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    Translated by NotBlueYet
    Edited by Kingavent


    I rode home from the lake on my horse.


    The lake is on the northeast side of the school, but the forest where I live is on the opposite side, on the southwest side.


    And my coat was stuffed with plenty of dried fish.


    The horses and the fish, both unexpected, made me very happy.


    ‘I can’t believe I’m getting such good stuff, I love the survival classes, I could be with Sir Teacher every day.


    The house I arrived at while saying something like this was lit up in a different color than the setting sun.




    LV 6 ⇒ 7

    Scale Lively village ⇒ Rustic farm


    Population 1

    Pets 3

    Bystander 52

    NEW! Livestock Horse 6


    Base Skills

    Activity support

    Expansion of base

    Protection of base

    Agricultural Support

    Second home

    Support for one’s family

    Cooking Support

    NEW! Livestock Support: Gain a bonus to quality in livestock farming in the base.



    There are more ‘livestock’ in the status of the base.


    I’m sure it’s because I brought home six horses.


    “Oh, the village is a farm!”


    Which reminds me.


    In the pioneer academy, pioneering begins with gathering and hunting, and develops into agriculture, animal husbandry, and industry.


    “So my village has finally taken the next step: ……!”


    However, although the name “ranch” was given, it is not yet at a level that can be called an industry.


    It’s not that you can’t get fur and meat from horses, but… ……


    As he said this, he looked at the horses and saw a terrified look on their faces.


    “Don’t worry, I won’t eat you guys, you’re Monaka’s favorite.”


    Monaka said they were very cute too, and even gave each of them a name.


    “And in this country, horses are mainly used for transportation and farming.


    So I’m going to need you guys to be my legs and carry my stuff.


    Then you’ll stay with us, won’t you?”


    Then the horses look relieved and whinny back at me.


    In return, I’ll make sure you have plenty to eat.


    We have a wheat field, so we have plenty of wheatgrass hay, which is their favorite food.


    I’ll take the horses to the field by the house.


    When I introduced the piles of hay, the horses jumped up and down, their eyes changing color.


    All right, we got a deal.


    While the horses were enjoying their all-you-can-eat meal, I quickly got to work.


    “If I’m gonna call it a ranch, it gotta look a little like one.”


    I pull up a cart of gisu lumber parked by the house.


    The wood had already been shaped to a good length, so I sharpened one of the squares with a ‘big boar knife’ and made it sharp.

    The finished lumber is placed at evenly spaced intervals in the open space, which is a blind spot when viewed from the residential side.


    Now I just need to apply the gisu wood board and hammer it into the square wood. ……



    Gossamer fence

    Qty 50

    Quality Level 33|(Material Level 12 + Occupation Bonus 22)


    The fence is made of high quality Gis wood.

    Various bonuses make it resistant to earthquake, fire and corrosion.

    It also has the effect of making the fenced-in space more comfortable.



    “It’s hard to see from the living quarters, so they won’t be able to see us right away.”


    I opened the fence for them and they went inside happily.


    And immediately, they start to relax as they like.


    I’m sure this kind of fence is just a step for the horse, but it doesn’t matter if they run away …….


    After introducing my new friends to Mark and Tom, I headed back to the house.


    ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◆


    At the morning assembly the next day, there was no sign of the principal.


    The vice principal, who stood at the morning assembly table instead, told us the reason.


    “Therefore, it has been decided that the school will be closed today, tomorrow and the day after, and you will all be in mourning during these three days.”


    So tearful, the vice principal, for some reason, kept staring at me.


    I thought he might be dead, but according to the rumor I heard from Ma-chan afterwards, he is still alive.


    However, it is said that sobbing is leaking out from the principal’s office all the time.


    I was a little worried about the principal and thought about going to visit him, but then I thought back that he wouldn’t be happy if I went.


    More importantly, I had some unexpected free time.


    And for three days.


    I go back to the house right after the morning meeting and try to get to the farm.


    When the horses saw me, they came running up to me, clapping their hooves.


    They came close to me and I stroked them and he seemed to be comfortable.


    Apparently, the horses liked the ranch very much.


    I was kind of happy too, which sparked even more motivation.


    ‘Well, then, let’s start the farm in earnest!’


    We’ll have to get more for that.


    I activated my ‘Dexterous Job Change’ skill and changed my job to ‘Tamer’.


    I also took the “thread of the daijazuru” from my coat pocket and bundled it to make a thick rope.


    Now just make a round circle at the end and it’s ready to go.


    He called the black horse, Unico, the leader of the horse herd, out of the fence and straddled him.


    “All right, let’s get started on the journey to find our friends!”


    With my shout, Unico starts running with a hiss and a snort.


    That day, we ran around the forest looking for animals that could be used as livestock.


    The animals that weren’t there during the Seven Days of Fire had returned to the forest, and that was exactly what we wanted.


    “Whoa, wild goat, found it!”


    When the goat herd notices me, they all run away at once.


    It’s a tough opponent to chase with human power, but I have a reliable ally now.


    Unico ran through the forest with his strong legs, jumping over bushes and catching up with the goat in no time at all.


    I threw the rope of the daijazuru I was wielding at the goat’s horn.


    The loop of rope caught and tied the goat’s antlers tightly together.


    I pull it to stop the goat’s movement, and immediately activate the “Training Taming” skill.


    The goat stopped flailing and gave a friendly, “N’meh.


    ‘Okay, first one ……, let’s keep this going!’


    I’d scout all kinds of animals as livestock after that.


    Instead of running away, the wild bovine attacked me, so I made it docile by fighting with it.


    Wild chickens will fly away, so I have no choice but to lure them in by raising the parameter of “Charm”.


    On the way, we were attacked by a wild boar, but Unico knocked one out with a kick to the back.



    Belly of wild boar

    Qty 1

    Quality Level 4|(Material Level 4)


    Wild boar meat with three layers of skin, fat and red meat.

    You get a cooking bonus when you smoke them.



    It was a big catch today after yesterday.


    As we make our way back and forth between the house and the woods, the ranch fence gets pretty busy.


    And again, base level up: ……!




    LV 7 ⇒ 8

    Scale Rusty farm ⇒ Small farm


    Population 1

    Pets 3

    Bystander 52

    Livestock, horses 6, chickens 12, cows 5, goats 8.


    Base Skills

    Activity support

    Expansion of bases

    Protection of bases

    Agricultural Support

    Second home

    Support for one’s family

    Cooking Support

    Livestock support

    NEW! A safe place to live: Improve the health of livestock



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