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    Translated by NotBlueYet
    Edited by Kingavent


    A field of wheat laid out like a carpet, and the four letters of “Leopin” appeared there like gold embroidery.


    The one who did this trick was not Leopin himself, but that mischievous girl.


    That girl’s class was in charge of harvesting wheatgrass, and while they were working, she said something like this.


    That’s right! We’re dealing in flour with the Leopin brand, so it would be interesting to make it so that people can recognize Leopin’s farm from a distance. And I’m sure Leopin will be surprised when he finds out!


    That girl’s plan was half wrong and half right.


    It wasn’t the Leopin he was aiming for, but it was an unexpected person’s guts.


    The reporters all turn their Denei Denei devices on the pale Kakeru-kun at once.


    “Headmaster Kakerkun, what in the world is Leopin?”


    Kakeru-kun was shaking with awe, like a gambler who is sure he is going to win when he gets a straight flush at poker and his opponent gives him a royal flush.


    The unexpected counterattack from Leopin’s side had him in a complete panic.


    “That’s the name of one of my students.”


    A helping hand comes from an unexpected direction.


    The one who drew the attention of the place with his calm voice was none other than Weiss.


    “What, Mr. Weiss?


    Kakeru-kun was trying to think of a way to cover it up, but Weiss readily admitted it.


    The reporters rushed around Weiss, ignoring Kaker-kun.


    “That was your student’s name, he must be quite a great student to have his name engraved on the field!”


    Kakeru-kun pressed his head, not caring that the wig was displaced, “It’s over ……!


    But Weiss says with a cool face, “No, it’s the other way around.


    “Leopin is the biggest failure in this school.


    The only work a dropout can do is harvesting wheat fields, so I had him do it exclusively …….


    Apparently, that dropout was trying to sidestep this achievement of mine.


    I guess he thought that if he carved his name in the field like that, people would misunderstand him.


    Oh dear, it seems to be true that dropouts are shallow and ugly at heart.”


    The reporters were disgusted and said, “Wow,…….


    “It’s disgusting, ……! That student called Leopin, ……!


    It’s unbecoming of a human being to try to usurp the achievements of another!”


    “But heaven forbid, this broadcast is being watched by the entire population of Foulish!”


    Leopin’s infamy must be sweeping the country now!


    How Weiss succeeded in making Leopin’s name known not only within the school, but also as a national failure. ……!


    He turned a pinch into an opportunity, and smiled unnoticed.


    ‘–Don’t feel bad, Leopin’ ……!


    It’s your fault, you’re a dropout and you tried to fight back against me, the wise man. ……!


    Now the whole country of Foolish hates you: ……!


    Now you’re nowhere to be found after you’re kicked out of this academy ……!


    But now that you’ve messed with this me, you’re not going to get away with this. ……!


    I’ll pay you back double for everything you’ve done so far. ……!’


    Weiss opens his arms like a buzzard in the springtime and tells the reporters in a chirping tone.


    “Now that we’ve made a mess of things, let’s clean up our palates, shall we?


    The wheat field that I, this wise man, have instructed him to create is of the highest quality, not only in appearance, but also in substance.


    Let’s see the best bread, baked with the best flour.”


    At this point, the guiding role was passed from Kakeru-kun to Weiss.


    Weiss leads the reporters to the Eternal Toinette, a café on the main street of the residential area, run by the Class 1-12.


    When Weiss was seated on the terrace, which was reserved for him, Toinette, dressed as a pastry chef, arrived.


    In her hand, of course, she is holding the glass case.


    When she put it on the table, the reporters around me shouted, “Oh!


    “Soooo, wow ……, what a beautiful piece of bread ……!”


    Really, it sparkles like a jewel!”


    It is so beautiful that the reporters forget to cover the story and just admire it.


    Weiss explains, crossing his legs.


    “The best flour was made into bread by the best artisan, Miss Toinette.


    This is the best bread that only the best people can eat.”


    “Then, Master Weiss, you must try it!”


    “Only the best of us can eat that bread, right? Then there is no one else but Master Weiss!”


    “Yes, I’m sure the people watching this broadcast are more interested in the taste!”


    At first, Weiss refused, saying, “No, this is for presentation, not for eating,” but the reporters flattered him and he finally opened the glass case.


    Toinette, who was standing next to him, kept whispering “You must not eat!” over and over, but her voice was drowned out by the frenzied reporters.


    Weiss tells the reporters as he recrosses his legs and strikes his best decision pose.


    “Then I’ll make a special mention of this bread; only, when you’re my age, you eat this class of bread every day.


    The taste of success is never fresh, so don’t expect an overwhelming reaction.”


    Weiss refuses, then brings the golden bread to his mouth.


    Not only did the relayed Denei Denei equipment capture the scene in close-up, but the flashes of the Shinsha equipment burned multiple times.


    But after taking a bite of his best bread, Weiss’s face paled in a flash.


    ‘–What is this bread ……? It’s not fluffy, it’s crumbly and feels like a rag ……!


    The only way to describe the taste is that it’s… ……!’


    Weiss glanced down at the bread, pulling it away from his mouth so the reporters wouldn’t notice.


    The bread was so full of incredible things that it wasn’t enough to look twice.


    ‘–go…… trash!


    Why is there garbage in the bread ……?’


    Weiss glances sideways at Twanet.


    However, the place where she was standing a moment ago is empty.


    he twisted his neck to look for her, and he saw her running away with her hair in a vertical roll, …….


    The reporters were baffled.


    “Master Weiss, what is the matter with you!”


    “The whole country is watching you eat bread now, Weiss-sama!


    The people will be very satisfied with your appearance!


    Guh ……!”


    The inside filled with dust, leftover food, sludge, dead insects, and all kinds of other garbage.


    Even a rat, let alone a human being, would turn its back on this bread.


    But Weiss had to eat something that not even these rats would eat.


    At any rate, if he refused to eat the flour, it would mean that the flour was so bad that he couldn’t eat it.


    ‘–Yu, I won’t allow it, Leopin! ……!


    I’m gonna pay you back tenfold for this. ……!’


    In his mind, Weiss was spewing out his resentment towards Leopin.


    Eventually, he pinched his nose in readiness and shoved the bread into his mouth all at once.


    I was going to go all the way in one breath, but because my whole body refused to let me put it in my mouth, I only got half a piece.


    he puffed up his flushed cheeks and chewed with a gurgling sound that didn’t sound like bread at all.


    “When you’re as good as …… me, this much bread is …… eaten …… every day.”


    The tearful look on his face is very unlike the bread he is used to eating; it is as if he is being tortured.


    And finally, the time had come.




    Weiss couldn’t help but get up and jump into a wooden bucket on the side of the road, holding his mouth.


    And ……!


    Emptied his stomach contents into the …… bucket!


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