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    Translated by NotBlueYet
    Edited by Kingavent


    Kakeru-kun, the vice-principal, and Sir-sensei sank as if caught in a sinking military ship, but after a while, when they emerged on their own


    ‘Tak…… save me!!!!!!’


    They flailed about in the middle of the lake and began to call for help.


    The effects of feathered ten thousand bills were constantly scattered from Kakeru-kun’s body, as if his hair was falling out at a tremendous rate.


    Kakeru-kun has 10 billion HP, Sir-sensei is a military man, so he’s probably a good swimmer, and the vice principal is probably fine.


    Besides, this place is very close to the school, so I’m sure the rescue team will be rushing over soon.


    Figuring I wouldn’t have to bother helping, I quickly left the lake and headed for the forest where the lake’s Nushi had crashed.


    Everyone else was still distracted by the teachers at the lake, but Monaka was the only one who followed me, “Leo-kun!


    The trees in the forest have been torn down like a storm has passed, creating one big path.


    At the end of it, there was a wet, glowing xenomorph, going up and down like it was breathing.


    When I was playing the game, Nushi was in the lake, so I couldn’t see it clearly.


    But when I caught it like this, the total length was bigger than the mark.


    Its fins are sharp like blades, but its face is round like a killer whale, and it is even adorable.


    His mouth was lined with saw-like teeth, and his slack tongue was as long as a giant snake’s.


    As we approached, the Nushi followed our moments.


    He stared at me with his dark eyes, then closed them as if he had given up.


    This is now a prey item I got to have.


    Then I thought that I could do an “appraisal”, so I gave it a try.


    Krasicarka (two names: “Ocean’s Dead”)

    Qty 1

    Quality Level 1285|(Material Level 1285)


    It is a variant of Krasicarka that has been around for a long time.

    He spans the seven seas and is feared by fishermen as the Grim Reaper of the Sea.

    It has many bones and hard flesh, and is not suitable for eating.



    “Not fit for food, or ……”


    I mumble my appraisal and put my foot on Krasicarka’s torso.


    He said to Monaka, putting his hand on the spear of the ballista that was impaled on it.


    “Monaka, I’m going to pull this spear out now, there’s probably going to be a lot of blood, can you heal it?”


    Monaka was “eh” for a moment, but she quickly understood my intentions.


    “You’re going to help this one, I got it.”


    It is said that the healing of a saint the caliber of Monaca is precious and can only be given to the bravest and wisest, as well as royalty.


    You might say it’s outrageous to give it to a fish, but Monaka did as I asked without any hesitation.


    With Monaka’s healing, Krasicarka recovered and began to rampage with a thud.


    “Wait, wait, don’t panic, I’m taking you home now, just stay put.”


    Perhaps his words were understood, the Krasicarka became quiet again.


    Now I was just extremely focused on ‘muscle power’, so carrying a Krasicarka was no problem.


    I grab him by the tail fin and drag him slowly to the lake.


    When I returned to the lake, I found that the teachers, who had been rescued by the school’s rescue team, were being carried away in tankas, spitting water out of their mouths like whale squirts.


    …… thump!

    I let Krasicarka back into the lake, and he swam away without looking back.


    “It was a big fish to miss, but I guess it’s for the best.”


    Just as I was thinking this, in the middle of the lake, the tail fin of a Krasicalka leapt up.


    …… Doko, pahhhhhhhh!


    A tall column of water rises, and countless silver lights soar into the sky.


    Monaka, who was next to me, looked at me and said, “Beautiful ……”


    That guy knew that Leo-kun helped him, and he thanked him like this, didn’t he?


    I didn’t believe him, but Monaka was right: “Isn’t that just a coincidence?”


    The silver light floating in the sky falls towards us, dripping down around us like rain.


    Looking closely, they are all fish.


    And it’s not just 10 or 20 of them.


    A hundred ……, no, well over a thousand of them !


    I didn’t expect a thousandfold return. ……!


    The Sir Sensei team had lost its leader, so it was doubtful that the game would continue any longer. ……


    In any case, this moment confirmed a decisive victory for our team.


    ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◆


    My team and I picked up the fish that had washed up on the shore of the lake.


    There is not a single small fish, they are all large fish.


    Since this is what we’re having for lunch today, let’s start cooking.


    I’ll divide the team into two groups.


    The group that prepares the fish and the group that collects the tree branches.


    While the tree branches were being gathered, I taught the members of the fish prep team how to prep the fish.


    First, we remove the gills and scales, and sprinkle the surface with salt.


    Among the members of the preparation group, Kotone, who shows good knife handling, said.


    “Master, what should we do with the gills and guts you removed from this one?”


    Oh, can you put that in the leather bag over here?”


    “What, you’re not going to throw it away?”


    “Don’t throw it away, there are plenty of uses for it, and it’s good to eat.”


    “I didn’t know you could eat the gills and guts. ……”


    In the meantime, the group collecting tree branches came back and made a fire with the branches.


    We have a lot of people, so we need something big, like a campfire.


    Then we can use a knife to scrape off a tree branch to make a skewer and thread it through the fish that has been prepped.


    Just stick it in the ground around the fire and wait a while. ……



    grilled fish skewers

    100 pieces

    Quality Level 43|(Material Level 12 + Occupation Bonus 22 + Cooking Bonus 10)


    Fish from the lake grilled on skewers.


    The combination of the freshness of the ingredients and the way the fishermen prepare them makes it very tasty.



    ‘Got it, even if it’s not survival, this guy’s a great feast!’


    But everyone seemed skeptical.


    I’ve never had a fish grilled on the spot like this before. ……


    “It’s just a fish that’s been salted, it’s not that good ……”


    “No matter what Leopin-kun says, a feast is too much to ask. ……”


    But as soon as they took a bite.


    Oooh …… yummy!!!?”


    They were all jumping up and down together.


    “Why, why does it taste so good?”


    “It’s just grilled and salted, but it’s so much better than any fish I’ve ever eaten!”


    “The skin is crispy and the inside is crunchy. …… I used to hate fish, but I can eat as much as I want with this!”


    “If you sell it in the residential area, people will come and buy it!”


    “Even though I’m from the land of fish, I’ve never had such a delicious fish!”


    While everyone was enjoying the grilled fish, I had one more job to do.


    Monaka, who is awfully discerning when it comes to me, immediately approached me.


    “…… Huh, Leo, what are you doing, don’t you want some fish?”


    “Oh, I’ll eat them when I’ve finished this preparation, for it’s a thousand fish, and it would be a shame to let them spoil.”


    I process the fish and hang it on a hastily made pole to dry.


    After everyone was full, we took a break, played around the lake, and it was time to go home. ……


    Okay, guys, I got something for you.



    Dried fish

    800 pieces

    Quality Level 43|(Material Level 12 + Occupation Bonus 22 + Cooking Bonus 10)


    Fish from the lake are dried and made into dried fish.


    It can be stored well and the flavor is concentrated.



    “Whoa …… a souvenir!”


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