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    Translated by NotBlueYet
    Edited by Kingavent


    The Leopin team had 50 fish jumping around the shore.


    They are all quite large and shiny.


    Everyone was very happy to get a hit on their first fishing trip.


    On the other hand, Sir-sensei’s team had a lot of students tangled in the string.


    The leader of the group, Sir-sensei, was being packed off by Kakeru-kun.


    “Hey, Sir, they’re catching 50 fish out of nowhere, and we’ve got three times as many people and the latest fishing equipment, and we haven’t caught a single fish yet!”


    I’m sure you’re not the only one who has a problem with this.


    ‘I was a little freaked out by the gorgeous rods over there until I switched to fisherman, but I get it now.


    That fishing rod is designed for ocean fishing, and it’s too over-spec for lake fishing.


    The pseudo-bait is a big one that imitates a creature that doesn’t exist in the lake, and the hook is a big one for tuna.


    The only fish in the lake that would need something like that would be Nushi’


    Immediately after I mumbled that, there was a splash of water that seemed to explode in the middle of the lake.


    It drew the attention of everyone in the lake. It was a silhouette that looked like a huge shark flying in the air.


    No sooner had I wondered what it was than it landed in the water, leaving only its sharp dorsal fin on the surface of the lake and swimming around like it owned the place.


    “Oh, that’s ……, that’s Nushi, of this lake ……!”


    At someone’s words, Kakeru-kun’s eyes lit up like a gambler’s with a coming hand of 21.


    “The team that catches that nuisance first will be the winner of the Leopin Fishing Game, right?


    It’s common knowledge in the game that catching one big fish is better than catching a bunch of small fish like Leopin’s team!”

    It was Mark-sensei who reacted first.


    He’s been waiting for this moment to unleash his ultimate weapon!


    “The finest and largest fishing rods that are never available to dropouts!”


    Mark-sensei carried up a pole as huge as a lamppost, which was propped up against a container.




    It rotates in a circle in the manner of a log throw, and centrifugal force is applied.


    The point where Nushi is located is in the middle of the lake, and it’s quite a distance away.


    But I think I can get to it. ……?


    What a fool I was to think that for even a moment.


    Sir-sensei throws out a fishing line with a spirit from the bottom of his stomach.




    However, he threw his fishing rod, and it reached the place where there was a bass, but it sank into the lake.


    Buh…… buhhhh!”


    Sir-sensei throws away the final weapon as trash in the lake and lets out a scream full of despair.


    At that time, I had already set up my own fishing rod and was looking at the center of the lake.


    Then I spun around on the spot, as if I were releasing a baby bird.


    …… fluffy!


    and throw the fish hook.


    Kakeru-kun said, taking it out on him.


    “Kaka, kaka, kaka! There’s no way you can reach that tiny hook with such a strange throw!




    Kakeru-kun’s sneer turns into a scream.


    Because I was activating the Fisherman Fisherman’s special skill, the “Fishing Technique, Spring Haze”.


    The hook drifted through the air like dandelion fluff, and landed in the middle of the lake, more than a hundred meters away, fluttering like a flower petal.


    Immediately after, Nushi from the lake takes a swig.


    “There it is!”


    As soon as I shouted that, I was hit by a strong pull that seemed to suck in my entire body.


    In an instant, I held back with both legs.


    “Leo-kun!” “Master!”

    Monaka and Kotone approached to touch him, but he restrained them with his voice, 


    “You stay out of this!”


    “This is a one-on-one fight between me and him. ……!


    My mind had already become a solitary fisherman, wandering in search of a serious match with a fish.


    The fishing line was stretched to the limit and the rod was bending into a U-shape as if it was about to snap.


    I used the Fishing Technique Akizuki to increase the durability of my fishing rod and then activated the Fishing Technique Fuyukare.


    With his rod in his hand, he turned his back to the lake and shrank his body as if he were wading through a heavy snowstorm.


    ……ggggggggggggggggg ……!


    If I’m not careful, I’ll be dragged into the water in a flash, and I’ll feel the shock of having my rod torn apart bone by bone.


    The lake, which had been quiet until then, was all over the place, ravaged by the stormy waves that had arisen from the center.


    The terrifying power of the scene, like a natural disaster, caused screams to be heard everywhere.

    My fishing rod is made from a branch from a tree and some ivy from around the corner.


    Compared to Sir’s top-of-the-line fishing rod, it’s just a piece of stick.


    But I do believe ……!


    I made what I said was the best stick in the world: ……!


    And I was numbly excited to fight my first strong enemy as a fisherman.


    That’s pretty good, Nushi of the Lake. ……!


    Let’s see who’s better, my skills or your power. ……!


    However, the pure battle is interrupted by a tactless explosion.


    …… blah blah blah blah!


    I looked over and saw that the shutters of a warehouse on the other side of the lake were open, and a military ship was jumping out from inside.


    There are three ballistae installed on the bow of that ship, and each of them is seated by the three idiot trio ……, not the teachers.


    This is Sir’s real, true, final weapon!


    “Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow, wow, wow, wow, wow, wow, wow, wow!”


    “In all gambling, it’s the dealer who wins in the end!”


    Kakeru-kun is very excited, and the vice principal, who usually has a poker face, has a slight flush on her cheeks.


    The military ship had a considerable impact and the students of Sir-sensei’s team were very excited about it.


    I was pissed off because he interrupted my game with Nushi.


    The teachers are going to shoot and catch Nushi with their ballista.


    That’s no longer a fishing game.


    “At least wait until I’m done playing with Nushi, ……!”


    But the teachers have no such morals.


    They were gleefully shooting ballista at the stuck Nushi as I tried to fish him out.


    Nushi, whose torso has been pierced by three spears, is on a rampage, splashing blood like a whale’s squirt.


    The moment I saw it, something popped inside me.


    I activate my ‘dexterous body’ skill from ‘dexterity poor’.


    I put everything I had into my ‘muscle power’.


    And in no time, I invoked the Fisherman Fisherman’s “Fishing Technique, Natsuwatari”.


    …… mekeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!


    I hear something creaking.


    I don’t know if it was me, the rod, Nushi, or the sound made by the military ship.


    I didn’t give a shit about that anymore.


    He was barking with the intention of destroying everything.


    “You son of a bitch. !!!!”


    “…… Doh, gosh darn it !!!!”


    With a roar, the entire lake rises up like a mountain.


    The water splashes high up in the sky and pours down around us like an evening shower.


    I was swinging out my rod as if I were carrying a whale on my back, as if I were pulling out a divine tree.


    Nushi goes over my head and slams into the ground, knocking down the trees with a mekimeki, as if a magic plane were crashing.


    The chain attached to the ballista’s spear was stretched to the limit, and when it still didn’t come off, the entire ship was overturned.


    The three idiot trio were thrown out of the capsizing ship and drowned in the rough sea up.


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