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    Translated by NotBlueYet
    Edited by Kingavent


    There was quite a lot of “dried fish”, so we were able to share plenty with everyone.


    On the shore of the lake, my team members, their hands full of dried fish, look like they’re in a fairy tale.


    I still kind of can’t believe it. ……


    I’ve teamed up with a lot of different classes in my life. ……


    I’ve never had the pleasure of working with a higher class and they’ve never done me any favors. ……


    ‘I can’t believe how fun, happy, and delicious it was to work with Leopin-kun, who was known as a dropout. ……’


    They all tell me, their eyes glazed over with emotion.


    “Thanks  …..Leopin!”


    ‘You’ve always helped me on the farm, so you deserve this much.’


    Then the chime of the end of the day rings out.


    “We’ve had a great time at the lake today, and I think it’s time to go home.”


    “Hi, Leopin’!”


    The remaining members of Sir-sensei’s team were flailing about with empty stomachs.


    Some of them get into fistfights, some break their poles, and some even get desperate and jump into the lake.


    “Why can’t I catch any fish?”


    “If it wasn’t for this garbage, I’d be able to catch fish!”


    “I mean, his team’s pole was even trashier!”


    “And they’ve got a belly full of fish and a souvenir to take home!”


    “Why are we, who are higher than them, having to suffer?”


    ‘Goddamn it, Goddamn it, Goddamn it, Goddamn it, Goddamn it!


    We left the lake with happy faces and in harmony.


    Behind him, screams like the howling of a loser roared forever and ever.


    ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◆


    Sir Vibe’s first day of teaching in office is a disaster that no longer needs to be told.


    In the original plan, Leopin would be half crippled in the “Leopin True Hell Marathon Game”.


    Moreover, all the winnings should have been confiscated by the Kakeru-kun.


    It was supposed to be a set where Leopin, his body and mind torn to shreds, would cry out, “I’m quitting this school!” ……


    It was the tricksters who were crying out for help.


    Sir Vibe didn’t just drown in a lake and end up in the infirmary.


    The military boat he used on the lake was borrowed from the army to which he belonged.


    Because of overthrowing it, he enraged the military of the Kingdom of Leekate.


    The punishment handed down to him was one of the biggest penalties in his early days in office.


    Oh, my God, three ranks down. ……!


    Sir Vibe teacher A ⇒ B


    He was recognized for his accomplishments during his time in the military, with a grade of A, which was unusual for a physical education teacher.


    After a year or so of uneventful performance of his duties, he was supposed to become a vice principal …….


    That dream, too, has dissipated: ……!


    I got my hands on some Leopin, all right, ……!


    “Buh…… buhhhh!”


    When Sir Vibe heard the news on his bed in the infirmary, he went wild like a broken massager.

    And then he flattens the bed and is forced to pay for it out of his salary.


    However, his damage, etc., was still a cute thing.


    It is no longer necessary to say that the most serious damage was suffered this time.


    Kakeru-kun was in the principal’s office, rolled over like a baby in a bad mood..


    “My possessions should have more than doubled a week after I became principal!


    So why, why, why, why, why! Why, why, why, why, why, why, why, why, why, why!”


    On the day Sir Vibe took office, the balance of payments at Kakeru-kun was in a state of disarray.


    Let’s take a look at them in order.


    First, in the Leopin True Hell Marathon Game, I was pushed off a cliff on the way to the lake.


    Then the impact of the fall causes 50 million damage, which is paid for by the possession.


    Kakeru-kun 7.4 billion ⇒ 7.35 billion


    It became a cushion for the head teacher who fell on top of me, causing another 50 million damage.


    Kakeru-kun 7.35 billion ⇒ 7.3 billion


    His neck was snapped by Sir Vibe’s hip press, which was the final blow, causing 100 million damage.


    Kakeru-kun 7.3 billion ⇒ 7.2 billion


    Next, he is thrown from an overturned military ship and drowns in a “Leopards Fishing Game” in the lake.


    By the time help arrived, he had taken a cumulative 5 million damage.


    Kakeru-kun 7.2 billion ⇒ 7.195 billion


    And the most serious damage was the defeat of “Leopin True Hell Marathon Game” and “Leopin Fishing Battle Game”.


    In total, 600 million. ……!


    Kakeru-kun 7,195 million ⇒ 6,595 million


    What’s more, this money was a wager on a game, so it went to Leopin: ……!


    Special Training Class 902,950,000 Yen.


    This is the end of all the loss accounting: …….


    I thought it was a good idea, but there was a catch-up at the last minute.


    That’s because I drowned and was sent to the infirmary in the “Leopin’ Fishing Game”, which is one rank down.


    Of course, Kakeru-kun, who cannot accept any downgrade, paid the school board 500 million to cover it up.


    Kakeru-kun 7.195 billion ⇒ 6.095 billion


    What a Kakeru-kun, losing over 1.9 billion in just one day, a huge loss ……!


    It was a level of defeat that any decent gambler would have hanged himself for.


    Kakeru-kun was having trouble breathing from this shock and from being so out of control.


    “Hah, hah, hah, hah ……, I’m so sorry ……, I’m so sorry!”


    “I can’t believe my money is going down instead of up. ……!”


    “Geez, ……! I’ll never, ever forgive you for that. ……!”


    Leopin, if this happens, I’m going to …… you! I’m going to make you into a messy, soggy, stringy, sleek, sleek, sleek, sleek, sleek, sleek, sleek, sleek, sleek, sleek, sleek, sleek!


    Kakeru-kun shouts, scratching his head.


    …… Slither!


    Both hands feel as if they have been pulled completely out of the muddy grass.


    And there, by golly, it’s all gone. ……!


    “Ha…… hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!”

    Kakeru-kun, finally realized……!


    He was well on his way to following the path of those who had given Leopin a hard time.


    Yes …… all those who avenge Leopin will be ripped off up to their asses ……!


    Even if you are a legendary gambler known as the 10 billion man, you are no exception. ……!


    Leopin. ……so fearsome!


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