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    Translated by NotBlueYet
    Edited by Kingavent


    The next day, Sunday.


    Leopin had left his house before the sun had risen and was heading for the favelas in the corner of the city.


    Today is the day she comes to the cathedral, and I want to make her smile because she was crying yesterday.


    “Yeah, maybe if we climbed up a tree high up and looked out over the city, we’d feel better.”


    Leopin loved the girl’s smile.


    Just the thought of her smile naturally lightens my step.


    Suddenly, I noticed a flower blooming on the side of the road.


    “Oh yeah, she said she liked flowers, let’s take a little detour and pick some pretty ones.”


    Leopin took the fork in the opposite direction, heading for the riverbank in the distance.


    He went back and forth along the still dimly lit riverside, looking for flowers in bloom.


    At that time, the boy did not know much about flowers at all, so he grabbed whatever he could find.


    When he sees a flower he’d never seen before on the other side of the river, he takes off his shoes and crosses the river, not caring if his pants get wet.


    A short time later, Leopin was on his way to the cathedral with his hands full of flowers.


    “I think I overdid it, but I hope she’s happy.”


    The boy’s mind was as fluffy as his steps.


    I see the old cathedral across the street and can’t help but walk faster.


    I’m so close to seeing that girl: ……!


    Just as I thought that, a little girl jumped out from the shigemi.


    “Hey, Leopin!”


    The girl, who wears a dull white robe that is full of splinters on her petite body, hugs Leopin tightly like a lost child who has found a parent.


    Leopin almost dropped the flower unintentionally, and hurriedly stepped back.


    ‘What, it’s Korone, you don’t have to play this prank on me just because I’m late ……’


    But the girl called Korone was acting strangely.


    She’s still clinging to Leopin and crying gaggedly.


    “Hey, hey, what’s going on?”


    “My lady, my lady, my lady, ……!”


    “What? What’s going on?”


    Korone raised her face, which was soggy with tears and snot, in a flash.


    “Onee-chan was defending Korone from a kidnapper ……, and she’s going to get kidnapped!”




    The flowers spill out of Leopin’s hands.


    The next thing I knew, I was running like a prodded animal.


    I use my voice to hold back Korone, who tries to follow me.


    “Korone, stay the hell away from the sept, and if any stranger approaches you, whoever it is, run!”


    The sanctuary is located in the most unpopular part of the favela.


    Leopin shouted and tried to call for help, but soon realized that it was useless.


    In front of the main gate of the sanctuary, he slides to a stop with a zing!


    Beyond the dilapidated and crumbling gate, a carriage was parked in the courtyard.


    Around the entrance to the sanctuary, a girl is covered with a burlap sack and dragged away by men.


    Her voice was muffled, as if she was being gagged.


    The pure white robe with no cloudiness was, without a doubt, that child.


    Leopin was so angry that all the hairs on his body stood on end, and he kicked the ground.


    “Ya …… stop it!”


    The men who had kidnapped the girl have well-trained bodies and are dressed in animal skin jackets and trousers, just like a burglar.


    The glint in his eyes behind his eye patch was as savage as a wild boar.


    Leopin struck out at the brute who had grabbed the girl’s hand, but was lightly slapped back.


    As the boy blows away like a piece of paper, the thieves laugh loudly “Gyahaha!


    Leopin slammed into the ground, sliding as he was dragged along.


    But in almost no time at all, he’s back up on his feet and beating on the men again.


    “Give me back my ……!!!”


    “What, I thought you were guards, you little brat, you scared the hell out of me!”


    “What a strange kid to come to a cathedral on the outskirts of town!”


    Spaang! “Whoa!”


    “Gyahahaha, you must be here for Sunday prayers, here’s some gunk instead of candy!”


    Gasp! “Aah!”


    “Hahaha, he’s funny, he’ll get up again and again, he’s never boring!”


    Thud! “Guffaw!”


    “I don’t know why you’re so desperate, you know?”


    Boca! “Agh!”


    “Or maybe you’re just looking for this little bitch.”




    “Oh, so that’s how it is! This little bitch is going to be a beauty in the future! …… You’re a real prick, you little shit!”


    A forceful front kick sticks and Leopin is blown to the front gate.


    His body had been slammed into the gate wall so hard that it had slipped off, leaving a trail of blood.


    Leopin’s face had turned so red that he could no longer recognize the original form, and he could no longer see forward with his swollen eyelids.


    His clothes were tattered, his body covered in scars, and he no longer looked like he could stand on his own.


    “I’ll take good care of her for you, so don’t worry, she’ll be fine!”


    But the next moment, Leopin was challenging him like a lioness who has had her child killed.


    The thieves were astonished at where such power was coming from, and their sheer spirit made them back off.


    He jumped on one of them and grabbed his eye cap with a gasp.


    “Stop it, you little shit! Get the fuck off me!”


    When he is shaken off with force, Leopin grabs his eye cap and rolls away like a thrown away can.


    The wild thief, who had been scratched, was furious.


    “This …… little shit!”


    After revealing his true face, the wild thief runs to Leopin and angrily stomps him.


    Leopin’s body crumpled like an empty can that had been stepped on.


    One of the thieves who can’t stand the sight of him stops him.


    “Hey, don’t do that, or he’ll die!”


    “I’ve had my face seen, I’ve got to kill him now!”


    “You can’t kill people in a favela like this! The guards won’t even bother with a kidnapper!”


    “But just in case… ……!”


    “Then use this!”


    The wild thief pulls a purple mushroom out of his pocket.


    “I’ll give him to you, and you’ll be clean!”


    “Oh, yeah, there’s this guy!”


    The bare-faced thief took the mushroom, then grabbed Leopin’s hair with a gulp as he fell at his feet and made him look up.


    Leopin tried to close his mouth, but he was grabbed by the cheek and forced to shove the mushroom into his mouth.


    In his fading consciousness, the boy was listening to …….


    It was a lowly laugh that stuck in my ears.


    “Hey, kiddo, it’s a mushroom that makes one forget what is seen and heard.


    The next time you wake up, you’ll have forgotten all about it!


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