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    Translated by NotBlueYet
    Edited by Kingavent


    “‘Cock-a-doodle-doo, cock-a-doodle-doo, cock-a-doodle-doo!


    The next day I jump out of bed to a scream that shakes the whole room.


    When I looked, I saw three chickens perched on the window sill, cackling as if they were about to start another chorus.


    Chickens are supposed to be kept in coops, but free range chickens produce better eggs, so I let them roam free with the horses. ……


    “I didn’t expect you to get off the fence and come wake me up like this, I’m a little surprised but thanks.”


    After thanking him, the chickens basked and took off outside and began to play in the garden.


    Leaving a little white, round thing at the window frame.


    ‘Is this ……? Well, you gave birth to it right away!



    Chicken eggs

    Piece 3

    Quality Level 4|(Material Level 4)


    Feckless eggs laid by domestic chickens.

    Baking gives you a cooking bonus.



    The most important thing to expect from domestic chickens is eggs.


    To get that from day one is the best gift I could have gotten all morning.


    It’s called an alarm, it’s called an egg, and it’s suddenly very active as livestock.


    Maybe it’s the base skills.


    ‘Wait, then the other livestock are ……!


    I ran out of the house and headed for the ranch.


    He jumps the fence and approaches the bovine grazing among the horses.


    “Hey, do you mind if I milk you?”


    Then the cow squirms and squeaks, “Mm-ooh!


    It was hard to tell if it was OK or not, but it seemed to be OK.


    I crouch down at the cow’s feet while I take a leather water bottle from my coat pocket.


    I placed a water bottle with its mouth wide open under the cow’s belly and tried to pinch the dripping milk.


    It was a sight to behold, the milk shot out with the force of a squirt gun and went into the water bottle in a white streak.


    “Yay, we got milk!”



    (cow’s) milk

    Qty 10

    Quality Level 4|(Material Level 4)


    Milk squeezed from domestic cattle.

    Very high in nutritional value.



    Eggs and milk are all I need and my stomach won’t stop rumbling anymore.


    And my breakfast was decided.


    “Alright, it’s my day off again, so I’m going to make a little fancy breakfast ……!”


    There’s only one luxury breakfast in my life anymore.


    I already had the menu ready in my head.


    All I have to do is make it real: ……!


    I took the leather bag containing milk and started to act immediately.


    I head to the workshop in the yard of the house.


    I take the ‘Gisu Wood’ from my pocket and shatter it with the ‘Great Knife of the Giant Boar’.


    When it became small like a chip, I laid it in the “Forest Stone Firing Kiln” that I made when I made ceramics.


    In the middle of it, I put the “roast meat of the wild boar” which I got yesterday.


    Then, fire up the baking kiln, cover it and wait for a while.


    ‘Okay, let’s make another one while we’re at it!


    It’s not that difficult, though.


    I took from my coat pocket a wooden bowl.


    Then there are wildflowers called ‘nobile’ and ‘watercress’, and a few flowers.


    I obtained these materials in a certain cave.


    I hope he’s doing well. ……


    Remembering his smile, I tear the nobile and watercress into small pieces with my hands.


    Then I added a squeeze of nectar from the flowers and a quick sprinkle of salt from Akemi.


    It’s ready! It’s my favorite salad!



    Salad of nobile and watercress

    Piece 5

    Quality Level 61 (Material Level 40 + Dexterity Bonus 8 + Profession Bonus 13)


    Nobile root and watercress leaves, mixed with salt and flower nectar.

    It is so delicious that even angels want a share of it, and when you eat it, it gives you the energy to live.



    And while I was doing that, smoke was coming out of the kiln.



    Wild boar belly bacon

    Qty 1

    Quality Level 14|(Material Level 4 + Cooking Bonus 2 + Base Bonus 8)


    Smoked wild boar belly meat.

    Due to various bonuses, it lasts longer than regular bacon and has more fatty flavor.



    “It’s done! Let’s use this for the second item!”


    Holding the hot bacon again, he heads to the cooking area near the workshop.


    He lit the Forest Stone Kamado and placed the Forest Stone and Gith Frying Pan on top of the Kamado.


    While the pan heats up, I slice the bacon thinly on the cooktop.


    When the pan is just hot enough, throw in the sliced bacon.


    The oil from the bacon popped and a savory smell filled the air.


    So, if you crack open a freshly laid egg from your coat pocket, you’ll get …….


    The harmony of bacon and egg.


    Then, sprinkle a dash of salt.


    “I don’t think Akemi herself would have thought that her salt would be so useful.”


    I thought I heard Akemi sneeze blankly, “Kushun!”


    And the main dish, complete: ……!



    Bacon (and) eggs

    Qty 1

    Quality Level 28|(Material Level 18 + Cooking Bonus 2 + Base Bonus 8)


    Wild boar bacon with a fried chicken egg.

    Various bonuses make you feel energetic in the morning when you eat it.



    I transfer the freshly made bacon and eggs to a plate and place them on a wooden tray.


    Now all I need to do is pour some milk into a wooden cup and set out the “Angel Fluffy Bread” and I’ll have ……!


    “This …… is the best ……! This is the breakfast I’ve been dreaming of ……!”


    Salad, bacon, bread, and a fried egg and milk.


    It’s something I used to say as a matter of course before I entered this academy.


    However, in this pioneering life, all of them can be said to be high.


    Salad is a wildflower and requires proper collection.


    After Bacon has successfully hunted and obtained his meat, he must build a smoking facility.


    Bread needs to start farming and produce wheat.


    And you can’t get eggs and milk without being able to raise livestock.


    Yeah ……!


    This breakfast is a milestone in pioneer life: ……!


    It’s so important that we can call it a checkpoint: ……!


    When I think about it, I am deeply moved.


    I take the wooden knife and fork in my trembling hands, cut up the bacon and fried eggs, stack them and bring them to my mouth.


    The crispy texture of the bacon, the fluffy texture of the fried egg.


    The rich oil and the lumpy egg taste make you feel that you are eating a living creature.


    And when I took a bite of the bread, the rich taste reminiscent of a magnificent wheat field filled my mouth.


    The milk I sipped afterwards had a gentle taste, just like being embraced by my mother.


    All of them were indescribably delicious.


    I’m no longer speechless.


    No, no words are needed before this meal.


    Oh, thank you ……!


    Gratitude for everything rises from the bottom of my heart, and tears spill over.


    I’ve grown as a person today.


    I felt like I had overcome a huge barrier.



    Breakfast of the Pioneers of the West

    Qty 1

    Quality Level 213|(Material Level 213 + Limit Penalty 93 + Limit Break Bonus 93)


    Bacon and eggs, salad, bread and milk.

    The ultimate, supreme, and original breakfast for the pioneers of the west.



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