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    Translated by NotBlueYet
    Edited by Kingavent


    The number of ‘bystanders’ in my base became 53 with the addition of Kurumi.


    Kurumi seemed to be particularly uncomfortable working in the fields among the girls.


    She kept falling down, and she was dragging everyone down rather than helping them, but I’m grateful for that feeling alone.


    And for the first time since I’ve been at this school, I’ve had decent contact with many of the students.


    Until now, I’ve been treated like trash and the only people who listen to me are Monaka and Kotone. ……


    Now I’ve got fifty students talking to me.


    I guess it was a good thing, because by noon, when all the work in the fields was done, I was surrounded by a gentle light.



    Name Leopin

    Occupation Mana Farmer

    Lv 20 ⇒ 21

    HP 1010

    MP 1010



    Life 101

    Endurance 101

    Toughness 1001

    Spirit 101

    Resistance 101

    Agility 1001

    Concentration 101

    Strength 101

    Magic 101

    Dharma 101

    Intelligence 101

    Liberal Arts 101

    Five Senses 101

    Sixth Sense 101

    Charm 1

    Luck 5

    Dexterity 700 ⇒ 800



    Changeable occupations


    Production System



    Shin-Ra Carpenter


    Leather Craftsman



    Confectioner Pastry Chef

    Artisan Fireworker


    NEW! Bread Artisan


    Exploration System


    Treasure Hunter


    Earth Vein Master


    Combat System

    Battle Axe User


    Martial Artist





    “A baker, bread maker, that’s just the job I’m in the mood for!”


    Just the sound of the clock tower bell announcing noon reached us from the living quarters.


    Monaka and Kotone came to my side and wiped my sweat from both sides as they said.


    “‘Good work, Leo-kun! What about lunch?”


    “Master, please let us prepare lunch …….”


    “No, you’ve been helping out in the fields, and as a thank you, I’d like to treat you myself.


    Besides, since we’re all going to be eating outside, would you two mind laying out a rug around the field?”


    Monaka and Kotone reply with a perfect score of “Yes!”


    I had knitted and prepared “Strokerose”, and one by one they were laid out on the ground by the field.


    “‘Ladies and gentlemen, please take a seat over here!”


    “Master is going to treat us to lunch and dinner.”


    When Monaka and Kotone showed them the way, the crowd cheered, “Wow!


    When you’re both daughters of famous families, it sounds like you’re going to come up with something amazing.


    “Well, well, well. The bar’s been raised.”


    I activated my ‘Dexterous Job Change’ skill to live up to those expectations as much as possible.


    I’ve moved on to the most appropriate profession now.



    Occupation Mana Farmer ⇒ Bread Maker


    Occupational skill


    Smelting (active):

    The texture of the bread can be adjusted by the amount of dough kneaded.


    Fermentation (active):

    Shorten the fermentation time of the dough.


    Yeast (Active Special):

    Yeast can be created in a short time



    We went to the cooking area in the garden of our house and washed our hands with water from the river before starting to cook.


    “First we have to make the yeast.”


    First, I take out of my coat pocket the “Princess Apple” that I bought at Tom’s Market a while ago.


    I removed the stems, washed them, and cut them into 8 wedges.


    Leave the skin and core intact and place in the jar in the cooking area.


    Then pour in the water and seal it with a wooden lid.


    “It’s supposed to chill here for about three days. ……”


    I put my hand on the lid and activate the Bread Artisan occupational skill, ‘Fermentation’.


    Then, within three minutes, I heard a swooshing sound coming from inside the jar.


    “Already done, so fast!”


    When I opened it up, I found apple water with a number of pearly bubbles floating in it.



    Princess Apple Yeast

    Qty 1

    Quality Level 34|(Material Penalty 2 + Dexterity Bonus 8 + Profession Bonus 21 + Base Bonus 7)


    Yeast made by fermenting Princess Apple.

    In addition to baking and confectionery, it can be used for cooking in general.

    Due to various bonuses, it lasts longer than regular yeast and produces a fluffy finish when mixed into dough.



    Yeast is an essential ingredient in bread making.


    “Without it, the bread won’t puff up and it’ll be floppy.”


    Once the essential ingredients are ready, the baking begins in earnest.


    Put the flour in a wooden bowl, add the water and yeast extract, salt and …….


    “All that was left is some sugar, which would have been even better.”


    Then a paper bag was gently held out from the side.


    The paper bag says ‘Osato’ on it.


    “What, Kurumi?”


    “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry!


    I’m curious to see what Chef Leopin is cooking up. ……!


    If you want, you can use it!”


    I stopped Kurumi as she tried to run away from the cooking area.


    “If it bothers you, go ahead and look.”


    Kurumi stops in her tracks and looks back fearfully.


    “Are you sure ?


    The artisans are afraid of having their recipes stolen, so they don’t show how they make them. ……


    Wow, my class, mimic, they all are. ……”


    “Don’t worry, I’m not a chef, so feel free to steal it and use it if you need to.


    Because that would make life better for everyone.”


    I continued to cook while Kurumi came back stiffly to my side.


    Add the sugar I got from Kurumi and mix the contents of the bowl.


    This will make the flour into a sticky dough, which you will place on your work surface.


    Then I activate the “Smelting” skill here.


    The fabric was stretched out like laundry, then gathered back together again, and so on.


    “’Kurumi, do you like puffy bread or chunky bread?’”


    Then Kurumi answered immediately in a bright voice, “It’s puffy!


    “All girls love anything puffy!”


    I’m sure Kurumi is imagining it as sweet bread.


    When it comes to sweets, she instantly loses her stammer.


    I replied, “Oh yeah?” as I divided the kneaded dough into smaller portions and activated my ‘fermentation’ skill.


    Normally, fermentation is a process that takes hours and hours, but with skill, it can be done in an instant.


    Looking at the puffy dough, Kurumi tilts her head as if looking for a mistake.


    “I’m sure you’ll be able to figure out what’s going on.


    It’s also doubled …… or even tripled ……?”


    Kurumi was shaking her head from side to side, as if she was looking at the wrong thing, while also watching the dough go into the baking oven.


    “Hmmm ……, puffy bread is mmmm …… difficult to make. ……


    I’ve tried a couple of times,……, but it’s like a cracker,……, it’s so hard and floppy.


    Jeez, to tell you the truth, I’m longing for fluffy bread, ah, …….


    I’ve been admiring it so much that I’ve been hallucinating about it. ……”


    Then, as if pulled back to reality, Kurumi’s shoulders drop in shame.


    But when she opened the oven and saw the fat little fox-like loaves of bread, she screamed as if she had been dragged back to a dream.


    “‘Pfft …… pfft ……!




    Freshly baked bread with steam rising from it.


    It gave off a rich aroma that made me feel happy just to smell it.



    Angel’s Fluffy Bread

    Qty 20

    (Material Level 85 + Dexterity Bonus 8 + Profession Bonus 21 + Cooking Bonus 2 + Base Bonus 7 + Crown Bonus 20 + Marginal Penalty 23)


    The bread is baked according to a basic recipe, but is very tasty because it is made with quality ingredients.


    special effects



    When you eat it, invisible angelic forces work for 30 seconds, and your body floats 1 millimeter off the ground.


    Quality Maintenance|(Small)

    Maintains freshly made quality for one month



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