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    Translated by NotBlueYet
    Edited by Kingavent


    As Leopin looked away in embarrassment, he spotted something in the courtyard beyond the crosswalk.


    “…… Huh? It’s Mr. Foulo.”


    Mr. Foulo is the teacher of Leopin and his class.


    Weiss and Leopin looked at Mr.Foulo as he leaned over the railing of the crosswalk.


    “Come to think of it, Mr. Foulo wasn’t there in the class earlier, was he?


    Mr. Foulo should always be the first one to help me in a situation like that. ……”


    The answer to that question will come soon.


    A man in a very expensive tuxedo was standing beside Mr. Foulo, who was wearing a shabby suit, and he was ranting one way or the other.


    “Mr. Foulo will be working part-time from today! Leave the rest to me, the new teacher!


    I’ve heard from the Vice-principal that there’s a student in our class who’s from a poor background and is an outrageous delinquent!


    Mr. Foulo couldn’t discipline that student, so he was demoted to part-time, right?”


    Weiss and Leopin looked at each other, “What?”


    I’d heard rumors of a new teacher coming, but I didn’t think it would be our class. ……


    And I can’t believe Mr. Foulo is no longer a homeroom teacher. …… I loved him. ……


    Leopin and Mr. Foulo, who was in the courtyard, dropped their shoulders at the same time.


    Mr. Foulo was ridiculed by the new teacher and left in a huff.


    The new teacher’s face is obscured by his back, but his voice suggests that he is young.


    Moreover, he seems to be a member of a prominent family and has a fat servant by his side.


    He was relaxing on a bench, looking refreshed, like a new soldier who had kicked out a useless old soldier.


    Of course, these are not boys who would remain silent after witnessing such a scene.


    Weiss and Leopin walked out of the crosswalk and hid their breath in the bushes of the courtyard.


    “The new teacher, at that rate, seems to be from the vice principal’s side.


    If we don’t get rid of him somehow, things are going to get nasty.”


    ‘Yeah, but how do we kick them out ……?


    Look at that.


    Weiss points, indicating a tree that was near the new teacher.


    Hanging from that branch high above my head was a beehive the size of a human head.


    Weiss plucked the ivy of “Shinshukusa” that was growing at his feet.


    This grass is one of the most indispensable playthings for children, and the ivy stretches like rubber when pulled.


    Weiss tied the Shinshukusa ivy into a loop to make a large rubber band, which he hooked onto his finger to make a rubber gun and shot it at the beehive.


    …… Biyoyo!


    The rubber band flew gently and hit the nest.


    But it was only a slight shake, not a drop.


    Hmm, Shin Shuksa’s not powerful enough.


    ‘Shall I throw a stone?’ said Leopin.


    “No, probably not even with a throwing stone, it would have to be something more powerful ……”


    We were both thinking about it, but it was Leopin that came up with an idea first.


    Leopin kept his posture low and groped around on the ground, picking up fallen wood.


    “What are you going to do with it? You’re not going to make a spear out of it, are you?”


    In response to Weiss’s question, Leopin grinned, holding the ten-knife he had taken from his pocket.


    “No, we’ll make it better.”


    Leopin uses a knife to cut the tree into three pieces.


    Two long pieces of wood were combined in a crossed pattern and tied up tightly with ivy.


    Then he attached the one remaining short tree to the crossed trees as a handle.


    All I have to do is tie a piece of thinsyxa to the end of the crossed tree. ……



    Hiroeda and Shinshukusa’s Slingshot

    Qty 1

    Quality Level 3|(Material Level 1 + Dexterity Bonus 2)


    A combined hiroeda with a synchusa.



    Weiss blinked through his glasses at his handiwork.


    “Ooh, a slingshot, that’ll be more powerful than a stone thrower!”


    “Yeah, I wish I had a Y-shaped tree, but I didn’t, so I cobbled one together.”


    “Okay, can you make another one? By my calculations, we should be able to bring that nest down if we both aim a little closer at the same time.”


    While Weiss was saying this, Leopin’s second slingshot was being completed.


    As expected, Weiss is amazed at the speed.


    “As usual, Leopin is very handy. ……!”


    “Well, it’s the only thing I’ve got going for me.”


    “To me, that’s more reliable than a million allies, so let’s get this attack started!”


    With matching slingshots in hand, Weiss and Leopin creep closer and closer.


    Like a sniper who sneaks into enemy territory and takes aim at the enemy general, he sneaks up behind the new teacher.


    “Okay, we should be able to make it this far, are you ready, Leopin ……?”


    ‘Oh …… anytime you want, ……!


    “As always, shoot it when I count to three. ……! Here we go, three, two, one. ……!”


    …… Bishun!


    Their breathing was perfect, and the sound of the shot was not a fraction of a second off.


    Two stones flying side by side in a straight line are like two mischievous sparrows who are good friends.


    The stones landed at the same time, leaving a slight root in the branch and successfully dropping the beehive.


    A ceramic urn-like object smashes and shatters at the feet of the new teacher, who is sitting on a bench.


    “What is this, ……?”


    At first, the new teacher seemed unsure of what had fallen.


    But the countless bees that flew out from the debris made his face pale.


    ‘Geez …… geez!!!!


    Hachizamasu! Hachizamasu! Hachizamasu!


    The new teacher runs away with a scream like a monster bird with its tail on fire.


    The maidservant who had been waiting by his side had also run away at the same time.


    But for some reason, the bees follow the new teacher.


    Leopin, who was watching the scene, wonders.


    “Why are the bees only chasing the teacher ……?”


    “You don’t even know that,”  Weiss said.


    “Bees have a habit of chasing after things with a strong smell.


    That new teacher must be sprinkling perfume all over himself.”


    I see. ……!”


    “Another clever one, and I hope Mr. Foulo comes back.”


    “Oh, thank you.”


    Weiss and Leopin are lying on the ground, fists clashing.


    There was an allegory circling around the planting where the boys were.


    Why are you following me?


    I’m hurt! I’m hurt! I’ve been stabbed in the face!


    This new teacher, whose name or even face was not even visible, was taken to the infirmary after this.


    The planned appointment was postponed, and Mr. Foulo will continue to be the homeroom teacher for a while.


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