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    Translated by NotBlueYet
    Edited by Kingavent


    The next morning.


    It was kind of busy outside, and that woke me up.


    I raise myself up from the bed and look at the window right next to me.


    Outside, in the kitchen, students dressed as cooks were busy coming and going.


    It seems that the members of the Class 1-16, or rather the ‘Leopin SS’ now, are cooking breakfast.


    I was just about to get out of bed when I noticed that there was someone in the room.


    “Good morning, Master Leopin!”


    It was Monaka and Kotone, and they were sitting on the floor under the bed, waiting for me to wake up.


    “I’m here to take care of you in the morning!”


    They both stand up with fresh smiles on their faces.


    Monaka wipes my face with a warm hand towel.


    Kotone took out a comb from the bosom of her Miko outfit and went behind me to comb my hair.


    And Monaka fixes the collar on my shirt.


    Kotone took my one of a kind coat that was hanging on the wall and put it on me.


    It was a perfect service, but I felt uncomfortable because I felt like I was being treated unworthy of my status.


    “Come on, Master Leopin, the whole village is waiting for you!”


    They even go to the trouble of opening the door and escorting me out.


    Outside the gate, there were a number of wooden tables set up and all the members of the “Leopin SS” were seated, except for the cooks.


    “Good morning, Master Leopin, I’ve taken care of all the fieldwork and livestock!”


    “Oh …… Oh, thank you.”


    The upper seat I was led to was a chair that looked like a long horizontal bench.


    As soon as I was seated, the cooks brought a freshly prepared breakfast, one after another.


    What was handed out to the members was the regular “Set of Breakfast of the Pioneers of the West”, but only mine was a large portion.


    “Let us give thanks to Lord Leopold for this food, and let us eat.”


    “Bon appétit, Master Leopin!”


    With a tickling chorus, a lively breakfast begins.


    Well, it’s good to have something like this once in a while …… and when I tried to eat it, there was no knife and fork on the table.


    Before I knew it, Monaka and Kotone were snuggled up on either side of me.


    “Yes, Master Leopin, ahhh, please.”

    Monaka brings a salad on a fork to my mouth.


    As expected, I couldn’t take it anymore and I told everyone.


    “Well, I don’t mean to put a damper on things, but …… can you please stop doing this?”


    ‘Oh no!’ said a shocked voice from both sides.


    Monaka and Kotone looked like they wanted to argue, but I stifled them with my gaze.


    As far as I’m concerned, people should treat each other as they always have.


    The table, which had been bustling with activity, was filled with a murmur after the silence.


    No wonder everyone is surprised.


    Speaking of the village chief, he is considered a powerful person, so it is natural for him to be treated with this level of respect in the world.


    Since there is a huge gap between the status of even senior and junior officials, it can be said that the difference between a village chief and a villager is no longer the same as the difference between a god and a human.


    But I’m not trying to be a god.


    To me, you’re all my friends, and I don’t mind if you respect me, but not too much.


    “I guess so. …… At most, can you keep me as the student body president?”


    I didn’t know.


    I can’t believe a third party was listening in on this exchange.


    And I can’t believe that my casual comment has hurt that person so much.


    ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◆


    Earlier this morning, Weiss had noticed from the magical monitoring device in the student council president’s office that a large crowd had gathered at Leopin’s house.


    They ran out of the school building without even having breakfast and headed for the Leopin Forest.


    From the shade of a tree at the entrance to the forest, he spied on the dining table …….


    There was the scene he had dreamed of.


    The village chief is the last to be seated, and the villagers look at him with envy.


    A report of a morning’s work done and a freshly prepared warm meal.


    Surrounded by two beautiful girls, they’ll let you eat it, ahhh, ……!


    Weiss was so envious that he scratched the tree trunk with his claws.


    I’m sure that’s where I’m supposed to be sitting ……!


    the students in the lower ranks follow and work for you, and let the saints and Miko take care of you ……!


    I’m a Sage, I deserve to be treated as I deserve to be treated, why should I let that unemployed piece of trash ……!


    Then Leopin’s words jumped out at me, and I almost screamed out.


    At best, he’s student body president. ……?

    Do you know how hard I’ve worked to get where I am today? ……!


    That unemployed trash is going to be in the same position as me, the wise man. ……!


    I…… won’t allow you to do that,……!”


    ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◆


    Monaka and Kotone were shocked when I declared myself student body president.


    They were so shocked that they couldn’t take care of themselves anymore.


    The two of them were so depressed that I just had to say it.


    “As long as you’re not treating me like a king, I’ll keep asking you to do things like wipe my sweat off.”


    Then Monaka and Kotone, though wilted, became as healthy as if a flower had come to life.


    “I’m going to rub your shoulders!”


    “I’ll use the toothpick to clean your teeth, and I’ll rub your feet.”


    I feel like I’ve ignited more motivation in the beautiful girl secretaries.


    “And Master, what would you like to do after dinner? I’ll arrange the preparations ahead of time!”


    I answer as I get a massage.


    “We’re going to start expanding our base some time today.”


    The reason for this is not that the ranch has become too small, but the fact that everyone is now a villager means that we need to build a residence here.


    That being the case, I’ve been thinking since last night that it would be best to radically remodel this base.


    I’ve got 70 people working on it, and we’re going to get to work.


    First, we have to cut down all the trees at the entrance to the forest and clear the land.


    Then it would be connected to the grassland outside, and that 400-meter square would be the site of the village.


    And we’re going to relocate the fields and ranches outside the village.


    “I’ll cut down the forest and build everyone a house, and you guys can do the relocation of the fields and pastures?”




    In order to streamline the process, I first made something out of Gisu’s wood.



    The Gisu Wagon

    Piece 7

    (Material level 12 + Dexterity bonus 7 + Occupation bonus 23)


    Hauling tool made of high quality Gisu wood.

    Various bonuses allow you to load 10 times more than normal carts.



    There are 14 horses on the ranch now, so we paired them up two by two and had them pull seven wagons.


    Up until now, the means of transportation had been human-powered carts, but as expected, the power of a wagon was far greater.


    The fence at the ranch and the crops in the field were hauled away at once.


    While my buddies are fencing the ranch and plowing the new fields, I’ll be working on my own.


    I change my job to Lumberjack and cut down the trees at the entrance of the forest with full power, pulling out stumps and even bushes.


    Until now, it was difficult to see my house from the living quarters because of the trees in the forest, but now that the land has been cleared, I can see it completely.


    Monaka and Kotone come over and wipe my sweat off.


    The two of them have become my personal secretaries, and they have started to separate from everyone else.


    As I look out over the open space, I take a breath and think about the future.


    “Now we just need to use the wood to build some houses here, one for Monaka and one for Kotone, and then we can go to …….”


    Then a shocked “Oh no!” was heard as if it were breakfast all over again.


    “We are Leo-kun and, well, we are …… together!


    Monaka was squirming, but Kotone was crisp.


    “I was going to take care of you from morning to night at master’s residence, but ……!”


    “No, no, no, no. That’s not right.”


    I patted them both on the head.


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