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    Translated by NotBlueYet
    Edited by Kingavent


    As soon as the boy appeared, the atmosphere in the classroom clearly changed.


    The girls blushed, “Weiss-kun ……!”


    The boys backed away, “Weiss-……!”


    Even the vice principal, who was smiling like the god of evil, has a small wrinkle between her eyebrows.


    However, Weiss didn’t seem to care about the reactions of the people around him.


    There was only one person staring at him as he entered the classroom.


    “You okay, Leopin?”


    “Weiss: ……”


    “I know better than anyone that you’re right, so there’s no need to apologize.”


    “So ……, but ……, but I can’t believe I’m going to get punished by all my classmates, even Weiss, because of me. ……!”


    Leopin looks like he’s about to cry, and Weiss shrugs his shoulders in an exaggerated manner.


    ‘Well, that’s a problem, because you like to be punished, but I don’t like to be punished.


    The word “punish” makes the vice principal. huff


    “I was supposed to punish Weiss-kun and Leopin-kun!


    Come on guys, let’s do this! We’re gonna beat the shit out of you until you both cry and apologize!”


    The vice principal thrusts her long, devilish claws at the two boys.


    Weiss was back to back with Leopin.


    Leopin shuddered as he imagined the violence that was about to rain down on him, but Weiss didn’t move an inch.


    He is posing for a fist fight with a relaxed expression on his face.


    “It’s been a while since I’ve had a good warm-up against just two guys”.


    With that one word, everyone finally realizes.


    The students around him kept comparing Weiss’s face to the upperclassmen lying at his feet.


    “Come to think of it, Mr. Weiss, your face doesn’t have a single scratch on it!”


    “These two, the schoolmates of this brave man, are so violent that even adults can’t touch them! And yet ……?”


    “You can’t take on two upperclassmen like that and beat them up one way or the other. ……!”


    “You’re not just good at studying and sports, you’re also good at fighting. “……


    “You look …… like a knight ……!”


    The girls’ cheeks are dyed as if the prince of their dreams has appeared.


    The boys were pale as if a legendary brawler had shown up.


    “I’m going to take it easy on you, but with this many people against you, you might get a real blow.


    You can only call me if you don’t mind being sent to the infirmary.”


    With this one word from Weiss, the classmates completely lost their will to fight.


    The boys became quiet as if they were borrowed cats, while the girls were in an uproar saying, “Caw!”


    ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◆


    The school building rings with the final chime of the school day.


    The two boys were walking shoulder-to-shoulder down the first floor corridor.


    “Thanks for the help, Weiss.”


    “What, never mind, the bullying of the vice principal is getting worse by the minute.”


    “Yeah, I don’t care what they do to me. ……”


    “That girl from Saint Mary’s, huh?”


    “Yeah, she’s not just being bullied by a bunch of brave cronies.


    the vice principal also seems to be bullying ……, and because of that, that child is alone among the saint’s department.”


    In this elementary school, girls from saintly families with a certain status are divided into ‘saintly families,


    They were in a different school building on the grounds, taking a different kind of class than usual.


    Incidentally, the students of the higher ranks such as the brave and the wise took the same classes in the same school building and the same class as the students of the common people for a certain reason.


    Weiss snorts, “Hmm.”


    “The fact that she’s in the Saint Department means she’s not from the common people at least, right?


    And yet, the fact that she is being bullied suggests that the girl is very much liked by the brave man.”


    ‘Eh, why not?’ said Leopin.


    “If you liked it, wouldn’t you make your cronies stop bullying you?


    You know, when you like a girl, you want to be mean to her.”


    “Is that how it is?”


    “Yeah, I don’t think Leopin, who’s always making things by himself, would understand.


    But that’s unusual, Leopin showing interest in a girl.”


    “The girl is different, she’s supposed to be from a prestigious family of saints, but she’s also kind to people like me ……, she comes to cathedrals in poor neighborhoods and stuff.”


    “Haha, so that’s why you like her.”


    ‘No, no, no, I just saw her being bullied ……!


    Leopin, who had turned bright red, changed the subject deceptively.


    “Well, that’s not the point, how did you do it?”


    “How did I do what?”


    “You beat up two upperclassmen unscathed, while I got beat up for doing nothing. ……”


    “Don’t tell anyone”.


    Weiss smiles meaningfully and pulls a cloth out of his pocket.


    The cloth was a strange cloth.


    It is palm-sized, about the size of a handkerchief, but when unfolded it is as big as a curtain.


    It was gray, and I thought it would look like it was glowing white like the aurora borealis, but it also looked black, darker than the night book.


    Leopin with his eyes wide open.


    “This is …… ‘Evil Skeletal Jagaiifu’ ……!”


    “Yes, it’s the kind you get very rarely when you kill a wraith or other demonic monster.


    It was given to my father by the king, and it was in the treasury of the mansion.”


    “Wow, that’s a super rare item! This thing makes you invisible when you wear it, right?”


    “Yeah, but they say you can only use the effect twice, and I’ve already used it once, so that’s one more.”


    Leopin’s eyeballs roll up as if they were about to pop out.


    “Well, you can’t possibly …… use this to …… the upperclassmen!”


    Weiss winked as if to say, “Exactly.”


    Yeah, he got them to fight each other, and when they got stuck in a fistfight, he went after them.


    But Leopin returned a look that was a mixture of astonishment and frustration.


    “It’s not fair to use that …… thing to fight with!”


    “So you think it’s not cowardly for two upperclassmen to fight over an underclassman?”


    “Yes, that’s ……!”


    “An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, and I don’t think there’s any shame in standing up to unreasonableness with unreasonableness.”


    “But why ……? Why did you go to all that trouble?


    I’m not going to spend a precious rare item that can only be used twice to get this me ……”


    Leopin is heartbroken that his father will undoubtedly be furious if he finds out.


    But Weiss laughed back, undaunted.


    “You don’t need to compare which is more important, the treasure that is still stored dead at home or the pinch …… or your best friend in front of you?”


    It was the best smile that could make even Leopin turn red in a blink.


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