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    Translated by NotBlueYet
    Edited by Kingavent


    The day after Leopin Village was completed, the members of the “Leopin SS” were scheduled to move in.


    But the next day it rained heavily from the morning, so the move in was postponed.


    But I still had class, so I went to school in the rain, which was heavy as a gray veil, using a butterbur leaf as an umbrella.


    All the classes were held in the school building, and the brave students of the first year class 11 who newly came to this school were lectured on how wonderful they were.


    None of the eleven classes in the first year participated in that class.


    They are all student council members and are in leadership positions, so they are free to attend classes.


    And I learned from a notice posted in the hallway of the school that Weiss was expelled from the school trial and sent to a special training class like me.


    Weiss dreamed of being an active member of this school and becoming the pride of the wise clan.


    Thinking that he must be depressed, I looked for Weiss, but I couldn’t find him anywhere in the school building or in the living quarters.


    The rain didn’t stop the next day, or the day after that.


    It was like Weiss’s own grief, and it went on forever and ever.


    When it rains like this, we can’t do any farm work, let alone move.


    When I got home, I didn’t have much time, so I kind of played around with duplicating things in the house with my “Mana Faker” skill.


    Then, suddenly, something caught my eye.


    It was my one of a kind coat, hanging on the wall.


    “…… Yes, if that coat could be increased, it would be quite a force to be reckoned with. ……?”


    However, the ‘Coat of the Dragon and the Saint’ was only a magic item, and duplicating it was quite difficult.


    I managed to duplicate the look of the original, but the abilities were not up to par.


    This isn’t going to work. ……


    As I gave up and put away my duplicate coat, I heard Mark’s cries from outside, mixed with the sound of torrential rain.


    I opened the door to my room to see what was going on, and found Mark at the doorway, dragging a soaking wet human by the collar.


    I hurriedly took the human from Mark and put him to bed in my room.


    When I looked closer, I saw that it was a former classmate of mine.


    “It’s Weiss, isn’t it ……? Where have you been all this time?”


    But Weiss was unconscious, and his whole body was burning hot.


    He was covered in bruises and cuts all over, and his glasses and clothes were in tatters.


    There is no trace of the smart, intelligent man he was, and he is completely weakened.


    I took off Weiss’s clothes and applied the “Centataki’s Ointment” that I had mass-produced in the water mill shed in case of emergency.


    You know, you can boil the roots of Centataki to relieve the heat.


    I run out into the garden in the rain and make a pot of boiling water in the kitchen with an umbrella.


    But while Centataki had a hard time being made into a coating, it was even harder to make it into a pill.


    It had to be cooked for about 16 hours, and I had to watch it all the time.


    While I continued to nurse Weiss, I went back and forth to the galley in the heavy rain and managed to make some medicine.



    Centataki’s medication

    Qty 1

    Quality Level 32|(Material Level 7 + Dexterity Bonus 2 + Occupation Bonus 23)


    A drink made by boiling the root of Centataki for 1,000 minutes.

    It has the effects of antifebrile, intestinal regulation, tonic, analgesic, cough suppressant, restful sleep and appetite stimulant.



    When I gave it to Weiss, who was having a nightmare, the fever went down and he began to breathe peacefully.


    “I thought I’d have to pull Monaka out in this rain if it came to it. …… Looks like that won’t be necessary.”


    Then I made some bread porridge for when Weiss woke up.


    This is a slow stew of meat and wild herbs, with bread added at the end.


    The ingredients are cooked until they fall apart, making them easy to digest and full of nutrition.


    It’s a great thing to have when you’re sick.


    “I never thought I’d be able to make food for the sick …….”


    In the meantime, Weiss regains consciousness.


    He opened his eyes and his eyes were blurry and wandering in the void.


    “You all right, Weiss? You’re low on energy. Eat this.”


    I bring the soup scooped up with a wooden spoon to the mouth of Weiss, who growls


    It seemed a little hot, so I huffed and puffed before feeding him, and he gulped it down.


    “Is it good? I made a lot, so I have another one.”


    As he ate, Weiss visibly recovered, and in the end he took the soup plate from my hands and drank it all in one go.


    “Puh-ah …… u…… um…… y……!”


    Weiss looks up to the heavens and lets out a big sigh.


    The light had completely returned to his eyes.


    But when he realized I was there, he threw the soup plate on the floor and lay down with his back to me, as if rejecting me.


    ‘It’s just the opposite,’ I mutter.


    “When I was a kid, I was often bullied because I was from the common people … Weiss, you helped me.


    You didn’t want to see my crying face, so you paid for me at the kitchen in the mansion and made soup by imitating what you saw … “


    “Phew, Leopin, soup is said to be the source of all power, and with the soup I’ve made, you’ll have a hundred times more courage.”


    That soup was so bad, though…


    “To me, that soup was the best soup of all.”


    I sit down on the bedside table and gently place my hand on Weiss’ shoulder, who has his back turned to me.


    “I don’t care anymore that you banished me.”


    Then his shoulders twitched and shook.


    “Will you …… forgive me for what I’ve done?”


    “Yeah, I’ve gained a lot of valuable experience from my exile.


    And this time, I’m the one who’s gonna protect you.


    Let’s look back at those who make fun of us because we’re in a special training class.”


    The shaking in his shoulders had stopped.


    Weiss turned around and squirmed in my hands, crying out at the top of his voice.


    “Ugh ……! Oh ……! Oh, I’m, I’m sorry ……!


    Forgive me for what I’ve done, forgive me for what I’ve done. ……, Leopin’ ……!




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