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    Translated by NotBlueYet
    Edited by Kingavent


    Going back in time.


    Leopin made his first “Breakfast of the Western Settlers” and had just finished eating it.


    Leopin was feeling happy and full, when he heard many footsteps approaching from outside the house.


    ‘Who are you, …… this early in the morning, I’m glad you’ve come to help me with the farm work, but this early ……’


    When I walked out of the gate, mumbling to myself, I found Kurumi and the other students of Class 1-16.


    ‘What’s the matter, Kurumi?’ Leopin asks, and Kurumi cuts in, faltering, as if to say.


    “Oh, um, Chef Leopin,……, I actually have a favor to ask you,…….


    Can you teach me how to make bread, ooh, can you teach me how to make bread, ……?”


    Kurumi, in a mosquito-like voice, offers me a piece of flattened bread.


    “This is a bread that was baked by a baker in my class. ……


    No matter how I tried, I couldn’t get it to expand like Chef Leopin’s bread. ……”



    Low quality seedless bread

    Qty 1

    Quality Level minus 6| (Material Level 51 + Occupation Bonus 1 + Cooking Bonus 2 + Material Kill Penalty 60)


    Bread baked from a basic recipe.

    The ingredients are of the highest quality, but the taste is poor because the craftsmen are inexperienced and the ingredients are insufficient.



    I had the ‘Appraisal’ skill, so I knew immediately what kind of bread it was just by picking it up.


    Of course it is. It’s seedless bread.


    “Only, no seeds, bread ……?”

    Yeah, it’s also called unfermented bread because there’s no yeast in it, which is why it’s so flat.”


    Then Kurumi tilted her head and had a head full of question marks.


    Not only her, but the men and women in cook’s outfits behind her have the same unflappable expression on their faces.


    What, you don’t even know yeast? …… I’d like to say I didn’t know yeast until recently, but I didn’t know yeast until recently, either. Here, take this.


    Leopin pulls a leather water bottle out of his coat pocket.


    Inside is the “Princess Apple Yeast” that he has been making up.


    “Mix the liquid in this with the bread dough and leave it in a warm place for a while so it will puff up, then bake it.”


    The cooks looked skeptical.


    He peered into the water bottle and wondered, “Is it really possible to make a loaf of bread swell up just by pouring this kind of water into it ……?


    Well, you can try it out here, because we’ve got all the baking equipment here.


    Then the baking class begins under the guidance of Leopin.


    However, since there were 20 students, it was not possible to give solid instruction to each student individually, and only a simple explanation was given.


    You can make and bake one small loaf of bread for each person at …….




    Qty 20

    Quality Level 4|(Material Level 51 + Occupation Bonus 1 + Cooking Bonus 2 + Material Kill Penalty 50)


    Bread baked from a basic recipe.

    The craftsmanship is inexperienced, but the ingredients are of the highest quality, so the taste is adequate.



    The result was a bread that was not plump, but was softer and more bread-like than the original bread.




    That’s all it took for the crowd to erupt in joy.


    “Oh, my God, it’s inflated!”


    “Tastes so much better than the stuff we used to make!”


    Leopin said to the cooks, who were tasting the food with smiling faces.


    “I baked this one about a week ago, why don’t we compare?”


    Leopin pulled out of his pocket a loaf of bread.


    The only person who has ever tasted this bread is Kurumi among the 16 classes of the first year.


    When the students received the bread, they were once again reluctant.


    “This bread looks good too, but it was baked within a week, wasn’t it? Bread that’s been out for a week is too hard and bad to eat, isn’t it?”


    “Yeah, this bread seems soft, but no matter how much you try, it can’t be any better than our freshly baked …… yummyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!”


    Just one bite of the bread and they were buzzing from the sheer deliciousness.


    With that momentum, he rubs his forehead on the ground.


    I just found out the reason why …… Kurumi called Leopin-kun “Chef”!


    I’m not sure what to say, but I’m sure it’s a good idea.


    Humbled, the students of Class 1-16 are all ready to raise the bar.


    They were on their knees, glowing with light, and Leopin grudgingly agreed to become their master.


    And more glory to come.




    LV 8 ⇒ 9

    Size: A small farm ⇒ A small farm and training ground

    Population 1

    Pets 3

    Bystander 52 ⇒ 71

    Livestock, horses 6, chickens 12, cows 5, goats 8.


    Base Skills:

    Activity support

    Expansion of bases

    Protection of bases

    Agricultural Support

    Second home

    Support for one’s family

    Cooking Support

    Livestock support

    Place of refuge

    NEW! Training Support: Gain bonuses to your achievements in training in the base.



    ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◆


    When the lower level cooks were steadily improving their skills.


    What about Toinette, the senior cook, who is a cloud to them, …….


    Toinette was making bread to serve to the reporters who were coming to cover the wheat fields, as requested by Weiss.


    She is the leader of “Eternal Toinette,” a café run by Class 12 of the first year.


    She rented out that kitchen and proceeded to cook with elegance.


    The kitchen is lined with fine silver cooking utensils, purchased from the store.


    And it’s not just the environment that’s the best, it’s the fact that Kakeru-kun uses the finest flour in the kingdom, which he sources through secret channels.


    With all these elements in place, there was no doubt that the best bread would be made.



    Awful seedless bread

    Qty 1

    Quality Level minus 12| (Material Level 11 + Occupation Bonus 1 + Material Kill Penalty 24)


    Bread baked from a basic recipe.

    The ingredients are of high quality, but the taste is terrible because the craftsmen are inexperienced and the ingredients are insufficient.



    The result was a strange object that looked like a giant elephant beetle that had been crushed by an elephant.


    And this isn’t the first time, it’s the 30th.


    I’m not sure what to make of this.


    Even the flowers I put in to make it look better are kind of like pressed flowers from hell!


    Toinette was a court pastry chef, but she was still at level 1, so her skills were no better than an amateur.


    However, her pride was already the only thing that was hurting her greatly.


    And the bread on the side adds to her humiliation.


    Why is it that the bread made by an unemployed dropout expands, while the bread made by me doesn’t?


    I’m a great court confectioner pastry chef! And yet, what’s that? ……!




    In the kitchen, there was the “Angel’s Fluffy Bread,” which Kakeru-kun had also obtained in secret as a research object.


    Toinette had foolishly thought she didn’t need to eat it and hadn’t even touched it, but to begin with, it didn’t even taste or look far off.


    On the contrary, she would take it out on them and stomp them out.


    And this was the difference between her and Kurumi, the girl who was a low-ranking pastry chef.


    Kurumi honestly admires Leopin and asks him to teach her how to bake.


    As a result, she was able to move up one flight of stairs as a pastry chef.


    But Toinette is the exact opposite.


    She looked down on Leopin and thought she could easily surpass the bread baked by a dropout.


    The result is the mass production of miserable stuff.


    Toinette had been up all night making bread in her own way, but she had not been able to produce anything that could be called bread.


    The night before the journalists visit, Toinette is so sleepless that she hears the voice of the devil.


    This was the moment when the worst evil scheme in history blossomed: ……!


    “So…… that’s right……, if it doesn’t puff up, just stuff the fabric with stuffing to make it look puffy……!”


    With that in mind, she stuffed the dough with all sorts of things.


    Initially, she used something edible, but none of the results were satisfactory.


    She had no choice but to use cotton or cloth, but it was not good enough.


    Then, in the corner of the kitchen where I looked over, I found a pile of food scraps mixed with dust, piled up on a wooden tar.


    It was a filthy thing that she, as a young lady, would not normally want in her corner of sight …….


    Now, somehow, it looked like the finest of feathers.


    You can’t just pack up your trash, no matter how much you want to. ……


    But she was exhausted, and despite her words, she was walking unsteadily.


    Like a moth attracted to the light, she pick up the food scraps.


    “Oh …… soft ……, well …… just try, just try …… might be good …….”


    Already in Toinette’s mind was a pathway full of blooming flowers.


    The young lady doesn’t know yet.


    That the flower is the clique flower for her.


    That it’s a one-way trip to hell, straight down the ranks.


    Lower and upper class, humble and conceited, glorious and frustrated.


    This was the moment when the two sides were clearly separated.


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