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    Translated by NotBlueYet
    Edited by Kingavent


    The carriages circled the forest in a circuitous fashion, and before I knew it, they were back near the school.


    Then we get to the big lake on the northeast side of the school.


    I get off my horse and take the tamed horses out to pasture around the lake.


    But still, I didn’t know that there was a lake so close to the school, just a stone’s throw away.


    If I’d known about this place, I wouldn’t have had such a hard time finding a watering hole in Seven Days of Fire. ……


    I was wondering what to expect, and Sir-sensei, who had caught up with me after running a shortcut, told us.


    It’s a man-made lake that Sir had specially built for him when he took up his post


    What, is it a recently created lake?


    Come to think of it, I can see big warehouses and containers stacked up around the lake.


    “And this is where we’ll be fighting today! we’ll be securing fish, the basis of survival! The fish you catch will be your lunch, so if you don’t catch any, consider yourself out of lunch!”


    ‘Eeew,’ came a disgusted voice.


    I see, so today’s class is going to teach us how to catch fish.


    In a survival situation, fish is an important source of nutrition. ……


    Just as I was thinking this, Sir-sensei took out a fishing rod from a container and started to hand it out to his students.


    I basically don’t disagree with what the teachers are teaching.


    I’m always willing to play along with Kakeru-kun’s impossible games, but on this occasion, I raised my hand.


    “Sir ……, I have a question! Are you going to use that fishing rod to catch fish?


    I’ve never heard of a survivalist with a fishing rod provided.


    Moreover, what was given to the higher classes was a magnificent rod with a built-in magic device.


    “Just so you know, you’re not getting one.”


    But Sir-sensei had completely misunderstood the intent of my question.


    He ignored me for the rest of the day and ordered the students to do the same.


    But the group that catches the least fish will be thrown into the lake, so be prepared!


    Under the order, the students begin to form groups with their best classmates.


    The duo of Monaka and Kotone come to me with a flank of vigor.


    “Leopin-kun, Master, come with us to ……!”


    Their breathy voices were overridden by a tactless vibration.


    “If you can’t catch a single fish and want to drown yourself in front of everyone, do as you please!”


    I guess Sir-sensei doesn’t know yet.


    That these two are not the ones to give in to threats of that magnitude.


    “Yes, Sir Vibe, we’ll work with Leo-kun!”


    “As Master’s disciples, we are all in this together!”


    Monaka announced happily and Kotone, with an interesting expression, announced that she had joined the ranks of the fallen.


    Then, perhaps encouraged by this, their classmates, the Merchants, the trainers’ class, and even Akemi’s class come to me.


    I found out that my group was the largest of all the groups.


    Sir-sensei trembles at the unexpected turn of events.


    And then, as expected, something happens.


    “So let’s play the ‘Leopin Fishing Game’!


    The rules are simple: divide into two teams, Leopin-kun’s team and Sir-sensei’s team, and the one who catches the most fish by the time the bell rings at noon wins!”


    Kakeru-kun, who has been there for some time, declares the start of another one-sided game.


    My team consisted of about 50 people, but Sir’s team included all the remaining students, making a total of about 200 people.


    Moreover, this side has nothing, but the other side has a magnificent fishing rod.


    It was a game where we were at a huge disadvantage in terms of numbers and equipment.


    But I guess I’ll have to do it again …….


    Kakeru-kun probably thought that with such a big difference, he would definitely win.


    “Leopin-kun won the ‘Leopin-kun True Hell Marathon Game’, but I started a new game before I got the refund, so I’m pooling my money!”


    I reply, “Huh,” self-consciously.


    600 million is money I’ve never seen before, but even if I get it here, it’s just a drawing board anyway.


    Let’s start the game!


    After Kakeru-kun’s signal, the students of Sir’s team quickly swung their fishing rods and tried to throw their hooks into the lake.


    However, there was no bait on the hook, and the way he swung the rod was amateurish, so he was hooking here and there.


    Apparently, the lads and lasses have never done any fishing before.


    Then I looked over to my group and saw that Monaka had taken off her boots and socks and was in the middle of stripping down to her bare feet.


    “Monaka, do you really think you’re going to go into a lake and catch fish by hand?”


    “Can’t I? Didn’t Leo-kun show you how to do it when you were little?”


    “You can only catch fish by hand in a narrow river; in a wide lake like this, they’ll run far away if you come near them.”


    “What shall we do then?”


    “I guess so. ……. Okay, hold on a second.”


    I changed my job to “Woodcrafter Woodcrafter” with my “Dexterous Job Change” skill.


    I cut a branch of the right length from a nearby cinnabar tree.


    With my beloved “Big Knife of Wild Boar”, I cut off the branches and leaves, and then tied the “Thread of Giant Crane” to the tip.


    “All you need to do is tie a pumice stone you found, a hook made from a piece of wood, and a pseudo-bait to the line. ……”



    Fishing Rods for Shinarigis and Daijazuru (High Quality)

    Qty 1

    Quality Level 63|(Material Level 26 + Dexterity Bonus 6 + Occupation Bonus 21 + Quality Bonus 10)


    A fishing rod made from the thread of a shineriggi and a daijazuru.

    It bends much better than normal fishing rods and is almost unbreakable.



    “It’s done! This is our fishing rod!”


    It is quite plain and simple compared to the fishing rods that Sir-sensei is handing out.


    It doesn’t have a magic reel, the hook is thin and small, and the color of the pseudo-bait is brownish-black and plain.


    But the quality inside is top-notch, with a slight glow that is a sign of high quality.


    I continued to work even faster and made up 50 fishing rods in one go.


    “It’s amazing ……, Leopin-kun can really make anything …….”


    I hand the last fishing rod to a stunned Marchan.


    “Well, it looks like the fishing rods have been distributed, so let’s get to fishing.”


    And I’ve got the perfect job for you.


    I activated my ‘Dexterous Job Change’ skill, changing to an unknown job.


    Occupation Tamer ⇒ Fisherman


    Occupational skill


    River fishing (passive)


    Knowledge and skills of fishing in rivers and streams


    Lake Fishing (Passive)


    Knowledge and skills of fishing in lakes and ponds


    Sea Fishing (Passive)


    Knowledge and skills of fishing in the sea


    Fisherman’s Cuisine (Passive)


    Knowledge and skills of cooking in fish and shellfish


    Fisherman’s Ondo (active)


    Improve the ability of fellow fishermen to do the same fishing by shouting


    Fishing technique, spring haze (active special)


    Let the hook fly farther.


    Fishing technique, Fuyu-kare (Active Special)


    Exquisite rod control makes the fish tired.


    Fishing technique, Akizuki (Active Special)


    Temporarily increases the strength of the fishing gear in use by 10 times


    Fishing technique, Natsuwatari (Active Special)


    You can catch any big fish you want.



    Immediately, my mind becomes clearer and I can see ‘points’ all over the lake.


    To a point called the fishing grounds.


    Okay, that’s the best part.


    I lead everyone away from Sir-sensei’s group, which can be considered a bustling place.


    As I moved to the edge of the calm lake, I took a slice of bread from my coat pocket.


    This is the “Angel Fluffy Bread” I baked before.


    Thanks to the special effects, I’m still flustered even though it’s been a few days.


    I tear it into little pieces with my hands and throw it into the lake.


    Monaka, who was next to me, was holding her mouth with her hand, saying, “Mmm.


    “Leo, what are you doing? I’m trying to get some bread ……!”


    “Don’t panic, Monaka, this is called ‘scattering bait,’ and it makes it easier to catch fish.


    While the fish come to the scattering bait, I give a lecture about fishing with the knowledge I got from Fisherman.


    In the event you have any questions regarding where and the best way to get in touch with us, please do not hesitate to contact us.


    After teaching them how to use a simple rod, we all lined up at the edge of the lake, and at my signal, I threw in a fishing line.


    This is Fisherman Fisherman’s passive skill, Fisherman Ondo.


    Then, on my signal, raise and lower your fishing rod slowly!


    The others followed me, saying, “Come here!


    The students of Sir Teacher’s team, who were watching from afar, were laughing at us when they saw us like that.


    “Hey, look, that fishing pole!”


    “What the hell is that, it’s just ivy attached to a tree branch!”


    And what’s with that garbage man’s weird voice?


    “If I could catch fish like that, I’d have no trouble at all!”


    “We’re using the finest fishing rods that Sir Sensei has ever lent us, and we haven’t even caught a single fish yet!”


    The next moment, the rods in the line all bent at once.


    “All right, that’s it, everybody, do as I tell you and pull up in one breath!”


    Zaazaaazaaazaaazaazaazaazaaaazaazaa (I don’t know how to make fishing sfx’s XD)


    It was …… the one that leaped up one after the other with a spray of revolting water.


    Fifty fish, glistening and silvery in the sunlight: ……!




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