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    Translated by NotBlueYet
    Edited by Kingavent


    I had been banned from the residential area by Principal Kakeru-kun for a week.


    The reason seems to be to prepare for an outside interview that will be coming to the school.


    I was wondering why you were trying to get rid of me when I was just getting ready to be interviewed. ……


    In any case, I was used to this kind of unreasonable treatment from the time of the previous principal, so I think it’s okay.


    But I can’t just allow evil schemes that harm the animals in the forest, such as those of the former principal.


    I decided to spend the week I was banned from the residential area patrolling the forest.


    In addition, thanks to walking around catching animals that would become livestock, the farm becomes much more lively.


    Or rather, the fence had become so full of livestock that it felt cramped.


    It’s time to expand the farm. …… Meanwhile, the day of the interview arrives.


    I was given a make-up lesson that day, so I was stuck with Sir Vibe from early in the morning, getting a hard time in the name of teaching.


    It goes on until late at night, and I return home exhausted.


    There was a bonfire in front of the house, like a campfire, and a lot of people were there.


    When I approached them, I found a group of familiar faces who were always helping me with the farm work.


    When they realized I was back, they all beamed happily and then groveled in unison.


    “Hey, hey, what’s going on here, all, all these people. ……”


    Then Monaka and Kotone, who were lying face down at the front, looked up.


    They said, their puffy eyes reflecting the flames of the bonfire, burning like the setting sun.


    “Leo, Master!”


    And those who were behind the girls followed.


    “We, we are ……! We became the ‘Leopin SS’ ……!”


    “Eeh- …. Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!?”


    I’m usually the one who surprises everyone, and now everyone surprised me.


    “Could it be that you’re referring to ‘Federation Alliance’ as ……?”


    “Yes!” came the perfectly aligned reply.


    “Eh? But the formation of a ‘Federation Alliance’ should require the approval of the principal, right ……?”


    I can’t believe that the principal would approve of a league with me.


    Monaka and Kotone were excited, but like sisters, they worked well together.


    “Yes! Today, I asked the principal to officially approve it!


    We are now able to serve our master!”


    Apparently, Monaka and Kotone were the main movers.


    “What the hell did you do to get that principal to approve ……?”


    As I mumbled this, I glanced over at the valets.


    Onesco, Shinobuko and Tomoe are on their knees, looking reluctant.


    The fact that that trio, who are in a position to oppose with all their might, are keeping quiet is …… no way, really ……!


    “But is it really okay to form an alliance with me, who is unemployed? Monaka and Kotone will hurt their family …”


    “I’m sure my sister will understand!”


    “Even though our family members oppose us, we have decided to serve you, Master!”


    “Even if the housekeepers objected, we decided! Let’s serve the master!”


    “I don’t want you to be unrecognized any longer, sir!

    I want to tell everyone that Leo is such an amazing person!”


    “Master is a person worthy of respect, more than nobles and royalty, more than …… Hero and Sage!


    East and West, the two saints were uncanny.


    People from famous families are usually desperate just to make a name for themselves and want to be associated with Hero’s and Sage’s.


    But the girls have been working so hard for me …… that I’m unemployed.


    Come to think of it, there was another girl like this: …….


    I remembered my promise to Soitsu.


    I noticed that Kotone was hanging on to my leg, tightly.


    “Please, Master ……, let us stay close to you ……!”


    After a short delay, Monaka dutifully pinched the hem of my pants.


    “Or are you bothered …… by us, Leo, or do you hate us ……?”


    I put my hand on their heads as they were about to start crying.


    “I know you’ve both been through a lot, and I want to thank you for all you’ve done for me.”


    The two of them have abandoned their family and worldly status and have been so courageous as to …… set it up for us.


    If you don’t receive it, you’re not a man. ……!


    I look up and declare in high spirits.


    “Alright, I’ve received your courage, and from now on, you’re officially my friends!”


    “Le…… Leopin-sama!”


    Monaka and Kotone hug me around the waist, tears welling up in their eyes.


    Everyone who was down woke up, their faces like a burning fire.


    “Thank you ……, Leopin!”


    As if uniting their hearts with mine, my friends are shouting in unison.


    Then my house, which was behind them, began to glow as brightly as the burning flames.




    LV 9 ⇒ 10

    Size A small farm and training ground ⇒ A small village

    Population 1 ⇒ 72

    Beasts Pets 3

    Bystander 71 ⇒ 0

    Livestock ⇒ Horses 14 Chickens 35 Cows 11 Goats 16


    Base Skills

    Activity support

    Expansion of bases

    Protection of bases

    Agricultural Support

    Second home

    Support for one’s family

    Cooking Support

    Livestock support

    Place of refuge

    Training Support

    NEW! Inauguration of Village Head: The title of “Village Chief” is given to the representative.



    And a phenomenon that has never happened before occurs.


    My house was shining, and the particles of light began to wrap around my body like the Milky Way.



    Name Leopin

    NEW! Title: Village Chief

    Occupation Tamer

    Lv 22 ⇒ 23

    HP 2510

    MP 2510



    Life 251

    Endurance 251

    Toughness 251

    Spirit 251

    Resistance 251

    Agility 251

    Concentration 251

    Strength 251

    Magic 251

    Dharma 251

    Intelligence 251

    Liberal Arts 251

    Five Senses 251

    Sixth Sense 251

    Charm 1 

    Luck 5

    Dexterity 600 ⇒ 700



    NEW! Village head

    NEW! Village Chief Order: I can give orders to up to 100 villagers giving them a 20 percent ability bonus.

    NEW! Exile Order: Expel the villagers.



    Changeable occupations


    Production System



    Shin-Ra Carpenter


    Leather Craftsman



    Confectioner Pastry Chef

    Artisan Fireworker


    Bread Artisan


    NEW! Art Forgery


    Exploration System


    Treasure Hunter


    Earth Vein Master


    Combat System

    Battle Axe User


    Martial Artist






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