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    Translated by NotBlueYet
    Edited by Kingavent


    While Leopin had tasted the best breakfast and was in the best mood …….


    In the principal’s office at the school, the atmosphere was not that great. If not the worst.


    The wig that Kakeru-kun had arranged through a secret route arrived today.


    He had been crying all day for the past few days, but the smile was back on his face at the good news.


    “U_…… yeah, this way, they won’t find out, right?


    The vice principal nodded happily as he put on his wig and asked for consent.


    “Of course, I sent theprincipal’s natural hair for a custom-made hairpiece that perfectly reproduced the hair texture.”


    The fact that the vice principal was explaining the situation by repeatedly using the pronoun ‘thing’ was part of the prevention of information leakage.


    The fact that Kakeru-kun was bald and scattered his hair was a secret between them.


    ‘Thank goodness, now I can finally go out in public. …… Oh, by the way, there’s one more piece of news today, isn’t there?’


    “But this news, even the bad news, is better announced a little later on …….”


    The vice-principal is reluctant to say anything, not wanting to ruin the smile that has returned to principal.


    But Kakeru-kun hurried her on, and she was forced to confess.


    Not even the fact that this school was going to be interviewed by a reporter.


    Here’s the ‘bad news’ the vice principal told him.


    “At a recent press conference in the royal capital, Kakeru-kun admitted to the distribution of flour in the residential areas in response to questions from reporters.


    This was heard by the King of Leekeit, who ordered that this feat should be made known to the people.


    At present, the only people who can see the students’ pioneering life in the Leekate Kingdom Pioneering Academy are those called “supporters” who have invested heavily in the academy.


    This was a kind of preliminary measure for those who invested in the project, but after a certain period of time, the pioneering life was scheduled to be opened to the public.


    This time, however, it was opened to the public specially by the king’s voice.”


    The vice principal continues with a bitter look on her face.


    “And this time, they’re going to show the footage of the wheat field to the entire nation.”


    “Na…… what the hell?!!!?”


    What this means is that the video taken by the Denei Denei equipment will be delivered to the public in real time.


    This means that if something bad is caught on film, it’s impossible to cover it up.


    “What …… what should I do?


    The only wheat field in this school is the one that Leopin made!


    If they cover that, they’ll spread the word about Leopin’s exploits!


    You can’t do that, you can’t do that, you can’t do that…”


    Kakeru-kun is suddenly in big trouble, and he holds his head in his hands, not caring that his wig is coming off.


    Suddenly, there was a thumping knock on the door of the principal’s office.


    Kakeru-kun hurriedly fixed his wig and replied, “Who is it?”


    The one who opened the door of the principal’s office and came in was Weiss, the president of this school’s student body.


    “Excuse me, Mr. Principal, Mr. Vice Principal, I was just passing by the hallway and I heard something pleasant being said. ……


    If you are worried about it, please leave it to me.


    With the wisdom of this wise man, not a single form of that trash will ever come into the world.”


    “Oh my God, is that true? Do you have a better idea?”


    “Yes, first of all, the wheat field, I’ll have them shoot the wheat field at Leopin.


    However, I won’t let the reporters anywhere near that house, because there is a rabid bear in there.


    But I couldn’t tell the journalists that, so I gave them a good reason, saying that wheatgrass was a delicate plant, and let them film it from around the residential area.”


    “But then, what if Leopin comes to the field?”


    “Yes, it would be a disaster if we lost sight of that rubbish, so tell Leopin to take a remedial lesson on the day until we’ve finished our coverage, and how about we pit him against the new Sir Vibe?


    Kakeru-kun was convinced, “I see!” but the vice principal objected.


    “But after covering the wheat field, how could they not cover the food made from it?


    Even if you make it using the flour that you are currently purchasing, that stuff is super low quality, which is why you are allowed to import it.


    If I serve food made from flour that even a dog wouldn’t eat, I’d be a good laughing stock.”


    “Then why not just import the super high quality stuff?”


    Weiss smirks and chuckles as he pushes his glasses with his index finger.


    “You know, through the top secret import route. ……!”


    As soon as that word was out, Kakeru-kun rose from his chair with a clatter!


    “I’m sure you’re not the only one.”


    Quickly, the vice principal next to him covered Kakerkun’s mouth.


    The vice-principal whispered sharply in Kakeru-kun’s ear.


    “principal, calm down, we’ve been talking in code.


    Even Mr. Weiss is trying to get the headmaster’s secret by playing a trick like that.”


    The principal and vice principal gave Weiss probing glances, but he kept his poker face on.


    “Let’s leave aside for the moment what I heard and what I know.


    The teachers have secretly arranged for the finest flour to be used to make the bread.


    As for having it made, yes, how about asking Miss Toinette to make it?”


    “Miss Toinette?” Who is that?


    The vice principal quickly followed up with a scowling Kakeru-kun.


    “vice-principal, Miss Toinette is a pupil in Class 1-12, and even the daughter of a distinguished family of court confectioner pastry chefs.


    Yes, during her initiation ceremony, she was given the profession of pastry chef, a confectioner at the court.


    So there is no doubt that she will eventually join the court.


    If you let such thoroughbreds cover the bread they make, you’ll get a lot of buzz …….


    The reputation of this school will be cemented.”


    Thus, under Weiss’ leadership, a new operation is set in motion.


    If they had to name this operation, they would call it ‘Leopin’s Achievement Snatching Operation’.


    And the preparations for this sidestepping operation are proceeding at a brisk pace.


    A confectioner’s pastry chef in Class 1-12, Toinette is essentially a cake maker.


    She was so dismissive of bread that she used to say, “If you have bread, you can have cake.”


    Normally, she would refuse to make bread, even if it meant dying, but when the wise man Weiss asks her to do so, she readily accepts.


    She had never made bread before, so it was quite a struggle for her.


    However, as expected of the daughter of a prestigious pastry chef, she stays up all night to finish the bread on the day of the interview.


    “So, there you have it: ……!”


    It was a shiny loaf of bread that could have been mistaken for a yellow sapphire.

    Toinette placed the only loaf of bread she had in a glass case adorned with jewels, and showed it to Weiss.


    Weiss gazes at the beauty of it.


    “Oh, what a beautiful loaf of bread ……, plump and shiny and ……!”


    But at the same time, he noticed something.


    “But it looks like there’s only one ……?”


    “Master Weiss, it is only natural, for what this Toi makes is not food, but art.


    A work of art is valuable because only one exists.


    So do not speak of it, but only look at it.”


    “Ummm …… that’s how it is, but on the other hand it might be better to talk about it …….”


    From early that morning, many reporters had visited the school due to the magic circle of transference.


    It was the first time an outsider had entered the academy since the memorial ceremony where Onesco had overcome the trials of the Holy Knight.


    By the way, the reporters who came this time were selected differently from those who came last time.


    As a further aside, Leopin is relegated to the lake to the northeast of the school at this time, and is in the middle of a remedial class with his gym teacher, Sir Vibe.


    The principal of the school, Kakeru-kun, was the guide for the journalists.


    He has the wheat field photographed from the living quarters, as was his original plan.


    The reporters were very excited to see the wheat fields shaking with large ears of wheat.


    Look at the fields of wheat, they’re like a golden sea!


    “They say it takes at least a year to build a wheat field in a pioneer school!”


    “Well, with a field as magnificent as this, I’d say it’ll take two years!”


    “Oh, that’s what the experts say!

    To do that in less than half a year, that’s Principal Kakeru-kun!”


    “Well, I can only say that it is truly magnificent! Principal Kakeru-kun, I would like to see the whole field, if you don’t mind!”


    The reporter and the experts who accompanied him were very pleased with him.


    Then, let’s go to the observatory of the school building! From there, we can see all my fields!


    The group goes up to the observatory of the castle, which is the school building.


    Didn’t know Kakrlu-kun had such a trick up his sleeve in the wheat field.


    “Wow, look at that, what a view!


    …… Huh? I didn’t notice it when I looked at it from the side, but from the top, some of the wheatgrass has been cut away and you can see the letters?


    Let’s see, leopin ……”




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