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    Translated by NotBlueYet
    Edited by Kingavent


    ‘Well, then, let’s build about ten houses first.


    And I was going to change my job to Shinra Carpenter, but before I did, I suddenly remembered yesterday’s level up.


    Oh, and by the way, there’s a new profession ……


    I activated my ‘Dexterous Job Change’ skill.


    I changed  to a new profession.



    Occupation Lumberjack ⇒ Mana Faker(Art forgery)

    Occupational skill

    Tool duplication (active): Duplicate tools.


    Weapon duplication (active): Duplicate the weapon.


    Building replication (active): Reproduce the building


    Instant (Passive Special): Significantly reduces the materials required for duplication


    Proxies (passive and special): You can use alternatives for materials needed for duplication.



    ‘Mana Faker’ is a kind of production job, but what they make is no ordinary thing.


    As the name suggests, it is a profession of making forgeries, or in other words, fake things.


    They can’t help but make fake things that have no name, so they make things that have value, such as works of art and famous swords.


    Some of them confess that they are fake and buy and sell them, and some of them pretend that they are real and sell them.


    For this reason, this profession is treated by the public as a necessary evil, similar to the Thief or Bandit.


    Selling fake products under false pretenses is not a good thing, but making fake products is not a bad thing in itself, in my opinion.


    My craft also improved as I admired and copied what my predecessors had made.


    And a mana forger, a mana faker, is a wizard’s version of a forger.


    They don’t use their dexterity to create fake things, they use their magical power to create fake things.


    I’ve always been a person who makes things with dexterity, so I was interested in making things with magic power.


    “What would happen if I made a fake house?”


    Out of curiosity, I decided to give it a try right away.


    ”I remember, Mana Faker, the important parameters are ‘magic power’, ‘intelligence’ and ‘liberal arts’.”’


    I activate my ‘dexterous body’ skill from ‘poor dexterity’.



    Name Leopin

    Title: Village Chief

    Occupation: Mana Faker

    Lv 23 

    HP 2510

    MP 2510 ⇒ 10010




    Life 251

    Endurance 251

    Toughness 251 ⇒ 1

    Spirit 251 ⇒ 1

    Resistance 251 ⇒ 1

    Agility 251 ⇒ 1

    Concentration 251 

    Strength 251 ⇒ 1

    Magic 251 ⇒ 1001

    Dharma 251 ⇒ 1

    Intelligence 251 ⇒ 1001

    Liberal Arts 251 ⇒ 1001

    Five Senses 251

    Sixth Sense 251 ⇒ 1

    Charm 1 

    Luck 5

    Dexterity 700 ⇒ 200



    “A thousand of each should be enough for now, and then I can go from there …….”


    I hold my hand up to the freshly cut down Gisu log, the bark of which has not yet been peeled.


    And the phrase that came to my mind was spun out of my mouth as it was.


    “My brain, become ashes, come out of my sleight of hand! Become a shadow hidden in all things, become all things!”


    …… Schoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ……!


    An ashen aura appears from the palm of the hand I held up, and it dances around like powdered snow blown by the wind.


    The secretarial duo beside me at the time were looking at me, “Beautiful …….”


    But the moment those ashes clung to the log of Gisu.


    …… Go-o-o-o-o-o!


    The log leapt into the air and spun around, groaning.


    The bark is turned and processed into square lumber at a speed that makes it seem as if the world is spinning in rapid motion.


    Monaka and Kotone look at each other and say, “What?”


    It was the illusion of the century, to the surprise of even me who did it.


    The cubes combine in the air to create geometric patterns, and then take on more and more shapes in the air, as if they were being crafted by a transparent giant.


    The foundation, walls, roof, doors and windows, and even furniture such as beds and shelves are completed.


    Eventually, they’ll have something that looks exactly like my house.


    …… Zuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!


    It landed on the earth as if he was deeply rooted.


    “Holy ……, I got a whole house in less than 30 seconds. ……!”


    I walked into the house, holding Monaka and Kotone’s waist as they clung to me coyly.


    The inside of the house was so similar to my house that it was hard to find anything different.


    It doesn’t squeak when I push it hard against the wall or bounce it on the floor.


    As for strength, it was at a level that could be drummed up.



    House of Gisu (reproduction)

    Qty 1

    Quality level 22


    A replica of a house made of high quality gisu wood.



    When I appraised it, it was on the same level as my house, which was the base.


    And I can’t believe it can be done with a single cedar log. ……!


    This is probably due to the passive skill ‘Instant’.


    That makes me wonder about the other passive skill, “Proxy”.


    “Maybe, just maybe, ……”


    I walk out of the house and start on the second house.


    Just like before, I held my hand up to the gisu log and chanted a duplicate spell.


    ‘If my house can be replicated to such a high degree of accuracy, this must be ……!’


    Perhaps our prayers were answered by the heavens, for a fragrant house rose up before us.



    House of Kinohi (Reproduction)

    Qty 1

    Quality level 23


    This is a replica of a two-story house made of high-grade, high-quality Kinohi wood.



    “Eh … ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”


    Monaka and Kotone also hugged him tightly with a scream.


    “Le, Leo-kun !? What are you doing now !? This is Kinohi’s house, isn’t it?”


    “I can’t believe that the Gisu tree became a Kinohi!”


    Like a child seeing a magic trick for the first time, the secretarial duo is a bit skeptical.


    I, too, couldn’t believe that a Gisu tree could be a Kinohi.


    I used all of my senses to investigate, and found that this house is exactly the same as a house I once built that used a lot of high-grade wood.


    “Isn’t this by any chance a hell of a profession ……?”


    We need a source of replication, but with this occupation, there is little point in making things.


    But at the same time, I also thought about this.


    “There’s no occupation that’s more useful for building villages, aren’t I building all those luxury houses!”


    I was kind of happy, so I did a series of duplicate spells.


    I build houses all over the newly created site, and in no time I have created about 30 houses.


    In addition, I got carried away and even built a stable using Kinohi near the farm.


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