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    Translated by NotBlueYet
    Edited by Kingavent


    “I’m …… going to …… die …… this way ……”

    Suddenly, a woman clad in feathers as dazzling as light steps forward.

    She smiles serenely like a goddess, seeing off the departed who are about to fall into hell.

    “If you beg for your life, I can help you☆”

    “Sa-…… save me!!!!!!”

    Weiss cries out with the speed of a spinal reflex.

    Then his body began to fall slowly.

    The one who saved Weiss from falling to his death was a woman as beautiful as the reincarnation of a goddess.

    When she holds up her hand, Weiss’s body is enveloped in a feather-like aura and begins to float in the air fluffily.

    “You’re the Great Saint, Lovelyn ……!”

    Weiss looked at Lovelyn with eyes as if he were looking at the God of Salvation.

    Lovelyn also looks back at Weiss with compassionate eyes.

    A tender moment flows between the two, the one who saved and the one who was saved.

    But when Lovelyn saw that Weiss had stopped begging for his life, she turned the hand she was holding up.

    “Oh, you’ve stopped begging for your life, huh?☆”

    Instantly, the feathers wrapped around Weiss disappear, and Weiss turns upside down once

    “Help me, help me, help me, help me!”

    Lovelyn used her power to play with Weiss’ body, lifting and dropping it in the air. Weiss floats and sinks like a pack of tea leaves being boiled.

    Lovelyn smiles contentedly, as if enjoying the taste of tea.

    Their shameful appearance was clearly visible from the living quarters, and they noticed that the courtyard was filled with students.

    “Hey, look, Weiss is flying through the air!”

    “No, no, no, he’s being blown away! There’s a man at the top of the school building!”

    “Oh, those people, could they be ……?”

    As people gathered, Lovelyn pinned Weiss’s body directly above the yazzy horse.

    She received the magical loudspeaker device offered by Principal Kakeru-kun and began to speak into the device.

    In the school building, there is a magical sound system for the entire school broadcast, and the voice echoes throughout the residential area.

    The voice that poured out were as gentle as music from heaven.

    “Nice to meet you, I don’t need to introduce myself to the loves ☆. Yes, we are Class 1-11 ☆ ”

    The marvel that leaked from the courtyard, “Oh, ……!”

    As soon as the goddess’ voice spread, those who remained in the living quarters also rushed towards the school building in a panic.

    “Actually, Lovelyn had no plans to come to this school.

    However, when I saw everyone’s pioneering life, it looked like a used diaper, so I ended up coming this way.

    In a place like a toilet like this ☆ ”

    Lovelyn is a beautiful, innocent girl who is comparable to Monaka and Kotone.

    The voice that came out of her benevolent smile, but her choice of words was strong.

    “By the way, it goes without saying that one of the main causes that made this a perfect place is

    It’s the fake sage who floats like the contents of a pottery right now ☆ ”

    “I’m not a fake, I’m ……!

    Weiss tried to protest, but was let to fall with a thud and silenced.

    “So, I’m going to announce the opening of the “School Trial”☆.”

    At the sudden declaration of the opening of the court, the courtyard erupts with an enthusiastic “Ooooooooo!

    In the past, Leopin was expelled from the school during the entrance ceremony of “Class Trial”.

    The “class trial” is a class-based trial, but the “school trial” involves the whole school.
    The rules are exactly the same as in “Class Trial”.

    If a majority of the students in the entire school supported the decision, the accused student would be brought to justice.

    Lovelyn continues with a lopsided smile that has nothing to do with the trial.

    The students in the courtyard were so excited that they forgot to close their mouths and looked up at her with a big smile on their faces.

    “Well then, let’s take a vote from those of you with faces like assholes ☆.

    Raise your hand if you’re an asshole who thinks Weiss-kun should be banished☆”

    …… bah!

    Then, without any sign of hesitation, the students raised their hands in unison.
    Weiss, who was right above them, raises his voice to the top of his lungs.

    “Hmm … don’t be silly !? Exile this Sage !?”

    “That’s right, you’ve been yelling at me since you got here!”

    “Yeah, yeah, you didn’t do anything wise, did you?

    “If we had built the wall in the living quarters like you said, it would have collapsed and we’d be in trouble!”

    “If you weren’t a Sage, I would have killed you a long time ago!”

    “Yes, I wish you were dead!”

    “Oh dear” says Lovelyn with a troubled smile.

    ”Don’t use such violent and scary words.
    But I didn’t expect him to be abandoned by all of the assholes …… This Sage was a genuine potty ☆”.

    Lovelyn laughs and raises the hand she was holding up.

    As if in conjunction with that movement, Weiss’s body floats remarkably high.

    “What the hell are you doing?”

    “What is the point of the Love helping you now that you’ve been proven to be a potty muncher?

    It’s a hassle to bring you down slowly, so this is how you do it, all at once ……!”

    Lovelyn turns her raised hand into a fist, thumbs down, and squeaks! And swing down.

    In the next moment, Weiss’ body took a sudden turn, like a puppet whose invisible suspension thread had been cut.

    “Saa-…… save me!!!!!!”

    Weiss’s body, in a big heap, falls straight down the brick path in the courtyard.

    But when he was only a few meters away…

    …… Gakuuun!

    and the fall stopped.

    Weiss gushes tears and struggles in the air like a bug sprayed with insecticide.

    “Please help me! I don’t want to die yet! I don’t want to die!

    Oh, please, please, please help me!

    Lovelyn-sama! Lovelyn-samaaaaaaaaaaaa!”

    He begged for his life with all his might, as if he had abandoned all his pride as a Sage.

    The students, who were watching it from as close as a sand-covered seat, were completely taken aback by Weiss.

    “We respected this helpless bastard, even if only for a moment. ……”

    Suddenly, a drop of water fell on their faces.

    “Oh, shit, Weiss just peed his pants!”

    It was as if a bomb had gone off, and people were disappearing from around Weiss. At that time, Lovelyn dropped Weiss’s body to the ground with a slosh.

    Immediately, the students who tried to run away came back.

    “Hey, guys, do it!”

    “You pissed on our faces! How much more trouble can you get into?”

    “Die, die, die, die, die, die!”

    Surrounded by a mob of students, Weiss is assaulted by them.

    He looked like a fawn that had fallen into a pond of piranhas.

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