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    Translated by NotBlueYet
    Edited by Kingavent


    The boy was besieged by piercing eyes.


    A few years later, he would have passed this level of gaze off as if he were receiving a poorly executed needle treatment.


    He was still very young, and the critical glances of his classmates were like a needle in a haystack hell for him.


    His body is covered in bruises, but he is writhing as if more salt has been rubbed into his body.


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    “Oh, …… I’m not so bad, ……!”


    Trying his best to keep his voice down, the boy glares back at the female teacher in front of him.


    The middle-aged female teacher, dressed in a chic dress, shouted as she fixed her triangular glasses like a pair of suspended eyes.


    “Hmm !? What a bad boy, Mazazu, to look back at me, the vice-principal !?


    After all, a child raised in a poor family is poor to the core!”


    “Vice-Principal Sensei! They were bullying a child of the Holy Girl Department! The good thing about being a senior student and having strong power is that she broke her robe …!”


    “Stay calm!”


    Vice-principal slammed her horse whip as if she were in front of an undisciplined pack animal.


    “Already, the investigation is on!


    Leopin-kun, you were trying to do mischief by breaking the robe of a schoolgirl in the Holy School!


    The brave alumni have succeeded and defeated you! That is the truth of the matter! “


    “They’re lying! If I stop them, they’ll come for me ……!”


    “The hero’s schoolmates are all the sons of famous families!


    Of course what those kids are saying is more correct, Mazuzu!”

    The Vice-Principal looked even more stern, but her lips twisted as if to say that she had come up with a good idea.


    “Leopin not only assaulted a fragile saintly schoolgirl, he doesn’t even feel remorse when he’s blamed, he blames others for the crime. ……!


    If this happens, you’ll need an extra spanking. ……!”


    The Vice-Principal tells the classmates, who have been surrounding Leopin.


    “From now on, all of you will give Leopin-kun an additional punishment, Mazazu!


    Until Leopin apologizes, I’ll be thorough with you, Mazazu!””


    The classmates’ reactions to the vice principal’s order were divided in two ways.


    The pupils of the good family already seemed to be the waistcoats of the vice principal, and replied cheerfully, “Yes!


    The students below the common people were reluctant, but the students from good families stared at them, and they could not help but reply, “Yes …….


    It was school violence approved by the vice principal, or rather, it was a complete group bullying.


    The Leopin boy shrank back like a rabbit surrounded by a pack of lions, “Ugh ……!”


    “Come on, this is your last chance to get down on your knees and apologize!


    If you lick my shoes and swear to be a good boy, I’ll forgive your punishment, Mazazu!”


    If he had been the boy a few years later, he would have blown away this level of unreasonableness with a single breath, like ashes that have been burned up rather than sparks that have fallen.


    However, the boy of today does not have that level of toughness.


    Leopin clenches his fists, slumps over, and begins to tremble.


    Eventually, however, he screamed in agony, …… as if his intestines had been cut off alive.


    “So…… So…… Sor……”


    The Vice-Principal couldn’t stop grinning, “I did it.”


    However, as if to interrupt the matter, a voice came from outside the classroom.


    “No need to apologize.”


    The Vice-Principal shakes her face as if she had been sprayed with water, and looks in the direction of the voice.


    “Who the hell are you to interfere with my education policy?”


    Instead of answering, two large boys were thrown through the open classroom door.


    The boys can no longer stand on their own and are crushed in their backs.


    His swollen face, like a balloon, was crumpled with tears, saying, “I’m already loose …”.


    The Vice-Principal gasps.


    “Hmm … well !? These kids are brave alumni !?”


    A mysterious voice tells us.


    “They confessed to me that they tore the robes of a girl in the sainthood department, and that they turned on Leopin when he tried to stop them, and beat him up.”


    “It’s a lie, of course it’s a lie! You made them confess to a lie with violence!


    What a delinquent student Mazazu is, to be so violent!”


    “Oh, it’s funny, The Vice-Principal; they, the schoolmates of the brave, also assaulted Leopin.


    Isn’t it …… strange that you don’t believe Leopin’s side of the story?”


    The Vice-Principal quickly tried to retort, “That’s ……!” but the mysterious voice took the initiative.


    “I know, the hero and his schoolmates wielded the power of justice, not violence, right?”


    “That’s right! Violence against the righteous is unacceptable!


    You are more than Leopin-kun, a delinquent student ……! No, the most villainous student since the beginning of our elementary school, Mazazu!”


    “All right, then, I shall be punished along with Leopin.”


    “Then stop hiding and come over here!


    Oh, I get it, Mazuzu! Your face is more battered than your schoolmates lying here, and you’re too embarrassed to come out!


    Even if you’re trying to look cool, you’re still just a punk Mazuzu, caca caca!”


    The Vice-Principal sneered, and her cronies laughed in unison.


    A silhouette appeared from behind the door, light shining from the ceiling of the classroom like a spotlight, illuminating only the feet.


    Tap …… tap: …… tap: …….


    With each slow clink of his enamel-white shoes, his true identity is revealed.


    With each footstep, her smile disappeared like a mist.


    A uniform that fits a sophisticated and smart body shape without a trace of skimpiness.


    A sweet but bitter face with all-seeing eyes and square glasses that combine intelligence and elegance.


    His hair is perfectly set, yet silky smooth.


    Each and every part was unrivaled in its excellence, and yet all of them were in perfect harmony.


    Everything is …… just perfect, everything is …… his name is ……!


    “Aaahhhh ……Weissssssssss!!!!”


    He was the boy who was rumored to shake the entire class just by showing up. ……!


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