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    Translated by NotBlueYet
    Edited by Kingavent


    “This is a café run by the people of Class 1-16 of the first year, and to honor Leo-kun …… Leopin-kun, we have changed the name of the shop to ‘Leo Pan’!”


    “Master …… Leopin-sama is a wonderful person, if it were allowed, I would even let my ‘Jinja’ become ‘Leopin Jinja’!”


    Monaka and Kotone are talking like they’re in a fever.


    From that point on, the exchange was already flowing.


    “Leopin! Isn’t that the same name that was carved in the wheat field!


    Master Weiss says that even the students who are failures and helpless are ……!”


    “That’s not true, because that wheat field was made by Leo-kun!


    We help out after school, too!


    And this bread was also baked using Leo’s recipe!”


    “Thanks to the Master who made the wheat field and the bread and gave it to us, everyone in this settlement can have bread!


    If it hadn’t been for Leo, we wouldn’t have had any bread and we would have been destitute!”


    “Ah, Master is the God of salvation ……!”


    Monaka and Kotone were so impressed with Leopin as they were explaining how wonderful it was that their eyes were so clear that they could see the blue sky reflected in them.


    At last, they got on their knees and began to pray to the sign, Leopin.


    The prayers of the High Priestess are originally reserved for God and the powers that be.


    The bewilderment of the reporters peaks when something so sublime is directed at an unnamed student.


    “Wow …! Monaka and Kotone are kneeling …!”


    “Who the hell is this student called Leopin ……?”


    “I’m sure none of your prestigious sons had names like that. ……?


    “Could it be that he’s from an obscure commoner? It shouldn’t be possible for a commoner student to be that active. ……”


    “Don’t you think so?”


    There, it interrupts like a rotten thing.


    When I looked, I saw Kakeru-kun and the vice principal there, kneading the bread for the tasting with their hands.


    “You don’t have any proof of what Monaka-san and Kotone-san are saying, do you?”


    Then the two saints stand up indignantly.


    “Are you saying that we are lying to you?”


    “Yes, because the reason for that is based on you, right?


    Kakeru-kun passed the baton of guidance to Weiss.


    I was nonchalant in the school, thinking that I could leave the rest to Weiss, but when I saw students running into the infirmary saying they felt sick, I felt uneasy.


    When I went to “Eternal Toinette”, I found him alone in the deadly misery.


    Thinking that Weiss must have made a terrible mistake, Kakeru-kun hurried to think of a countermeasure.


    So the measure he took was to ‘tell them it’s all a lie’: ……!


    Leopin’s successes so far have been taken for granted by some students and supporters.


    As for the students, they can be silenced by force, and their supporters are in a rather active position to keep their mouths shut.


    But the problem is Monaka and Kotone, and power is hard to come by for them.


    That’s when Kakeru-kun came up with an idea…….


    “Monaka-kun and Kotone-kun are lying to attract the attention of the brave sama, right!”


    I’m not sure what to make of it, but I think it’s a good idea.


    What a crazy way to treat the pure feelings of two saints ……!


    It was a pretty reckless plan, but Kakeru-kun was sure of it.


    As long as we don’t have Leopin, we can make it work, and ……!


    If Leopin were here, the last thing he’d need is an easy proof of excellence.


    But now Leopin is in the middle of a make-up class at the lake.


    At the moment, reporters’ impressions of Leopin are as far-fetched as those of a mythical animal.


    The relay is scheduled to last until noon, so if you can just get through this, please hold on …….


    Leopin has become a creature of the imagination ……!


    The plan was very effective, and the reporters were immediately relieved.


    “I see, ……, that’s what you meant, …..That makes sense!”


    “I thought it was strange that this student called Leopin was a dropout and unemployed!


    It’s impossible for such a useless student to be more active than a hero or a wise man!


    Monaka and Kotone are trying their best to keep up.


    It’s not a lie, it’s the truth, and the bread here is the best proof of it!”


    “And if Master didn’t make the wheat field, then who did?”


    It’s not a good time to be talking about it, he thought, raising his voice even more.


    ‘If you believe that much in Leopin, let’s play a game!


    It’s called “Leopin Pioneer Game”!


    This is the rule that was announced at once without letting me interrupt to argue.


    If Leopin can make the Pioneer’s Breakfast in the next month, Monaka and Kotone win; if not, they lose.


    ”If you’re really good, Leopin-kun, it would be easy enough to procure the ingredients and make ‘The Pioneer’s Breakfast’ in a month!


    Since this match is against Monaka and Kotone, I’ll make it special and let you two help Leopin-kun as ants!”


    The reporters were very excited by this declaration.


    In a pioneering academy, the next goal after farming is animal husbandry, right?


    “It is said that it takes another year or so to be able to do animal husbandry! No matter how good a student you are, no matter how much you want to shorten it to a month,……!”


    “But if we can achieve it, it will prove that Leopin is a really good student!”


    The odds were stacked against Kakeru-kun.


    In the first place, the Kakeru-kun side has a big advantage in this game because he gave one month to complete something that takes one year.


    –It’s impossible to make The Pioneer’s Breakfast in a month!


    Besides, if he knows what they’re making, he can sabotage it as much as he wants!


    And besides, even if it was accomplished, …….


    The reporters will be gone by noon today, so there won’t be any third-party witnesses!


    If the only witnesses are the students and their supporters, he can cover up as much as he wants!


    If we decide to announce the results at a press conference in King’s Landing a month from now, we can make up as many results as we want. ……!


    This time, I win this game!


    Kakerukun is crazy! He points to Monaka and Kotone.


    “If you win this game, I’ll give you 2 billion yen out of my pocket money! Even if you split it, it’ll be 1 billion yen!


    At this, not only the reporters, but even the students of Yazima were excited with “Ooooooo!


    The crowd was completely on Kakeru-kun’s side.


    “But if you lose, you have to give me the whole booklet of Slave Tickets, okay?”


    Monaka was bewildered as she solidified in the blink of an eye.


    “Oh, uh, Principal, that’s a bet, isn’t it? I don’t like to bet. ……”


    But Kotone, who was standing next to her, stepped forward.


    “I accept this challenge. ……!”


    “Oh no, Kotone!”


    “Monaka-sama, we have sworn to dedicate ourselves to our master.


    Besides, I don’t want to see my master’s great deeds neglected any longer!”


    Monaka is struck by a thunderbolt as she makes up her mind.


    She steps forward to stay in line with Kotone.


    “I’ll do it too …! I can’t stand the fact that Leo-kun’s greatness isn’t recognized anymore …!


    And principal, in exchange for accepting this game, I have one more thing to ask your forgiveness for!”


    Kakelukun replies mischievously, “What is it, I wonder?”


    I want the school to approve our activities as the ‘Leopin SS’!”


    “Eh … ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”


    The shout that exploded in front of the bakery went through the entire residential area.


    It’s no wonder, because the saintly Monaka made a statement that was as good as forming a “League Alliance”.


    A “league” is a group that goes beyond the school’s prescribed framework of classes, committees, and club activities.


    In pioneer schools, this is done around the middle of the year, and is a mechanism for organizational consolidation.


    To give an example, Ma-chan’s “Merchants’ Union” is a type of federation.


    And if it weren’t for Leopin, they would have been absorbed by the ‘Merchant Union’ by now.


    As such, the federation itself is not that unusual.


    However, for a saint as famous as Monaca to form a league for someone other than a brave or wise man was an unusual occurrence.


    The buzzing of the reporters never stops.


    “Monaka-sama is forming a league? This is a hell of a scoop!”


    ”But the League is making an important decision that will affect the life of a saint, and Monaka-sama’s guardians know about this!


    As if to answer that question, Monaka turned to the Denei Denei device and looked at the camera and said.


    “Sister, are you watching this?


    We’ve written to you many times to let you know about Leo-kun!


    I haven’t received a reply from my sister yet. ……


    Even if my sister says no, I want to support Leo-kun!”


    Monaka bows deeply to the Denei Denei device, “I’m sorry for being so selfish!”


    The sudden statement of forming a federation, and one named after an unemployed dropout, was something that Kakeru-kun could never allow.


    But this game is like a spider’s web for Kakeru-kun.


    If only we could lure the beautiful butterfly into a realm where absolute victory is guaranteed: ……!


    –We can wipe out those annoying students attached to Leopin. ……!


    This time you can leave Leopin, all alone: ……!


    And it comes with a bonus of the most beautiful girls. ……!


    With a Slave Ticket, I can order such and such a thing to ……! Kaka kaka!


    Kakeru-kun declares, spreading drool.


    “If you win, in addition to the 2 billion, I’ll officially approve the formation of the Leopin SS as principal!


    Let’s start the game now!


    Now that the game has started, you’re not allowed to retire until the game is won, you know!”


    Saints vs. Kakeru-kun, a matchup like no other in history.


    The curtain has finally fallen on that battle: ……!


    But just as the curtain is about to fall to the ground or not, the game is decided.


    A lone girl with a tray in her hand came out of the bakery building.


    Steamy dishes are on the tray


    She stayed in the kitchen in the back and didn’t know anything about the interaction so far.


    What is the girl doing when she sees the crowd in front of the store? She shook her neck.


    Eventually, she called on the crowd to squeeze their courage.


    “Ah, that, that, that! Ah, a new menu has been created!


    Chef Leopin provided the ingredients and recipes for me, “Breakfast of the Pioneers of the West”! “


    “Huh … hasaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa”

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