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    Translated by NotBlueYet
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    I was estimating about a week’s construction time for the expansion of my base.


    However, thanks to the skills of the “Mana Faker”, to my surprise, I am able to complete ninety-nine percent of my schedule before dusk.


    As a final touch, I built a gate at the entrance to my base.


    I didn’t have a source to duplicate this one, so I made it by hand from scratch.



    Gisu Gate

    Qty 1

    Quality Level 37|(Material Level 12 + Dexterity Bonus 2 + Occupation Bonus 23)


    The gate is made of high quality Gisu wood.

    Various bonuses make it resistant to earthquake, fire and corrosion.

    Also, the engraved characters never deteriorate.



    The words carved into the top of the gate were ‘Leopin Village’.


    Yes, I’ve finally built my village!




    The villagers are more excited about this than I am.


    “It’s amazing, Leo, that you can build a village so easily!”


    “Well done, Master, well done!”


    “Leopin, are you sure you want us to live here?”


    “I can’t believe I get to live in the same place as Chef Leopin. ……”


    ““”” …… I dreamed about it!!! “”””


    Monaka, Kotone and Ma-chan were very happy and Kurumi was on the verge of fainting.


    When I looked towards the residential area, I saw that many students were looking at ‘Leopin Village’ from a distance.


    “What the hell is that thing? It wasn’t there yesterday.”


    “Leopin village? Seriously? That trash has finally created a village ……!”


    “Well, it’s just as trashy a village as he is, isn’t it?”


    “Look at that big field, and all the fields are …… bountiful!”


    “And that’s not all, there’s a ranch too!”


    “When did that piece of trash get a ranch?”


    “Wow, we even had our own house built by a contractor ……!”


    “I’m still paying a lot of money to buy bad food ……!”


    “Oh …… the children of ‘Leopin Village’, they all look so happy ……!”


    “With fine homes and crops, plenty of pets and livestock …… abundant food, and smiling faces of friends ……”


    “I dreamed of living like that when I joined this school. ……”


    “Oh…So good!!!”


    ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◆


    The students of the residential area were not the only ones who envied Leopin Village.


    He was one of those who lived and prospered at the top of the schoolhouse castle.


    When you become student body president, you are given special rights to live in the school building.


    You can live a comfortable life alongside the principal, vice principal, and teachers. ……


    Now he was craving.


    He sticks to the crystal plate of the magic monitoring device and snarls like a starving beast.


    What he saw in his eyes was a sign for ‘Leopin Village’.


    “Guh …… guh …… guh ……!


    He was going to use the full power of the student body president tomorrow to thoroughly disrupt the building of the village. ……!


    “I didn’t think it was possible to build a village in just one day. ……!


    Even I, here, spent days building my initial base. ……!”


    Incidentally, though, he hasn’t built up a base.


    They simply built a wall that was only high enough to collapse, with no regard for its strength, and brought the residential area to the brink of destruction.


    Yes, all he has done is interfere and hinder others.


    And against Leopin, it’s all coming back to bite him in the ass.


    It is no longer comparable to Leopin, the no good Sage.


    But he was Leopin-grade only in the way he gave up.


    “If this happens, I’ll launch the ‘Leopin Village Destruction Plan’ ……!


    With my genius mind, I’m going to reduce that village to ashes overnight ……!”


    “Hey, hey, hey, you’re still here?”


    A deliberate voice came from behind him, and Weiss turned around.


    At the entrance to the room stood Kakeru-kun and the vice-principal.


    “You’re still not trying to be the student council president after that much of an abomination to the whole country, are you?”


    “The other day’s blunder wasn’t my fault, Twanet…… no, it was all Leopin’s fault!


    But don’t worry, we’ve fallen behind in his dastardly trap, but he won’t be able to pull it off again!


    As a Sage, I’ll use my best secret to force Leopin to leave school!”


    But Kakeru-kun listens back with a stupid look on his face, like a horse that has been told a reminder.


    “You’re no better than Leopin-kun now that we know you’re trash!”


    “This, I’m less than Leopin …!? 


    Please cancel that word! No matter how you’re principal, there are good and bad things to say!


    Even if I forgive this, my dad …! “


    Suddenly, a voice arrives from the hallway behind Kakeru-kun.




    “That voice, it’s not ……!


    “Yeah, no way.”


    Weiss almost stopped breathing at the smart shadow that appeared between Kakeru-kun and the vice-principal.


    “Oh, you’re Pyce ……! How did you get here?”


    It was an intelligent boy who looked a lot like Weiss.


    Pyce adjusts his round glasses with a quill, as if he steals Weiss’s stock.


    “3.1415926…… brother, don’t you understand yet? The fact that I am here means that you are no longer needed.


    Not just from this school, but from our clan ……!”




    Weiss is overcome with shock, as if he had been hit by a direct bolt of lightning.


    “My brother’s ugliness, I’m sure they saw it. Eating garbage and spitting it is a mess for the clan.


    Unlike my brother, I’m a genius, so I was able to skip a year or so to enter this school, and not only that, I’m suddenly on the student council.”


    “What ……? If an inexperienced person like you becomes the student body president, this school will be ……!”


    “3.1415926…… brother, you still don’t understand, I just said ‘join the student council’, didn’t I?”


    I’m sure there are other people in this school who would be more qualified to be student body president than me. ……”


    Weiss huffs, almost saying, “He’s not here.”


    “Ma …… no way ……? No way, those people are ……?”




    As if in response to that question, all the walls on the corridor side were blown away.


    Beyond the rising dust, there are many silhouettes.


    The people who may have caused this destruction were in a room across one corridor.


    This means they have broken down two walls at once.


    There is no other profession, except for the highest level profession, that can display such destructive power without using any tools.


    “Zako ♪ If it was such a fragile wall, it wouldn’t have been possible for Bar-chan to appear.”


    “But now the room is a little bigger. It used to be like a rabbit hut, but now it’s about a pig hut ☆”


    The student council room that Weiss was in was as large as a royal suite at a hotel.


    There was a spacious walk-in closet, three bathrooms, and even five bedrooms.


    In this school, it is the most blessed room after the headmaster and the vice principal, but to call it a rabbit hole is …… unbelievable.


    With that deceptive line, Weiss was convinced.


    “Ah… you guys… Class 1-11 is finally at the school”


    But none of the shadows would answer.


    Instead, Pyce says with a sigh.


    “3.1415926 …… haha, all my classmates are ‘real’, so they don’t want to exchange words with a ‘fake’ like you brother.”


    “You …… think I’m a fake, ……? Don’t be silly, Pyce!


    Besides, I was supposed to be transferred to Class 1-11 groups in a year! ??”


    A shadow smiled, a tiny shadow, like a child.


    “Zako ♪ If you say that, you should show off your ability and take it away. What is a magical match with this bar?”


    “From your body, you’re a ‘skipping grade’ too! And you didn’t start from middle school like Pyce, but from elementary school further down ……!


    I’ve heard so much about you! Bakugong, the Great Magician Genius!


    But no matter how much of a genius you are, there’s no way an elementary school kid can win a magic match against a high school wise guy like me,…….”


    Weiss braces himself and pauses to activate his grand magic.


    However, in the next moment, his body was taken away by a turbulent blast and impact.


    …… Dogooooooooooooooo!!!


    The window wall is blown to pieces and Weiss’s body is thrown into the sunset sky.


    Weiss bared his eyes through his cracked glasses as he fell in a big heap.


    “Huh, it’s fast …!? What a fast chanting …!? No way, no chanting …!?


    There is a magician in this world who can cast high-level magic like explosive magic without chanting …! “


    Weiss falls with the rubble.


    The student council room is located near the top of the castle, and is about 30 meters high to the ground.


    At this rate, he will be slammed into the courtyard of the school building and will not be able to survive.


    Weiss looked up at the airy student council room in dismay.


    There was Bakuon, who was making a face, and Pyce, who didn’t seem to be worried.


    And all the members of the Class 1-11 class were shining in orange.


    They were all dressed in such fine gear that Weiss thought even his own custom-made coat looked shabby.


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