened parchment on the window!


    No wonder the sun didn’t shine! Who the hell did this!”


    But there was no time to search for the culprit.


    The sun was high in the sky, and I could tell at a glance that I have overslept.


    “I didn’t even eat breakfast.”


    I run out of the house without even eating breakfast and sprint through the forest as fast as I can.


    There is no one left in the living quarters, and everyone has already gone to school.


    I pass through the shacks and head for the castle, the school building.


    Just as I am about to pass through the main gate and enter the main entrance, I catch something out of the corner of my eye.


    I stop and look up at the castle towering in front of me.


    On the wall of the castle were a number of flags of the Royal Pioneer Academy, fluttering in the wind.


    It is supposed to be an ordinary sight, but …….


    I don’t know why, but I can’t help but be curious.


    I didn’t have time to sit around here, but I couldn’t help but feel bewildered, so I stare at the flags one by one.


    Then, the color of the flag in the middle changed.


    The flag of the Royal Pioneer Academy was blue, but there was a black one mixed in that looked like a pirate flag.


    I panic.


    “Is this perhaps the treasure hunting skills of the …… treasure hunter profession?”


    This skill allows you to detect hidden treasures in your vicinity.


    The range of the ability to find it depends on your level and status, but even the best treasure hunters can only find it within a range of about five meters.


    “But that flag is at least 50 meters away. ……!


    How is it possible to find something that far away? ……!”


    I am suspicious, but I couldn’t help but check out the flag.


    Preparing to be very late, I change jobs to become a ninja.


    Relying on the few handholds on the walls of the castle, I climb effortlessly.


    Once I reach the flag, I grab the flag post and stretch out, placing his feet on the slight protrusion.


    I pick up the flag in question and find that it is aliened to the touch.


    I changed jobs to appraiser in the same position and activated my “Appraise” skill.


    Flying Dragon Leather
    Quantity 1
    Quality level 50 (Material level 50)
    Tanned leather from the back of Black Storm, a phantom flying dragon.

    It is a large piece of leather with no blemishes, and is therefore quite valuable.


    I feel like my heart was going to burst out of me.


    “Whoa! How could such an amazing thing be in such a place?”


    Speaking of dragon skins, they are one of the rarest of monster materials.


    In the first place, dragons are not only difficult to defeat, but also to remove their skins.


    “This must be some kind of mistake, right ……?”


    For now, I remove the “Flying Dragon Leather” from its post and put it on my shoulder.


    After changing into a ninja, I let go of the post and jumped down, landing with a cat-like spin.


    ◆  ◇  ◆  ◇  ◆


    At that time, the students of the “Royal Pioneer Academy” are in the courtyard of the school building, led by the teacher, Yes Man.


    “Yes! That’s the end of the morning class, the school orientation!


    And since today is the first day of school, there will be special lunches brought in by our supporters!


    We’re going to have lunch here in the courtyard to get ourselves ready for the start of classes in the afternoon!”


    The students are excited when they hear about the lunchboxes.


    The yes-man vice principal say in a deliberate voice as he hands out the lunches to the students.


    “Oh no, we only have these lunches for the ‘special training class’!


    And yet Leopin-kun is late! It’s such a waste!


    Since it’s such a waste, I’ll be the one to treat him!”


    The yes man was smiling inwardly.


    — “Operation Sleepyhead” was a great success. ……!


    ‘Last night, when Leopin had fallen asleep, I put a black parchment on the window. ……!


    I’m sure he slept through a lot of it and is turning blue on his way to school by now. ……!


    I’m going to embarrass him by showing his supporters that he’s running so late. ……!’


    “Bon appétit! Oh, yes! I forgot to tell you guys something important!”


    Vice-principal Yes Man announces to the students who are eating out their lunches in the courtyard.


    “We need to decide who will be the student body president of this school!


    The method is not an election or a duel, but a …… ‘Treasure Hunt’!


    Somewhere in the school building, I’ve hidden the ‘Flying Dragon Leather’ provided by one of our supporters!”


    The students get excited when they hear the words “Flying Dragon Leather”.


    “I will make the student Council President the student who brought it to my place!


    Moreover, the”Flying dragon leather” is a gift as it is!


    The student council president of the pioneering school will own dragon leather equipment! They can raft the leather as they like, and prove themselves to be the Student Council President!”


    The students get more very excited.


    The students are so excited that some of them even took their lunches out of the classroom to go look for it.


    “Fufufu! Even if you hurry, you’ll never find it now!


    The reason is that the leather of the flying dragon is hidden in a ridiculous place and disguised with magic!


    After a week or so, the disguise magic will gradually lose its effect!


    That’s why it’s impossible to find it earlier than that!


    If someone can find it within a week, I’ll not only give you the position of student body president, but also the position of vice principal. ……”


    “I’m so sorry! I’m late~”


    And leopin comes sliding into the courtyard.


    The yes man sees what is haphazardly hanging on his shoulder.


    “Kki…… keeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”


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