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    Translated by NotBlueYet
    Edited by Kingavent


    In the residential part of the school, in the middle of the main street.


    It is considered the center of commerce in the pioneer academy, and is a prime location for the shops of the higher ranks.


    That high-class space had now turned into a hellscape.


    The wise man who had pretended to be a success earlier was now a visual of less than a loser.


    He crawled over and stuck his face in the bucket, filling the street with a muddy sound that made one sick to hear.


    The students who were watching around him are gone like spiderlings with their ears covered.


    The reporters were in an uproar as they watched all the ugliness happen in front of their eyes on the Denei Denei device.


    “What, what, what the hell happened to him ……?”


    “That’s not the best bread, that’s the reaction you get when you eat the worst bread ……!”


    One of the reporters notices a half piece of bread left on the table.


    “What is this bread? It’s filled with rotten fruit peelings!”


    “I can’t believe it’s for human consumption!


    Don’t tell me that the leaders of this school are eating this kind of bread that’s no better than dog food every day!”


    “It’s awful, it’s too awful,……, even the bottom of the line pioneer academy can produce better bread,……!”


    “What is the meaning of all this, Master Weiss?”


    Reporters started asking questions.


    But Weiss was passed out with his face in the bucket and the whites of his eyes.


    “It seems that Mr. Weiss is in no condition to speak!” “Then ……”


    The reporters started to look for Toinette, who had served them this bread.


    He shouted as he spotted a smaller and smaller back figure across the back alley.


    “Monsieur de Toinette is there, and we must follow her and hear what she has to say!”


    The reporters start running towards the back alley, leaving the stuck wise man alone.


    But the moment he jumped out onto the next street, his feet stopped dead in their tracks.


    “Wow, it smells so good ……! It smells like fresh bread!”


    “Yes, yes, that’s the smell I wanted, not the smell of rotten bread!”


    “Apparently there’s another place that serves bread! Oh, it looks like the one on the corner!


    The bread from the shop on Main Street was such rubbish, it doesn’t look too promising, but I’ll go ……!”


    The reporters stop their pursuit of Toinette and together head for the corner store.


    It was exactly the scene they had been waiting for.


    “Oh, this bakery is amazing, there’s a line down the street!


    The place is packed with customers inside and out!”


    “Wow, they’re at a disadvantage compared to the shops on the main street, yet they’re getting so many customers!”


    The reporters approached the shop with their hopes once again swelling.


    At the store, two schoolgirls wearing triangular hoods were holding baskets under their arms and handing out bread for tasting.


    “Please enjoy this delicious, freshly baked bread.” (ED: I think the pov changes here)


    What was handed was a bread roll the size of the palm.


    It looks comparable to the bread served in Eternal Toinette, and most importantly, it smells amazing.


    The reporters were still remembering the garbage bread from earlier, but they took the plunge and tried it.


    “Oooh …… yummy!!!?”


    But this is not an act.


    “This bread is so, so good!


    Even the most prestigious bakeries in King’s Landing don’t sell bread as good as this!”


    “I have been invited to dine with the king and have been given some of the best bread in the world, but this bread is even better!”


    “Wow, the students at this school get to eat such delicious bread every day, that’s nice!”


    “Leo-kun’s bread is the best, would you like another piece of Master’s bread?”


    The girls smilingly hands me a second piece of bread.


    The reporters had assumed that the girls were students of the common people in the lower ranks.


    But if you take a closer look at the face that was under the triangle, you’ll see …….


    I’m sure I’m not the only one.


    “Isn’t that Kotone over here?”


    The reporters hurriedly groveled.


    I’m not sure what to make of it, but I’m sure it’s a good idea.


    The two girls respond with a young wolfish smile.


    “It’s for Leo-kun’s(Master’s) sake!”


    Apparently, they were both referring to the same person.


    That was enough to get the reporters excited.


    It’s hard enough to get one person to like you, but it’s nearly impossible to win the hearts of two people.


    To use a chess analogy, it’s like being able to manipulate even the enemy queen at will.


    In other words, it’s about as improbable as it sounds.


    “I can’t believe there’s a happy student who you feel so much for!”


    ”I’m sure he’s a great leader! That person seems to be Master Weiss ……? not.”


    “So I knew it would be a hero ……?”


    The two warlords mouthed, “No!


    While many women would go crazy at the mere mention of a rumor about a hero, there has never been a time in the past when a woman has so crisply denied a rumor.


    The journalists’ spirits are on fire.


    “Who is the gentleman …… that the two of you acknowledge and adore as more than a hero?


    Monaka and Kotone’s faces are captured in close-up by the Denei Denei device.


    I’m sure people all over the kingdom are glued to it right now.


    I wonder who won the hearts of these beautiful girls and ……!


    And now, once again, ……!


    The boy’s name is making his national debut. ……!


    The two princesses pointed to a sign for a bakery. ……


    There is a huge illustration of a boy on it, and the shop name underneath it is …….




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