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    Translated by NotBlueYet
    Edited by Kingavent


    On the day the new PE teacher arrived, the morning and afternoon were devoted to PE lessons.


    The new teacher’s address is given in the schoolyard, as befits a physical education teacher.


    At this time, the whole school was gathered in the schoolyard, and all the students except Leopin were in gym clothes.


    “Bin! Sir’s name is “Sir Vibe”!


    I was a survival instructor at the Leaky Eight Kingdom Military Academy, and for that reason, I was assigned to take care of you piss-dripping bastards!


    Now that Sir is here, I’m going to make all of you first-class soldiers, except for a few trash!


    If you understand, say yes sir before you shit in your mouth!”


    Sir Vibe introduces himself, flexing his pecs through his camouflage tank top.


    As expected of an active duty soldier, he had a magnificent body, even more so than his former gym teacher, Nick Bakker.


    “Sir doesn’t like idle chatter!


    we’re heading to the lake now to train for survival!”


    He’s supposed to be a gym teacher, but he suddenly declares himself a survivalist.


    The students were puzzled, but they didn’t ask any questions and were pointed to a corner of the schoolyard.


    “Now, we’re going to split up into classes and ride in that carriage, because it says on the side of the carriage which carriage we’re going to ride in!”


    The carriages were parked in the corner of the schoolyard, and there were enough for each class.


    The carriages of the higher-ranked classes have luxurious roofs, and the lower the rank, the poorer the carriage without a roof.


    And sure enough, there was no carriage for the ‘Special Training School’.


    At this moment, Leopin was just standing there in the back of the students, but Sir Vibe clearly told him that he was the one who had caught Leopin with both eyes.


    “I hear you’re a dropout, but I hear you’re good at running!


    I heard you won the ‘Hell Marathon’ against Nick Bakker!


    So I thought I’d give you a shot at a ‘True Hell Marathon’ this time!


    This is a unique opportunity to experience one of the most rigorous training programs in the Leekate Kingdom Army!”


    Leopin was already accustomed to being unreasonably entangled by strangers, so he scratched his head and compiled.


    “Huh, I don’t mind, ……, but is it just me?”


    Then, from behind Sir Vibe’s massive frame, two faces appear out of thin air.


    It was a combination of principal and vice principal.


    “It’s a great idea to develop the students’ strengths!


    So, since we’re here, let’s play the Leopin’ Hell Marathon Game!”


    The rules of the game were decided unilaterally by Kakeru-kun, who appeared at a time that seemed to indicate that he was ready.


    First, tie the body of the leopin to the tail end of the carriage with a rope.


    And Leopin follows the carriage.


    The carriage doesn’t stop until it reaches its destination, the lake, so Leopin has to run all the way to the lake.


    Giving up is not allowed, and if he slumps, Leopin will be dragged all the way to the lake.


    And as long as he doesn’t touch the carriage, Leopin can do whatever he wants while it’s running.


    In order to allow for some rest and freedom of movement, a length of rope was provided of 400 meters.


    Kakeru-kun jokingly adds.


    “You can sit and rest, find water to drink, take a nap, or even catch a wild animal and ride it!”


    However, the length of this rope was the key to this game.


    Because this time, Monaka and Kotone are also there.


    If I let Leopin wear a short rope and drag him within sight of the carriage, the girls would not be quiet.


    Kakeru-kun chuckles wickedly inside.


    –but as long as it’s a 400-meter rope and runs through the woods with poor visibility, even if Leopin slumps and gets dragged, he won’t be seen by the carriage. ……!


    With no help from anyone, Leopin is left to shred on his own. ……!


    And there was another horrible scheme hidden in this game.


    –and if Leopin follows the carriage, we’ve got a plan to deal with it: ……!


    We’ll just keep driving the carriage the long way around until Leopin gets dented. ……!


    The finish line isn’t going to come forever until Leopin is dragged, battered, and wailing. ……!


    Yes ……! This was a game that Kakeru-kun would absolutely win ……!


    Leopin didn’t know that, and tied the end of a long rope around his waist.


    A further black idea flashed through Kakeru-kun’s mind as he watched.


    “That’s right, Leopin, if you make it to the finish line in this game without falling apart, I’ll give you a special 300 million yen from my pocket money!”


    The surrounding students gasped in astonishment, “What?


    “However, if Leopin-kun loses even one time, you will forfeit all 300 million of your current winnings!


    ‘I don’t have the right to say no anyway, do I?’ said Leopin.


    “Because this game is an official educational curriculum that has been approved by the Board of Education!”


    ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◆


    Kakeru-kun, the head teacher, and Sir-sensei were not riding in a carriage, but three men on the same one horse.


    They said it was to rescue me when I was left behind in the carriage and was in a life-threatening situation.


    But Sir-sensei had a crossbow and was not in a very helpful mood.


    “Run like gum on the sole of your shoe! If you get sluggish, I’ll punish you with this!”


    Sir-sensei signaled to the carriages, and they lined up in a row and began to move slowly.


    I was tied to the tail end of the carriage with a long rope.


    Monaka, Kotone and the others are in the carriage in front of me.


    The girls were supposed to be in the earlier carriage, but they had negotiated to have it changed.


    “Keep up the good work, Leo-kun!”


    “‘Master, we are with you, if anything happens to Master, we will come to your aid at once!


    And the carriage didn’t seem to intend to go very fast, as the ladies were riding in it.


    “So the plan is to make them run long distances and break them down. ……


    In the meantime, the carriage left the schoolyard and went into the woods where there was a paved road.”


    I left the status unchanged for the time being, just to see how it goes.


    I was going to raise the ‘endurance’ parameter if I got in trouble. ……


    “Maybe that won’t be necessary.”


    I suddenly spotted something out of the corner of my eye.


    I jumped into a nearby bush and activated the “Dexterous Body” of the “Poor Dexterity” while the supervising teachers were looking away.


    ‘Endurance’ is all about plugging into the parameters of the bigger picture.


    Name Leopin

    Occupation Bread Artisan

    Lv 21

    HP 1010 ⇒ 1

    MP 1010 ⇒ 1



    Life 101 ⇒ 1

    Endurance 101 ⇒ 1

    Toughness 1001 ⇒ 1

    Spirit 101 ⇒ 1

    Resistance 101 ⇒ 1

    Agility 1001 ⇒ 1

    Concentration 101 ⇒ 1

    Strength 101 ⇒ 1

    Magic 101 ⇒ 1

    Dharma 101 ⇒ 1

    Intelligence 101 ⇒ 1

    Liberal Arts 101 ⇒ 1

    Five Senses 101 ⇒ 1

    Sixth Sense 101 ⇒ 1

    Charm 1 ⇒ 4000

    Luck 5

    Dexterity 800 ⇒ 1



    He also activates “Dexterous Job Change”.


    I’ve unleashed what can be called the “forbidden secret technique” ……!


    Just because I was out of sight for a bit, the teacher trio was in an uproar.


    “Oh, that dropout, he’s gone!”


    “He’s probably trying to escape because he’s losing the game! Don’t let him escape!


    “You can’t be a gambler and abandon the game when you haven’t even run a mile yet. ……


    …… doo doo doo doo ……!


    “What the hell is that noise?”


    “Look, look, there’s a cloud of dust coming from a long way off!”


    “Well, no way, that’s ……!”


    The sudden shaking of the earth attracted the attention of the teachers as well as the students in the carriage.


    The next thing they know, I’m bursting through the bushes.


    I just got back from training (taming) with my friends ……!




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